12-Week Coaching Program


It's no accident you're here.

You know you're meant for bigger things and you probably can guess it's going to take more than willpower to make it happen.

BIG vision = BIG support

My 100 life-goals journey taught me a few things about big visions. Willpower and wishful thinking will only take you so far.

 -  You need clarity and focus.
 -  You need to construct a winning game plan.
 -  You need a system and solid processes that support your plan
 -  And, above all, you need an environment that supports you with ongoing feedback, guidance, and accountability.

Pursuing a big vision is not an independent endeavor. Big visions require big support-no exceptions. Not even for the most independent person.

Because, there always come a time when you need someone to push you past your comfort zone. Someone who’s got your back. Someone who can inspire you and remind you why you’re doing this. Someone who’ll be there to give you a high-five when you reach a milestone.

Taking your Goals Seriously

Large-head-optimized-300Realizing big audacious goals is my lifelong passion.

Nearly a decade ago I decided to pursue every BIG dream I have and live life on my own terms.

I freed myself from excessive debt and became financially independent. Traveled the the world non-stop without the need to ever go back looking for a job. Became an Ironman Triathlete. And independently raised funds and organized a team to rebuild a family’s home, destroyed by a landslide.

But, I wasn't always successful. There was a time when I was living small, well within my comfort zone.

For years, I’d convinced myself my BIG dreams were unrealistic and would be impossible to attain. Who was I to trek the Himalayas? Write a book? Travel the world?

Like many, I chose the easy route. I wore the shirt and tie. Fought traffic to get to my office, only to sit in a tiny cubicle for ten hours a day. All the time wondering if this was what life was all about. There had to be something more meaningful, more in line with my own values and goals.

Things began to shift when I started taking my own goals more seriously and found mentors to support me.

Was it always easy? Of course not.
Was it worth it? Without a doubt!

Living a life of epic adventures takes courage. And, even if you don’t believe in you now-I do. Because if I can do it-you can, too. And, I’ll show you how, with this one-on-one coaching program. So you can stop struggling, and start living to the fullest.



Since working with Tal I have started my design company, and I have seen the excitement in the eyes of people that I have worked with, and the energy of their dreams adds fuel to mine. I have since started delving back into other life passions, like teaching Yoga, volunteering for my community, really listening to people selflessly!.. I can never thank Tal enough for helping me to understand the real core of my life ambitions. Matthew Peterson

Nathan R

To achieve anything requires both inspiration and perspiration. With the inspiration part handled by the Entrepreneur House, I credit the perspiration to Tal Gur. He has been with me on this journey over the last 9 months as my coach, friend, and sparring partner at chess! When we speak every two weeks I can throw just about any question or problem at him, and he will invariably have an actionable answer. It’s staggering how one man could know so much about so many different things. Thanks Tal for your patience and wisdom. It may sound trite to say “it wouldn’t have happened without you,” but without Tal, this book really would not have. Nathan Rose, Best Selling Author


Tal- your approach to coaching is freaking brilliant... when I first began working with you, I wanted to leave my job because I hated everything about it... now I'm loving the job and loving my colleagues... there's so much love, I almost want to stay! But alas, I will leave in order to pursue a higher calling. I went from being full of fear and hate to feeling full of love and inspiration. Thank you, thank you, a hundred times, thank you, Tal. I'm sure I'll spend the rest of my life reflecting on this important lesson. Melissa


Tal really help me get clarity in my project on focus on important tasks first. He has great ability to break down complex projects into concrete, actionable tasks. Dan Trzil

Supporting your Big Vision

My philosophy is very simple. It's all about YOU and getting to where you want to be, in a way that works for YOU.

I've studied a lot, I've experienced a lot in life, but I'm not here to be the all-knowing guru. And I’m certainly not here to tell you what you need in life. You are the one who knows what is best for YOU.

What I am here for is to support, guide, provide feedback, offer accountability, and ultimately help you achieve YOUR vision.

This coaching program you will help you:

 -  Define the steps you need to take to realize your vision
 -  Change your limiting beliefs and explore the root cause of your challenges
 -  Develop and map out a well thought-out roadmap.
 -  Identify the key areas of your life that need attention
 -  Target your vision like a laser beam

My role is to support and-at times-challenge you, to inspire your continued progress towards your goals.

Your role is to be open to a greater awareness of yourself, and, the possibility of changing your beliefs. To be willing to step out of your comfort zone and take action.

You'll gain:

 -  More freedom, purpose, and passion in your life
 -  Less fear, resistance, and limiting beliefs
 -  Greater clarity, self-awareness, and independence
 -  Exponential growth in all areas of your life



I had several one-to-one coaching sessions with Tal who had coached me to be me...Since then I've gained the self-confidence to know I can overcome anything. He helped me tremendously when I could not handle what was beyond my comfort zone. Tal is a legend and I'm so glad he was there for me. I would not be the same guy without him.
Michael Mcgrath


I’ve had A LOT of coaches over the year and really believe in the power of having a coach. The thing I liked about Tal was his thing about how each year you should really focus on just a few big goals - This really helped me. The biggest transformations I've made were in my income and fitness. Very happy about the progress I made there. I also started a new project where I was really putting myself out there more. Ron R.


Before I found Tal I knew I wanted to make a living through online business, and I knew I ultimately wanted to be making passive income. I'd had a few business mentors in the past but none of them seemed to know the way to start this kind of online business... I discovered Tal's website myself while looking for a coach or a mentor who could help me to begin this process which I didn't know how to tackle.
He seemed to have already done what I wanted to do, and created the lifestyle I wanted to have, where as my other mentor's even though they had successful businesses, did it in different ways and weren't able to get me started enough to get any traction.
When I was working with Tal we listed all my ideas and went through which ideas were viable. He has a better handle on what was an actual business idea with something to sell than others I've worked with. I really liked that he seriously considered if there was an available market for what I wanted to sell and if the business would work. With this I was able to develop my fairly vague ideas into much more specific and more viable propositions. Once we selected the plan that was most suitable to the market as well as my personal strengths, he helped me to craft an action plan that I am able to execute to actually begin to get some visibility in the marketplace and to move forward with the business. In the past I didn't know how to move forward so I just had a website with no idea what to do next. Having a real plan is much more exciting. Nathan Lewis


This was the first time that I have worked with a coach. Tal was awesome. He was really able to pinpoint what I could do to make a difference in my life. I would recommend him to anyone. Sonia Borges

Why am I doing this?

Striving to achieve your BIG dream is a gift. I believe that it holds the key to a richer and more meaningful life.

The way I see it, helping others achieve their dreams is both a privilege, and, a pathway to realizing my own dreams-for me.

A wise man once said; “You can have anything you want in life, if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

So, I’m here to help.

My first priority is to provide value. I’m here to make a difference, and I see the creative process of turning BIG dreams into reality as a means of giving back to society.

While writing, blogging, and developing online courses also helps others, it doesn’t provide the personal interaction of one-on-one coaching.

A personalized program is the fastest and most effective way to create lasting change. It’s a shared journey between coach and client, a deep and meaningful relationship that incorporates a combination of learning and development.

Watching my clients create their own lives is one of my greatest joys. It’s an honor to be a part of their journey.



Tal is a great mentor who can definitely help you achieve your goals! He coached me when I was trying to achieve some financial goals I was struggling with. Tal gave me the tools and knowledge I needed. We came up with a plan together and Tal advised me on how to get it done. I would highly recommend him as a mentor. He's knowledgeable, helpful, and extremely positive. Teodor Lazar


I struggled to re-direct my attention outward. After working with Tal, I feel that my attention is focused outward in a way it has never been before - I’m getting to see the world anew. Tal's knowledge was miraculous and simple at the same time! His insightful feedback was given at precisely the right moments. Susan Whitney


Speaking with Tal during a coaching session was a whole other level of experience. Tal had an uncanny ability to gently pick up on my areas of weakness and offered pragmatic and direct advice for me to improve. I'm incredibly grateful to Tal for his gift of time and knowledge. Daniel Da Vinci


Because of Tal's coaching I now have a course published on Udemy with over 300+ students and I've made my first passive income online! This is just the beginning to my journey to financial freedom. Overall, I liked working with Tal. I could feel that he took the time to work it through with me. His heart was involved. Also, I would have never ever reached it as far as I am right now! I probably would have gotten hung up on something and then quit or do some half ass job. Because of our work together I've seen it through the little tougher times and I have done a good job and not something half hearted! Jachym Jerie

How Does It Work?

As a team, we'll design your individualized roadmap to success. With continued momentum spread over several months, we’ll be able to divide the work and make steady progress toward your vision.

Here's what you get with the program:

  • Weekly one-on-one sessions during which we will work on your biggest goals together.
  • Ongoing self-exploration and transformational exercises to support your journey.
  • Quarterly planning intensives. These will be longer sessions focused on the big picture and will include vision, alignment and planning.
  • Multiple 21-days challenges to bring significant transformations. These challenges will be tailored to suit the unique needs of our journey.
  • Feedback, support, and accountability check-in via email
  • Monitoring through Google Spreadsheet to ensure momentum is never lost
  • Direct contact via WhatsApp (you’ll have my personal number) for sharing wins and challenges.

Limited-Time Offer

The One-on-One program is available for a limited time and subject to availability.

I’d love to work with you. However, if you can’t commit to the work right now, then hold off on applying until you can.

Ready to commit? Fill the application form by clicking the Apply button at the bottom of this page. I'll review your application upon receipt. And if I feel there's a good fit, I’ll be in touch via email.



Working with Tal was an amazing experience. Tal provided me with new perspectives on a couple of issues, and answered a few questions in ways that I hadn't even imagined. Very eye opening. It's great to see that Tal's knowledge and advice come from a place of introspection and hard work. I was definitely left with a few good pointers, a lot to think about and clear work to take up for myself. Just as inspiring is his blog, his lists and what he shares of himself. Thanks Tal, I'd definitely recommend you to anyone. Julio Mendez


I am starting a new business and Tal gave me lots of insights on how to get started fast and find customers. He asked questions in a way that held space for me without me getting defensive. He has a passion for coaching and life that is infectious. Michael Smith, CEO of AIM


Tal's feedback came from both a place of experience as well as having spent time to figure out what areas in your life are important to him. That's what excited me about the potential for our call and it didn't disappoint.
Within an hour long call, I felt like I had picked up multiple things that I would like to incorporate into my own life, for eg: a weekly planning & reflection session, focusing on goals as a weekly to-do as opposed to just tasks, just putting shoes on as a simple goal on the path to running an ironman, etc.
Tal was able to give me some specific advice & tips when it came to my business strategy over the next few months. This was in addition to just hearing out what I had to say and then giving his honest feedback on it. Manyu Sabnis

Are We a Good Fit?

Are you passionate about personal growth? Excited about turning your BIG dreams into reality? Are you willing to put in consistent effort?

Your comfort zone will be tested - Do you have a strong desire to change your life? Do you want to succeed?

If so, I'd love to hear from you.



I have met Tal in Brazil, he was the one that opened my eye's into the world of E-marketing. Without him, and his superior knowledge and motivation, I would have never been able to create a passive income for myself. I highly recommend Tal to anybody that wants to take an idea or dream, and turn it into a real business. Tal can make it work. Sebastianklodda.com


Tal asked me specifically what I wanted to do and why. I already had my goals set, but Tal helped me design a habit that supported reaching my goal of 1h prospecting time per day. I followed through 80% of the time and got in touch with over 30 prospects. Till Carlos


I found so much value from Tal's coaching and I have not met a coach that is so clear and concise before. When I took on coaching with Tal I was in a space of confusion for awhile around how to tackle some things. I found that after one month of coaching once a week the coaching helped me gain clarity and simplify what was going on. His coaching style is friendly and clear and I felt supported to gain the confidence to take on myself to another level. Bhavisha


My aspiration for the year was to joyfully grow my soulful business by creating solid foundations in addition to exploring my sparkling creativity (i.e. create content for my mailing list + blog, integrate automated systems, learn about the diverse launching steps, develop my first e-course, offer group workshops, create my first product to sell online, authentically promote my work, etc.).
I was inspired to choose Tal as a Business Coach as he is highly trustworthy, he openly shares his lessons from personal entrepreneurial experiences (the must Do's & Don'ts), he is truly respectful (he always, elegantly, respects my rhythm -no matter how small of baby steps I take-), he is creative, invested + reliable, and he delights in sharing this journey with me!
Every week, I have learned to set & track my goals, my results/outcomes, my lessons learnt. Tal always checks up on things to ensure that all is flowing smoothly on my end.
Whenever I feel stuck or if I am swimming in the ocean of fears & resistances, he kindly offers a tip, a solution or a funny anecdote (that assuredly makes me laugh!).
One of the most important things he has taught me & explored abundantly with me is the power of taking ACTIONs.
Actions are key to creating momentum, to building a sustainable business, to embodying life, ideas + dreams.
As an expert in action taking, Tal frequently provides me with insights into HOW I can take action(s) towards the realization of my goals.
Thank YOU Tal for cheerfully encouraging me & inspiring me to align my Aspirations with my Actions!
Lynne Marion, lynnemarion.com

Invest in Yourself

One-on-one coaching is one the most powerful ways to reach peak performance.

It has been invaluable to me throughout my own journey. Without a coach, I don't think I would’ve been able to complete an Ironman triathlon after only six months of training.

Coaching isn’t only for elite level athletes or corporate executives. It’s something anyone can benefit from. Whether you want to start a business, take your finances to the next level, or you’re stuck and need help figuring out your life’s purpose, I can help you get there.

I help people start businesses, gain self-confidence, create online income streams, find clients, and change their perspective so they enjoy greater joy in their lives.

Ready to jump out of bed in the morning with a plan of action for the day? Or, your life? I'd love to hear from you. Click the Apply button at the bottom of this page and fill the short form.



I couldn't recommend Tal enough, as a coach. I had started traveling extensively, had a goal although my thoughts and ideas were scattered. I needed to speak to someone who had been on the journey to bounce off out-of-the-box ideas and help me find some composure in my thoughts. Tal's structure and dedication in communicating with me was not only professional but friendly and it made me feel comfortable to explore my ideas. At the end of our coaching journey, I had not only found clarity to give me a head start in what I want to achieve but with Tal's infectious encouragement and support, I have also found the motivation to keep exploring my own goals! Sophie T


Tal helped me put what really matters to me into perspective. He gave me actionable advice that has helped me to align my goals and focus on them. Our talk showed me how to work towards them in a realistic manner while still maintaining a positive and inspired outlook on my path. One of the exercises he recommended - weekly strategy and reflection sessions - is often the highlight of my week! I encourage you to explore his unique perspective. Brian Becker, Brianbecker.co


I consider myself a self learner and I usually find that I have the answers to my own questions. But after talking with Tal one on one, I realized that I was being selfish for NOT seeking help. He pointed out holes that would've taken my months if not years to notice. I definitely recommend working with him as a business or life coach. Jeremy Ginsburg, jeremyginsburg.com


...On today's call i was able to see that you can really see through deep in me and identify what's really going on, so that's REALLY darn excellent, I'm really happy to have you as a mentor. I honestly think you're doing pretty much a perfect job so far, and unbelievable gentle. Toivo K.


(Limited Availability Offer)
On-On-One Coaching Program
1. Weekly one-on-one sessions during which we will work on your biggest goals together.
2. Ongoing self-exploration and transformational exercises to support your journey..
3. Quarterly planning intensives. These will be longer sessions focused on the big picture and will include vision, alignment and planning.
4. Multiple 21-days challenges to bring significant transformations. These challenges will be tailored to suit the unique needs of our journey.
5. Feedback, support, and accountability check-in via email
6. Weekly monitoring through Google Spreadsheet to ensure momentum is never lost
7. Direct contact via WhatsApp (you’ll have my personal number) for sharing wins and challenges.


I'm here to answer. Send me a message and I'll get in touch as soon as I can.

P.S. Once I review your application and determine we're a right fit for each other, we will schedule a free 20min one-on-one consult with you, as well as answer any questions you may have.