Be Our Guest: Summary Review

This is a summary review of Be Our Guest containing key details about the book.

What is Be Our Guest About?

"Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service" is a book written by the Disney Institute, a professional development and training arm of the Walt Disney Company. The book is a guidebook for businesses on how to provide exceptional customer service and create a positive customer experience.

The book is designed to help businesses understand the importance of customer service in creating a positive customer experience and provides insights on how to apply Disney's customer service model to any business. It emphasizes on the role of leadership, employee engagement, and motivation in fostering a culture of customer service, and provides strategies for creating a customer-focused culture and for handling difficult customers and resolving complaints.

Exceeding expectations rather than simply satisfying them is the cornerstone of the Disney approach to customer service. Be Our Guest specializes in helping professionals see new possibilities through concepts not found in the typical workplace, revealing even more of the business behind the magic of quality service.

Summary Points & Takeaways from Be Our Guest

Some key summary points and takeaways from the book includes:

* The importance of creating a customer-centric culture and the role of leadership in fostering a culture of customer service.

* The principles of Disney's customer service model and how they can be applied to any business, such as focusing on the "Four Keys" of Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency.

* Strategies for creating a customer-focused culture in an organization, including employee engagement and motivation, and how to provide effective and efficient customer service.

* The importance of clear communication and how to handle difficult customers and resolve customer complaints.

* The importance of continuous improvement and how to measure and track customer service performance.

* The book provides practical advice and strategies for businesses on how to provide exceptional customer service and create a positive customer experience.

* The role of empathy and emotional intelligence in providing exceptional customer service.

* The importance of understanding and exceeding customer expectations.

* The role of innovation and creativity in enhancing the customer experience.

* The book provides a comprehensive understanding of the key elements of customer service and how to apply them in any organization to create a positive customer experience.

Who is the author of Be Our Guest?

Theodore Kinni is a business writer and editor. He has written, ghostwritten, or edited 20 business books on topics including: sales, marketing, customer experience, customer service and retention, personal accountability, leadership, human capital, and manufacturing.

Book Details

  • Print length: 208 pages
  • Genre: Business, Nonfiction, Leadership

Be Our Guest Chapters

Chapter 1 :Service, Disney Style
Chapter 2:The Magic of Service
Chapter 3:The Magic of the Cast
Chapter 4:The Magic of Setting
Chapter 5:The Magic of Process
Chapter 6:The Magic of Integration

What is a good quote from Be Our Guest?

Top Quote: “I don’t want you guys sitting behind desks. I want you out in the park, watching what people are doing and finding out how you can make the place more enjoyable for them.” - Be Our Guest Quotes, Disney Institute and Theodore Kinni

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