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Have you ever set goals only to watch them crumble, despite your best efforts?

SMARTER Goals offers an effective and evolved approach to setting and achieving goals, ensuring your aspirations don't just remain dreams, but become tangible achievements in your life’s journey.

Written after a decade-long personal journey of achieving 100 life goals, this book isn't just about setting targets—it's about understanding the intricate interplay between our Ego and ambitions.

SMARTER Goals reveals that a purely rational, goal-driven approach often falls short. While the conventional SMART framework for goal-setting offers a basic structure, it often neglects the emotional and psychological components essential for attainment.

This book introduces a paradigm shift that integrates the inner workings of the self with your aspirations. It's not just about what you want to achieve but who you need to become in the process.

Prepare for a journey that illuminates, educates, and transforms. SMARTER Goals is your step-by-step guide to unlocking your true potential, elevating your inner landscape, and harnessing the power of your aspirations. Don't let your dreams remain unfulfilled—elevate yourself to make them a reality.

"If you read anything else this year, make sure that it is this book - A Real Game Changer! Terri Hall



About The Author

Tal Gur

Tal Gur is an impact-driven entrepreneur, founder of Elevate Society, and best-selling author of The Art of Fully Living and SMARTER Goals. He has spent a decade pursuing 100 life goals around the globe and utilizes his experiences and methodology to mentor others to actualize their potential.




Shortly after my 30th birthday, a serendipitous occurrence inspired me to embark on a transformative journey. I decided to undertake an ambitious quest to achieve 100 life goals in just ten years. It was a lofty ambition, but the potential rewards were immense. I knew that this undertaking could change the course of my life forever.

The journey, which I extensively chronicled in a previous book, The Art of Fully Living, provided me with a powerful means of exploring myself, but most importantly, it enabled me to gain a deep understanding of the art of achievement. Through this transformative ten-year journey, I explored and refined the fundamental principles that are essential for achieving significant goals in life.

There's no shortage of books out there that offer advice on how to set and achieve goals. However, very few of these books address what I see as the underlying reason why so many people struggle to reach their goals: the self and its internal mechanisms.

As I embarked on my 100-goal journey, I quickly realized that our inner landscape has a substantial impact on the goals we set for ourselves and the paths we take to achieve them. I began to recognize just how much our Egos can hold us back from stepping out of our comfort zones and, ultimately, reaching our full potential.

Furthermore, as I progressed through my journey, I began to challenge the widely accepted SMART goal-setting framework. While SMART goals can be a valuable tool in the early goal-setting stage, I eventually realized that they miss the mark when it comes to addressing the inner workings of the self.

A new, smarter approach started to emerge, one that considers the emotional and psychological dimensions as integral factors in the intricate tapestry of goal-setting and achievement. This approach is rooted in the idea that the self is not simply a rational, goal-driven machine but a multifaceted being with deep-seated fears and emotional needs.

For over a decade, I committed myself to the ongoing refinement and perfection of my approach to goal-setting. I explored countless methods, delved into the latest research, and drew insights from my personal experiences to create a better framework that I am excited to introduce in this book. I have named it the 'SMARTER Goals' framework, and I believe it represents a significant evolution in how we approach goal-setting.

Using the framework and strategies outlined in this book, I was able to achieve not only the 100 life goals I had set out to accomplish but also a level of personal growth and transformation that I had not anticipated. Through the process, I was able to overcome deep self-limiting beliefs, cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness, and unlock a world of limitless possibilities.

I also discovered that this new framework is not just applicable to personal goals but can also be applied effectively to professional and organizational objectives. By fostering a culture of elevated awareness of the inner game, entrepreneurs and businesses can unlock untapped potential and foster a more aligned and fulfilling approach to goal attainment.

In my subsequent work as a mentor and consultant, I have helped hundreds of individuals, entrepreneurs, and CEOs elevate their goal-setting and attainment. Through this, they've not only achieved better results but have also experienced a shift in their mindset, enhancing their overall satisfaction and capacity for long-term success.

Ultimately, achieving our goals is not just about the external results we achieve but also about the inner transformation we experience along the way. By applying the principles I’m about to share, we can create a more fulfilling journey toward our goals and achieve a level of self-awareness and personal growth, and that is impactful beyond the individual level. Read more…


"Tal Gur has put together a timeless classic in "Smarter Goals". He took wisdom of the ages and merged it with current knowledge that helps to embody the emotions that a person must feel in order to create sustainable change on the journey towards goal accomplishment. I highly recommend this book for those of you that are ready to grow. This is the ripe soil you have been searching for!"

~ Omri S.

"Tal’s new book, Smarter Goals, can catapult you into a new realm of being capable of transforming yourself in unbelievable ways. The books content, rich metaphors and study guide have the potential to uncover the depths of your “cone of consciousness.” In doing so, your systemic blind spots robbing you of your best transformed self will surface, and make the seemingly impossible happen! This is not a book for the faint of heart! When one chooses to journey into self in Tal’s fashion, and uncover their transformed self, there is no turning back."

~ Earle Bain


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