Bucket List Ideas

What are some things you've always wanted to do before you die?

Having a list of all the goals we want to realize, the dreams we want to fulfill, and the experiences we desire to have, keeps us focused on doing what is most important to us.

For years, I've searched for simple bucket list ideas for my own life goals List. I decided to gather everything I have found into one place so others can get ideas for their own bucket lists.

This page features more than 1000 bucket list ideas to do before you die. You can use it to:
- Build Your own Bucket List
- Reflect on your life
- Get ideas for New Year's Bucket List Resolutions
- Find a new sense of direction
- Set personal and professional goals
- Dream of the great things that life has to offer

You'll find inspiration for small things as well as big things. It also includes bucket list pictures and a sample bucket list book.

An important note before scrolling down:

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One more thing, if you decide to take part in any of the activities listed below, you do so entirely at your own risk. Some of the bucket list ideas listed here can be risky, so seek out guidance if you decide to try them.

With this in mind, let's rock and roll!!

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Health & Fitness Bucket Ideas

Idea 1. Accomplish Three Pull-Ups

Idea 2. Achieve Six-Pack Abs

Idea 3. Achieve my Ideal Weight

Idea 4. Be Able to Do a One-Handed Push Up

Idea 5. Be Able to Do a Backflip

6. Be Able to Do a Roundhouse Kick

7. Be Able to Do the Splits

8. Be Able to Do Half Moon Yoga Pose

9. Be in an Amateur Bodybuilding Competition

10. Be Fitter Then Ever

11. Become a Black Belt in Karate

12. Become a Size 10

13. Become a Bodybuilder

14. Benchpress my Own Weight

15. Become a Triathlete

16. Bike Across the Country

17. Climb a Rock Wall

18. Bike to Another Town

19. Compete in a 3-Point Basketball Contest

20. Climb a Spiral Staircase

21. Compete in a Fitness Competition

22. Compete in an Archery Tournament

23. Compete in a Surf Competition

24. Compete in Tough Mudder

25. Compete in the Olympics

26. Complete 4-hr Body Challenge

27. Complete 90 Days of P90X

28. Complete 60-Day Insanity Transformation

29. Complete a 10K Run

30.Complete a 10K Competitive Run Race

31. Complete a 30-Day Juice Fast

32. Complete a 5K Run

33. Complete a 5K Competitive Run Race

34. Complete a Cross-Country Ski Race

35. Complete a Course in Something

36. Complete a Dakar Rally

37. Complete a Marathon

38. Complete a Half-Marathon

39. Complete an Ironman Triathlon

40. Complete a Sprint Distance Triathlon

41. Complete an Ultra Marathon

42. Complete Open Water Dive Certification

43. Complete Ironman Kona

44. Complete the Body For Life Challenge

45. Complete the 100 Push-Up Challenge

46. Complete the Seven Summits

47. Deadlift 500 Pounds

48. Completely Give Up Fast Food For a Month

49. Do "Insanity" Fitness Program

50. Design An Individual Yoga Experience

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51. Do 10 Pushups for 10 Days

52. Do 100 Sit-Ups in 5 Minutes

53. Do 100 Kettlebell Swings in One Shot

54. Do a 180 While Skiing

55. Do 25 Straight Pull-ups

56. Do a Backflip

57. Do a Body Suspension

58. Do a Base Jump

59. Do a Full Split

60. Do a Double Frontflip

61. Do a Handstand

62. Do a Warrior Dash-Type Run

63. Do a Juice Fast

64. Down Hill Biking

65. Dog Sledding

66. Drink 3 Glasses of Water First Thing in the Morning

67. Drop 15 Kilos This Year

68.  Drink Only Water For a Year

69. Enter the Tough Guy Competition

70. Enter the Cooper Hill Cheese Roll

71. Enter the World Bog Snorkeling Championships

72. Exercise Daily in the Morning

73. Exercise 4 Times a Week

74. Exercise Until I Can't

75. Exercise For 3 Months

76. Find a Sport I Love and Get Good at It

77. Finish a Half-Ironman Competition

78. Find a Training Buddy

79. Finish the 60-Day Insanity Workout

80. Finish First Place

81. Get 6-Pack Abs

82. Get Better at Basketball

83. Get a Strike in Bowling

84. Go a Week Drinking Only Water

85. Get Down to 60Kg

86. Go a Whole Season Without Missing a Liverpool Game

87. Go Curling

88. Go Abseiling Down a Mountain

89. Go Deep Sea Diving

90. Go Dancing

91. Go For Walk in Central Park

92. Go Ice Skating

93. Go Hiking

94. Go Kiteboarding

95. Go Kayaking

96. Go Mountain Climbing

97. Go on a Midnight Bike Ride

98. Go on a Health Retreat

99. Go Rock Climbing with My Best Friend

100. Go Paddle Boarding

* NOTE: Health refers to the overall well-being of an individual, including physical, mental, and emotional aspects. It is the ability to lead a full and active life, free from diseases and disorders that may hinder daily functioning. Fitness refers to the ability to perform physical activities with ease and without fatigue. It is a measure of the body's ability to function effectively and efficiently during physical activity. Fitness includes both physical and cardiovascular endurance, as well as strength and flexibility.

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Personal Development Bucket Ideas

1. Achieve 1,000 Goals

2. Act on my Fears

3. Achieve Happiness

4. Add a Video to All My Completed Items

5. Add a Picture of all my Goals

6. Attend a 10-Day Vipassana Meditation Course

7. Attend a Yoga Class

8. Attend a Poetry Reading

9. Attend a Tony Robbins' Event

10. Attend an Inner Awakening Retreat

11. Be a Mentor to Someone

12. Be Part of Habitat for Humanity

13. Be Part of an Important Movement

14. Be a True Inspiration to Someone

15. Be a Regular Blood Donor

16. Be a Volunteer Baby Cuddler

17. Be an Activist

18. Be a Volunteer in an Association

19. Be at Peace with my Body

20. Be an Inspiration to Someone

21. Be Blind For a Day

22. Be Myself

23. Be Honest About Everything in Life

24. Be Part of a Disaster Relief Team

25. Be on Stage in Front of Thousands of People

26. Be Part of a Peaceful Protest

27. Be Self-Sufficient

28. Be Passionate About a Cause

29. Beat Cancer

30. Be Someone's Hero

31. Become a Better Public Speaker

32. Become a Potential Bone Marrow  Donor

33. Become a Blood Donor

34. Become Courageous

35. Become an Early Riser

36. Become the First Woman President

37. Become Less Materialistic

38. Become Influential

39. Become More Organized

40. Become More Enthusiastic

41. Become Optimistic

42. Break a Bad Habit

43. Learn to Love Yourself

44. Build a Center for Child Development

45. Break a Guinness World Record

46. Build A Community of Like-Minded People

47. Build Schools For Women and Girls in Developing Countries

48. Build a Healthier America

49. Pay for a Stranger's Meal at a Restaurant

50. Buy a Cup of Coffee for a Cold Salvation Army Bell Ringer

51. Buy a Stranger's Groceries

52. Change Your "Story" to What You Want Your Life to Be

53. Care Less About What People Think

54. Change at Least One Person's Mind About Gay Rights

55. Change as Many Lives as You Can

56. Change Someone's Life for the Better

57. Complete 26 Random Acts of Kindness

58. Change Someone's Point of View

59. Complete a 30-Day Challenge

60. Complete 500 Things on your Bucket List

61. Complete a 365-Day Photo Challenge

62. Completely "Unplug" For a Week

63. Complete Half the Items on Your Bucket List

64. Conquer Insomnia

65. Conquer Fear of Snakes

66. Conquer My Fear of Heights

67. Create a Balanced Life

68. Convince Someone to Change Religions

69. Create a Place for People to Find Purpose

70. Create a New Standard

71. Create a Travel Journal

72. Donate Your Hair

73. Create a Self-Study Program

74. Dance Like No One's Watching

75. Cut Out Sugar for a Month

76. Decide on My Biggest Goal This Year

77. Develop My Intuition

78. Define My Own Utopia

79. Discover My Natural Talent

80. Discover My Life's Purpose

81. Discover What Makes Me Happy

82. Do a Buddha Meditation

83. Do 365 Random Acts of Kindness in a Year

84. Stay Silent for 24 Hours

85. Do a Favor for a Stranger on the Scale of "Pay It Forward"

86. Do Charity Work Abroad

87. Do Dishes Every Night

88. Do Charity Work with Animals

89. Do Something New Every Month for a Year

90. Do Something Crazy for Charity

91. Do Something Nice for a Person Who's Homeless

92. Do Something People Say I Can't Do

93. Do Something Nice for Someone Who Will Never Find Out

94. Donate a Large Sum of Money

95. Donate $100 to Charity

96. Donate Blood

97. Donate Clothes I No Longer Use

98. Donate an Organ

99. Donate Items to a Nonprofit Organization

100. Donate Every Christmas to a Community Group

* Note: Personal development refers to the process of improving oneself in various areas of life, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Personal development can involve setting and working towards specific goals, learning new skills and knowledge, and cultivating positive habits and attitudes.

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Travel Bucket List Ideas

1. Add a Lock to Lovers Bridge in France

2. Coast-to-Coast Road Trip

3. Coast-to-Coast Train Trip

4. Couchsurf While Traveling

5. Couchsurf in 10 Countries

6. Cross the Canadian Border

7. Cross the Nile River

8. Cross the Equator

9. Cross the USA by Car

10. Cross the Panama Canal

11. Cross-Country Road Trip

12. Cruise Around the Whitsundays

13. Take a Cross-Country Road Trip with Friends

14. Cruise Mexico

15. Cruise Around the World

16. Cruise the Caribbean

17. Cruise to Alaska

18. Cruise the South Pacific Islands

19. Do an Antarctic Tour

20. Cruise to Antarctica

21. Do an Everglades Tour

22. Do Handstands All over the World

23. Do an Interrail Trip

24. Run with the Bulls in Pamplona

25. Hike the Appalachian Trail

26. Do the Camino De Santiago in Spain

27. Do the Great New Zealand Bike Ride

28. Do the Grand Southern Trip - LA to NY

29. Do the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

30. Do the Great Victorian Bike Ride

31. Do the Red Paperclip Challenge

32. Drive Across the Golden Gate Bridge

33. Drive Across Canada in an RV

34. Drive Along Route 66

35. Drive Across Western Europe

36. Drive Along the Great Ocean Road

37. Drive Around Australia

38. Drive Along the Pacific Coast Highway

39. Drive the Hawaiian Coast

40. Drive from Home to the East Coast

41. Experience the Grand Canyon

42. Explore Africa

43. Experience the Living Root Bridges

44. Explore Australia and New Zealand

45. Explore Asia and the Far East

46. Explore Chernobyl

47. Explore Europe

48. Explore Ethiopia

49. Explore L'Aquatic Paradis in Barcelona

50. Explore Kauai

51. Explore Manhattan

52. Take the Trans-Siberian Railroad

53. Explore Petra

54. Explore the Amazon Rainforest

55. Explore Shivering Sands Army Fort

56. Explore the Catacombs of Paris

57. Explore the Galapagos Islands

58. Explore the Desert on a Camel Safari in India

59. Get a Self-Portrait in Italy

60. Get a Lei in Hawaii

61. Get High in Amsterdam

62. Backpack Through Europe

63. Get Lost in a Foreign Country

64. Go for a Swim in the Blue Ocean in the Maldives

65. Go Clubbing in Miami

66. Go Hiking in Ireland

67. Go Horseback Riding in Texas

68. Go Horseback Riding in Swan Valley, Montana

69. Go on a Gondola in Venice

70. Go Husky Dog Sledding in Alaska

71. Go on a Mother-Daughter Vacation

72. Go on a Random Road Trip

73. Go on a Pilgrimage to Santiago De Compostela

74. Go on a Tour of the Gothic Cathedrals of Europe

75. Go on Safari in Africa

76. Go on a Tour of the Harry Potter Studio

77. Go to the Summer Olympics

78. See Nightwish in Finland

79. Go Shopping in New York

80. Go Shopping in Milan

81. Go Snorkeling in the Caribbean

82. Swim in the Dead Sea

83. Go Spelunking in the Ape Caves

84. Go to a Big Rock Concert Abroad

85. Go to a Big Medieval Fair

86. Go to a Big Time Movie Premiere in Hollywood

87. Go to an English Pub

88. Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan

89. Go to Barbados

90. Go to an International Football Tournament

91. Go to Bhutan

92. Go to Burning Man

93. Visit Brazil

94. Go to Colorado

95. Visit China During Chinese New Year

96. Go to Disney Land Paris

97. Go to Egypt

98. Go to Dollywood

99. Go to Florida

100. Go to Fern Canyon

* Note: Traveling can be a great way to broaden your perspective. There are many different types of travel, such as solo travel, group travel, adventure travel, luxury travel, and more. It's a good idea to do your research and to be prepared for unexpected events. It's also important to be respectful of local customs and cultures and to follow any laws or regulations in the places you visit.

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Business and Career Bucket Ideas

1. Apply to Be a Flight Attendant

2. Be Elected to Political Office

3. Ask for a Pay Raise

4. Be Recognized as an Authority in My Field

5. Be My Own Boss

6. Be the Sheriff of a Small Town

7. Become a Ballet Dancer

8. Be Time Magazine's Person of the Year

9. Become a Billionaire

10. Become a Bartender

11. Become a Certified Personal Trainer

12. Become a Cheese Connoisseur

13. Become a Certified Sky Diver

14. Become a Counselor at a Summer Camp in America

15. Become a Corporal in the Marine Corps

16. Become a Dancer

17. Become a Divemaster

18. Become a Dentist

19. Become a Dual Citizen

20. Become a Doctor

21. Become a Famous Business Women

22. Become a Farmer

23. Become a Famous Chef

24. Become a Freelance Writer

25. Become a Film Maker

26. Become a Full-Time Firefighter

27. Become a Good Horse Trainer

28. Become a Geologist

29. Become a Journalist

30. Become a Good Kick Boxer

31. Become a Judge

32. Become a Landlord

33. Become a Kindergarten Teacher

34. Become a Legend

35. Become a Lawyer

36. Become a Licensed Pilot

37. Become a Lifeguard

38. Become a Life Coach

39. Become a Master Marksman

40. Become a Martial Arts Instructor

41. Become a Memory Artist

42. Become a Millionaire

43. Become a Military Police Officer

44. Become a Nomad

45. Become a Model

46. Become a Nurse

47. Become a Paramedic

48. Become a Nurse in the Army

49. Become a Pharmacist

50. Become a Personal Trainer

51. Become a Philanthropist

52. Become a Photographer

53. Become a Politician

54. Become a Professional Athlete

55. Become a Priest

56. Become a Professional Cook

57. Become a Professional Dancer

58. Become a Professor

59. Become a Psychologist

60. Become a Programmer

61. Become a Psychotherapist

62. Become a Qualified Scuba Diver

63. Become a Published Author

64. Become a Registered Organ Donor

65. Become a Recognized Economist

66. Become a Registered Scientist

67. Become a Runway Model

68. Become a Reiki Master

69. Become a Sailboat Captain

70. Become a Sage

71. Become a Scratch Golfer

72. Become a Senator

73. Become a Scientist

74. Become a Special Education Teacher

75. Become a Sommelier

76. Become a Stamp Collector

77. Become a Supermodel

78. Become a Stand-Up Comedian

79. Become a Translator

80. Become a Teacher

81. Become a Travel Writer

82. Become a Very Successful Lawyer

83. Become a United Nations Interpreter

84. Become a Wildlife Photographer

85. Become a Voice Actor

86. Become a Wine Connoisseur

87. Become a Yoga Instructor

88. Become a World Renowned Artist

89. Become a Youth Sports Coach

90. Become a Yoga Master

91. Become a Zen Master

92. Become an Architect

93. Become an Accomplished Baker

94. Become an Attorney

95. Become an Art Collector

96. Become the Author of a Successful Blog

97. Become an Expert Scuba-Diver

98. Become an Entrepreneur

99. Become an Investigator

100. Become an Interior Designer

* Note: There are many different ways to think about a career, but it is often considered to be a person's occupation or profession, the work that a person does over the course of their life. A career can involve many different things, including education, training, work experience, and personal and professional development. Some people follow a specific career path, while others take a more flexible or diverse approach to their career.

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Adventure Bucket Ideas

1. Abseil Down a Building

2. Abseil Down a Waterfall

3. Abseil Down a Rock Face

4. Arrive by Seaplane

5. Airboat Across an Alligator Infested Swamp

6. Backpack Across Europe

7. Backpack in the Himalayas

8. Backpack through South America

9. Backpack in South East Asia

10. Hike the Appalachian Trail

11. Backpack the Camino De Santiago

12. Backpack Through Wallowa National Forest

13. Backpack Through Hells Canyon

14. Backpack Across New Zealand

15. Backpack Across Australia

16. Camp and Sleep on Top of a Mountain

17. Camp at a Park

18. Camp at the Grand Canyon

19. Camp in an African Village

20. Camp in a Yurt

21. Camp in the Backyard

22. Camp in Yosemite Backcountry

23. Camp in Yellowstone National Park

24. Camp Out in the Sahara Desert

25. Camp on an Island

26. Camp Out in the Wilds

27. Camp Under the Northern Lights

28. Camp Overnight in the Wilderness

29. Canoe Down a River

30. Campervan Down the Coast

31. Canoe Down the Amazon River

32. Canoe the Amazon River

33. Canoe or Kayak the Chicago River

34. Climb a Glacier

35. Canoe the Whanganui River in New Zealand

36. Climb a Himalayan Mountain

37. Climb a Pyramid

38. Climb a Mountain

39. Complete All Bicycle Tracks in New Zealand

40. Climb a Rock Arch Over the Ocean

41. Complete Route 66 on a Motorcycle

42. Travel Cross Country by Train

43. Complete the Trip Che Guevara Made Through South America

44. Cross the Atlantic Ocean with a Sailboat

45. Cross over a Swinging Suspension Bridge

46. Cross the Australian Outback

47. Cross the Sahara

48. Cross the Bridge of the Immortals in China

49. Descend the Banaue Rice Terraces

50. Cycle from Lands End to John-O-Groates


51. Dive in the Green Lake, Austria

52. Dive Off Stari Most Bridge in Mostar, Bosnia

53. Dive Near the Mariana's Trench

54. Dive the Great Barrier Reef

55. Dive the Famous Blue Hole of Belize

56. Go Bamboo Rafting

57. Go Camping

58. Go Banana Boating

59. Go Camping at Litchfield National Park

60. Go Camping and Watch the Moonlight

61. Go Camping in the Outback

62. Go Camping with my Best Friends

63. Go Camping in Yosemite

64. Go Fishing in Montana

65. Go Canoeing

66. Go to Antarctica

67. Hike a Part of the Pacific Coast Trail

68. Have One Adventure a Month

69. Hike Algonquin (5114 ft)

70. Hike a Volcano

71. Hike all the 14-ers in Colorado

72. Hike Around a Volcano

73. Hike Arches National Park, Utah

74. Hike Basin (4827 ft)

75. Hike the Atlas Mountains in Morocco

76. Hike the Bay Ridge Trail

77. Hike Colden (4714 ft)

78. Hike Big Sur

79. Hike Down a Waterfall

80. Hike Dix (4857 ft)

81. Hike for Five Miles

82. Hike Gothics (4736 ft)

83. Hike Giant (4627 ft)

84. Hike in Alaska and Kiss Under the Northern Lights

85. Hike Gray (4840 ft)

86. Hike in Death Valley

87. Hike in Nepal

88. Hike in Gros Morne National Park

89. Hike in Yosemite National Park

90. Hike the Grand Canyon

91. Hike Machu Picchu

92. Hike the Mason Dixon Trail

93. Hike Marcy (5344 ft)

94. Hike Mount Doom

95. Hike Mont Blanc

96. Hike Mount Kilimanjaro

97. Hike on a Glacier

98. Hike Nippletop (4620 ft)

99. Hike Redfield (4606 ft)

100. Hike Part of the Appalachian Trail

* Note: Adventure can involve physical activities such as hiking, climbing, or exploring new places, or it can refer to mental or emotional challenges, such as taking on a new job or facing a difficult problem. Adventure often involves an element of risk or uncertainty, and it can involve stepping out of one's comfort zone and trying something new.

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Food Bucket Ideas

1. Bake a Banana Cake

2. Bake a Cake For Someone Special

3. Bake a Cake For Someone For No Reason

4. Bake a Giant Cookie

5. Bake a Cheesecake

6. Bake a Layered Cake

7. Bake a New-York Cheesecake

8. Bake a Lemon Cake

9. Bake a Pizza from Scratch

10. Bake a Pie

11. Bake a Rainbow Cake

12. Bake Cupcakes

13. Bake Cinnamon Rolls

14. Bake my Own Bread

15. Bake Halloween Cookies

16. Cook 30 Recipes from 30 Different Countries in 30 Days

17. Cook a Full English Breakfast on a BBQ in the Sun

18. Cook a Chicken Curry

19. Cook a Holiday Meal

20. Cook a Good Dinner 4 Times a Week

21. Cook a Meal

22. Cook a Three Course Meal For a Group of Friends

23. Cook a Meal from Every Culture

24. Cook all the Recipes in a Cookbook

25. Cook a Turkey That You Shot For Thanksgiving

26. Cook an Entire Meal from Another Culture

27. Cook Dinner For Someone

28. Cook Christmas Dinner

29. Cook With a Celebrity Chef

30. Cook Dinner For the Whole Family

31. Cook With my Partner

32. Create my Own Recipe

33. Create a Secret Family Recipe

34. Eat a Belgium Waffle in Belgium

35. Eat a Bagel in NY

36. Eat a Crepe in France

37. Eat a Gourmet Meal

38. Eat a Croissant at a Cafe in Paris

39. Eat a Hot Dog in New York City

40. Eat a Gyro in Greece

41. Eat Lobster in Maine

42. Eat a Pastry Under the Eiffel Tower

43. Eat a Macaron in Paris

44. Eat a Soft Pretzel from a Cart in NYC

45. Eat a Six-Course Meal That I Prepared

46. Eat Traditional Food from Every Country

47. Eat Apple Strudel in Vienna, Austria

48. Eat Antipasto in Italy

49. Eat at One of Chef Gordon Ramsay's Restaurants

50. Eat at a German Bakery

51. Eat at One of the World's Best Restaurants

52. Eat at the Dans Le Noir in New York

53. Eat at the Best Sushi Restaurant in the World

54. Eat at the French Laundry

55. Eat at the Fat Duck

56. Eat at the Hard Rock Cafe

57. Eat at the Space Needle Tower in Seattle

58. Eat at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas

59. Eat Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at D2

60. Eat at the Titanic Restaurant and Bar in Cork

61. Eat Brownies in Amsterdam

62. Eat Chinese Food in China

63. Eat Cajun Food in New Orleans

64. Eat Couscous in Morocco

65. Eat Chocolate in Belgium

66. Eat Cream Puffs at the Wisconsin State Fair

67. Eat Curry in India

68. Eat Crepes in France

69. Eat Fajitas in Mexico

70. Eat Escargot in France

71. Eat Fish and Chips in London

72. Eat French Cheese in France

73. Eat Fondue in Switzerland

74. Eat Gelato in Italy

75. Eat French Macaroons

76. Eat Grasshoppers in Thailand

77. Eat Healthy and Home Made Food

78. Eat Greek Salad in Greece

79. Eat at a White Castle Restaurant

80. Eat at a Michelin-Starred Restaurant

81. Eat Jellied Eels from a Stall in London

82. Eat Kangaroo in Australia

83. Eat Jocote

84. Eat Madeleines

85. Eat KFC in Kentucky

86. Eat Maple Syrup Pancakes in Canada

87. Eat New York Cheesecake in New York

88. Eat Mexican Food in Mexico

89. Eat Olives in Greece

90. Eat Noodles in Hong Kong

91. Eat Pasta in Italy

92. Eat Poi in Hawaii

93. Eat Pizza in Italy

94. Eat Ribs at an American BBQ

95. Eat Ramen in Japan

96. Eat Roasted Chestnuts on the Champs-Elysees

97. Eat Sushi in Japan

98. Eat Snails in Paris

99. Enter a Cooking Contest

100. Eat Using Chopsticks in Asia

* Note: Food also plays an important role in many social and cultural activities.

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Financial Bucket Ideas

1. Be Completely Debt Free

2. Become a Business Owner

3. Be Debt Free in 10 Years

4. Buy Property Abroad

5. Become Financially Literate

6. Create Passive Income

7. Fill my Savings Jar

8. Establish my Business Before I Turn 40

9. Gain Financial Freedom

10. Free Myself from Debt

11. Gain Financial Security

12. Get Certified As a Financial Planner

13. Get an Investment Plan

14. Have $10,000 in Savings

15. Go an Entire Month Without Spending Any Money

16. Have a Net Worth of $1,000,000

17. Invest in a Business

18. Have a Positive Net Worth

19. Invest in Gold

20. Invest in a Stock

21. Invest in Real Estate

22. Invest in the Stock Market

23. Invest in Silver

24. Max Out a Credit Card

25. Make Loans to Entrepreneurs Through Kiva.Com

26. Obtain 500 Oz. of Silver

27. Pay For a New Car With Cash

28. Pay Back my Student Loan

29. Pay Off Library Fee

30.Pay For my College Education

31. Pay Off my Student Loan

32. Save $10,000

33. Put 3 Dollars in a Jar Every Single Day For One Year

34. Save $2,000

35. Save $100 from Coupons During a Grocery Store Purchase

36. Save For a House

37. Start a Side Photography Business

38. Start a Business

39. Win the Lottery

40. Stay on a Strict Budget and Save For a Goal

Note: Personal finance is the process of planning and managing an individual's financial resources in order to achieve their financial goals. It involves making informed decisions about how to save, invest, and spend money, as well as protecting against financial risks and uncertainties. Some of the key areas of personal finance include: Budgeting (Creating a plan for how to allocate your income and expenses), Saving and investing (Setting aside money for the future and considering how to grow your wealth through investments), and credit and debt management (Making informed decisions about borrowing money and repaying debts). Personal finance requires making informed decisions about a wide range of financial topics. By developing good personal finance habits, individuals can make progress towards their financial goals and achieve financial security.


Learning and Education Bucket Ideas

1. Achieve a 4.0 For One Semester

2. Attend a Presidential Inauguration

3. Add Something Useful to Wikipedia

4. Attend a TED Talk

5. Attend a Sydney Opera House Event

6. Attend a Writing Class

7. Attend Howard University

8. Attend California Institute of the Arts

9. Be a Foreign Exchange Student

10. Attend Stanford Law School

11. Become Bilingual

12. Become Fluent in French

13. Become Fluent in Dutch

14. Become Fluent in German

15. Become Fluent in French and Spanish

16. Become Fluent in Italian

17. Become Fluent in Spanish

18. Become Fluent in Mandarin Chinese

19. Complete a 5000 Question Survey

20. Build An Educational Institute

21. Complete a Course to Become a Photographer

22. Complete a Management Course

23. Complete a Degree

24. Complete a Novel

25. Complete a Master's Degree

26. Complete a Rubik's Cube

27. Read all of my Favorite Author's Books

28. Give a Talk to a Class of Students

29. Complete an Art Foundation Course in London

30. Read all the Books from '1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die'

31. Complete an Instagram Month Challenge

32. Complete Another Degree

33. Complete an Online Class

34. Complete College

35. Complete at Least 3 Years of French Classes

36. Complete Final Year of Graduate School

37. Complete a Degree With Distinction

38. Complete a Bachelor's Degree

39. Complete an Honors Degree

40. Complete a Doctorate

41. Do a First Aid Course

42. Do a NOLS Course

43. Do a Course in Music

44. Do Crosswords Every Day For a Month

45. Do Research in Antarctica

46. Do Sudoku Every Day For a Year

47. Educate Others About Agriculture

48. Earn an M.B.A. Degree

49. Do a second Master's Degree

50. Fail a Course

51. Finish a Book in Spanish

52. Finish High school on Time

53. Finish First in my Class

54. Get a 10 For a Math's Test

55. Follow a Course For First Aid Training

56. Get a Racing License

57. Get a TEFL Qualification

58. Win a Scholarship For University

59. Get Better in Playing the Drums

60. Get Accepted to my Dream College

61. Get Certified As a Lifeguard

62. Get CPR Certified

63. Get Certified As a Public Accountant

64. Get Into a Private School

65. Get Good at the Guitar

66. Get Into Harvard

67. Get Into Med School

68. Get Into Law School

69. Get my Captains License

70. Get Into Vet School

71. Get my Degree in Teaching

72. Give a Commencement Speech

73. Get Straight A's Next Semester

74. Immerse myself in Buddhism

75. Go on a University Exchange

76. Improve my French

77. Join a Chess Club

78. Join a Book Club

79. Know the Stars

80. Know the Alphabet Backwards

81. Learn 100 Basic American Sign Language Signs

82. Learn a Burlesque Routine

83. Learn to Ballroom Dance

84. Learn a Computer Programming Language

85. Learn a Choreographed Dance

86. Learn a Dance

87. Learn a Form of Martial Arts

88. Learn a Foreign Language

89. Learn a Hilarious Phrase in 10 Languages

90. Learn a Form of Spanish Dancing

91. Learn a Magic Card Trick

92. Learn a New Language and Speak It Fluently

93. Learn a Magic Trick

94. Learn a New Word Every Day For a Year

95. Learn a New Sport

96. Learn a New Word from an Unknown Language Every Day For 30 Days

97. Learn a Trade

98. Learn a Song on the Ukulele

99. Study Hieroglyphics

100. Study a New Religion

-->   More learning ideas? Here's a list of 368 Learning Bucket List Ideas


Relationship Bucket Ideas

1. Adopt a Child

2. Ask a Guy on a Date

3. Adopt Internationally

4. Ask Someone to the Prom

5. Ask Out a Hollywood Actress

6. Ask Someone to a Dance

7. Attend a Bat Mitzvah

8. Ask Someone You've Only Just Met Out on a Date

9. Attend a High School Reunion

10. Attend a Gay Pride Event

11. Attend One Wine Tasting a Month

12. Be a Foster Parent

13. Be a Bridesmaid

14. Be Cupid For a Couple Who Will End Up Married

15. Be a Godmother

16. Be Kissed By the Person I Love at Midnight on New Years

17. Be Proposed to in a Unique Way

18. Be Kissed Unexpectedly in the Middle of a Sentence

19. Become a Midwife

20. Become a Father

21. Become a Mom

22. Become Friends With a Celebrity

23. Become Friendly With Someone I Dislike

24. Become More Outgoing

25. Make Friends With a Stranger

26. Build a Blanket Fort With Someone I Love

27. Build a Cool Tree House For the Kids

28. Build a Snow Fort with Someone I love

29. Build Something That I Can Leave For my Kids

30. Build a Log Cabin for Me and My Wife

31. Calm an Extremely Angry Person

32. Carve my Love and my Name Into a Tree

33. Care For my Parents When They Are Old

34. Confess my Love

35. Confess my Feelings

36. Connect With an Old Friend

37. Create a New Family Tradition

38. Crack a Joke Making More Than 5 People Laugh at Once

39. Create a Tradition of Getting Together

40. Create a Social Enterprise

41. Cut Our First Child's Umbilical Cord

42. Date Someone from Another Culture or Background

43. Date a Beautiful Woman

44. Date a Model

45. Date a Doctor

46. Date a Rich Man

47. Date an Athlete

48. Date a Yoga Teacher

49. Devote an Entire Day to Sex

50. Date Someone my Mom Likes

51. Experience True Love

52. Fall Madly, Deeply in Love

53. Fall Asleep in my Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Arms

54. Fall in Love For a Night

55. Fall in Love Accidentally

56. Find "The One"

57. Fly Lanterns at my Wedding

58. Find a Husband

59. Get a Hot Boyfriend

60. Gaze at the Stars With Someone

61. Get a Mistletoe Kiss

62. Get Engaged

63. Get a New Years Kiss at Midnight

64. Have a Long Distance Relationship

65. Get Married

66. Go on a Blind Date

67. Go on a Date to the Beach

68. Go on a Date at an Amusement Park

69. Go on a Fancy Date

70. Go on a Double Date

71. Go on a Romantic Getaway

72. Go on a Date on Valentine's Day

73. Go on a Romantic Vacation to Paris

74. Go Out with a Beautiful Red Head

75. Go on an Ice Skating Date

76. Go to a Baby Shower

77. Grow Old with the Love of my Life

78. Go to a Garden Party

79. Celebrate your 50th Wedding Anniversary

80. Have 3 or More Kids

81. Have a Baby

82. Have a Boyfriend

83. Have a Beautiful Wedding

84. Have a Cup of Coffee With a Stranger

85. Have a Candle Lit Dinner

86. Have a Deep and Meaningful Conversation with a Celebrity

87. Be on Facebook

88. Have a Dramatic Public Argument

89. Have a Friend in a Different Country

90. Have a Foreign Girlfriend

91. Have a Girls Weekend Away With my Mum

92. Be in a Long-Term Relationship

93. Have a Large Family

94. Enjoy a Perfect Kiss

95. Have a Meaningful Conversation with a Stranger

96. Have a Picnic in Central Park, New York City

97. Have a Romantic Flight in a Hot Air Balloon

98. Have a Relationship That Is Successful for at Least a Year

99. Have a Second Child

100. Have a Roommate

-->   More relationship ideas? Here's a list of 203 Relationship Bucket List Ideas


Fun Bucket Ideas

1. Adopt a Funny Accent For the Day

2. Apply to Be an Amazing Race Contestant

3. Apply to Be a Jeopardy Contestant

4. Attend a Ball

5. Attend a 3-Day Music Festival

6. Attend a Ballet

7. Attend a Big Rock Concert

8. Attend a Big Fashion Show

9. Attend a Boxing Match

10. Attend a Bonfire Party

11. Attend a Broadway Show

12. Attend a Charity Ball

13. Attend a Bull Fight

14. Attend a Circus Show

15. Attend a Chinese New Year

16. Attend a Cirque Du Soleil Show

17. Attend a College Football Game

18. Attend a Classical Concert

19. Attend a Concert As V.I.P

20. Attend a Concert

21. Attend a Cookery Class

22. Attend a Crocodile Show

23. Attend a Costume Party

24. Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner

25. Attend a Cultural Festival

26. Attend a European Nightclub

27. Attend a Fancy Dinner

28. Attend a Fancy Cocktail Party

29. Attend a Foam Party

30. Attend a Film Premiere

31. Attend a Football League Trophy Final

32. Attend the Oscars

33. Attend a Full Moon Beach Party

34. Attend a Hindu Wedding

35. Attend a Harlem Globetrotters Game

36. Attend a Japanese Tea Ceremony

37. Attend an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

38. Attend a Lantern Festival

39. Attend a Military Ball

40. Attend a Masquerade Ball

41. Attend a Murder Mystery

42. Attend a Party Under a Fake Name

43. Attend a Paint Party

44. Attend a Street Party

45. Attend a Rave

46. Attend Carnival

47. Go to the Monaco Grand Prix

48. Attend More Than 5 Festivals

49. Go to a Full Moon Party in Thailand

50. Have Front Row Seats at a Rock Concert

51. Be in a Jacuzzi in the Snow

52. Celebrate New Years Eve in Time Square, New York City

53. Be in a Small-Town Parade

54. Learn to Blow Smoke Rings

55. Have a Big Party for All my Friends

56. Build a Snowman Taller Than Me

57. Celebrate Bastille Day in France

58. Catch a Guitar Pick at a Concert

59. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Dublin, Ireland

60. Celebrate Beltane in Ireland

61. Celebrate the 4th of July in Washington DC

62. Go Clubbing in Ibiza

63. Dance an Argentine Tango

64. Dance in Bali

65. Dance at Carnival in Rio De Janeiro

66. Dance in Central Park

67. Dance in the Moonlight

68. Dance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

69. Dance to Dubstep all Night

70. Dance Salsa in Rio Di Janeiro

71. Dance With an African Tribe

72. Do a Boudoir Photoshoot

73. Dine in the Dark

74. Drink a Glass of Red Wine in Chile

75. Drink a Beer in a Real Irish Pub

76. Drink Champagne in France

77. Drink Rum on a Caribbean Beach

78. Drink Guinness in Ireland

79. Drive a 4-Wheeler

80. Drink Tequila in Mexico

81. Drive a Car Without the Top On

82. Drive a Ferrari

83. Drive a Caterpillar

84. Drive a Harley in America

85. Drive a Formula 1 Car

86. Drive a Hummer

87. Drive a Luxury Car

88. Drive a Dog-Sled

89. Drive an Aston Martin

90. Ride a Motorcycle

91. Eat Ice Cream Like a Kid

92. Experience a White Christmas

93. Eat in a Celebrity Restaurant

94. Experience Snowfall

95. Try Go-Karting

96. Fill my Wardrobe

97. Dress Up for a Halloween Party

98. Finish an Entire Coloring Book

99. Find a Stick Bug

100. Sing Karaoke

-->   More fun ideas? Here's a list of 231 Fun Bucket List Ideas


Creative Bucket Ideas

1. Act in a Movie That Hits Theaters Nationwide

2. Act in a Short Film

3. Act in a Play

4. Appear in a Music Video

5. Appear As an Extra in a Period Drama

6. Appear in a News Article on TV

7. Appear on Television

8. Appear in a YouTube Video That Has Over 1M Views

9. Be a Model in a Photoshoot

10. Try a New Recipe Once a Month For a Year

11. Be a Part of Fashion Week

12. Be on More Than 4 TV Shows

13. Be a Probation Officer

14. Be Proficient in Guitar

15. Hear a song I wrote play on the Radio

16. Become Great at Playing Guitar

17. Build a Bed

18. Build a Bamboo House

19. Build a Blanket Fort

20. Build a Bedside Table

21. Build a Book Christmas Tree

22. Build a Classical Music Library

23. Build a Classic Car

24. Build a Computer

25. Build a Collection of Art

26. Build a Darkroom

27. Build a Doll House

28. Build a Disc Golf Course

29. Build a Full-Sized Greenhouse

30. Build a Fountain at the Entrance to my House

31. Build a Functioning Solar Still

32. Build a Giant Sand Castle

33. Build a Giant Playground

34. Build a Greenhouse

35. Build a Gingerbread House

36. Build a Herb Garden

37. Build a Huge Lego Model

38. Build a House in the Bush

39. Build a Man-Cave in the Basement

40. Build a Log Cabin

41. Build a New Type of Engine

42. Build a Puzzle

43. Build a Piece of Furniture

44. Build a Sauna in my Home

45. Build a Record Collection

46. Build a Tree House

47. Build an Outdoor Kitchen

48. Build a Website

49. Build Something

50. Build a Doll House

51. Build a Home Computer System

52. Build a Small Dance Studio

53. Build A Major Brand

54. Build a Youth Ministry

55. Build a Well

56. Build Affordable Green Communities

57. Choreograph a Dance For Someone Famous

58. Choreograph a Contemporary Ballet

59. Complete a Painting in One Day

60. Choreograph a Music Video

61. Complete a Recipe Book Project

62. Write the Music and Lyrics for a Song

63. Complete a Wine Journal

64. Cover a Song on YouTube

65. Convert a Double-Decker Bus into a Motor Home

66. Cover my Bedroom Walls Completely in Photos

67. Cover my Ceiling in Glow in the Dark Stars

68. Cover my Bedroom Walls with Lyrics

69. Create a Board game

70. Create a Blog

71. Create a Bow and Arrow

72. Create a College Photo Album

73. Write a Children's Book

74. Create a Computer Game

75. Make a Compost Bin

76. Create a Documentary

77. Create a Wall of Polaroids

78. Create a New Ice Cream Flavor

79. Make a Scrapbook

80. Create a Publication

81. Create a Sports Car that is Environmentally Friendly

82. Make a Video that Goes Viral on YouTube

83. Create a Unique Art Form

84. Create an Android Application

85. Create a Virtual Presence

86. Create an Art Piece Based on a Song

87. Design an Entirely New Fashion Style

88. Create an Artistic Masterpiece

89. Create an iPhone Application

90. Create an Exhibition

91. Create Health Food

92. Make my Own Candy

93. Make Melted Crayon Art

94. Create my Own Fragrance

95. Create my Own Drink

96. Create my Own Library of Books and Movies

97. Create my Own Milk Shake

98. Design my Own Line of Socks

99. Decorate a House

100. Design my Own Shirt

-->   More creative ideas? Here's a list of 282 Creative Bucket List Ideas


Crazy Bucket Ideas

1. Base Jump with a Wingsuit

2. Go Bungee Jumping

3. Go to the Top of the Tallest Building in the World

4. Cage Dive with Sharks

5. Come Face to Face with a Tiger

6. Cage Dive with Crocodiles in Darwin

7. Capture a Tornado on Film

8. Capture a Fugitive

9. Chase a Tornado

10. Cave Dive

11. Circumnavigate the Globe By Sail

12. Cliff Dive into Water

13. Go Cliff Diving

14. Climb a Volcano

15. Climb 5 Mountains

16. Climb a Water Tower

17. Climb an Iceberg

18. Climb a Waterfall

19. Climb to the Top of Kale Fortress in Skopje

20. Climb to the Top of a Rope in a Gym

21. Climb to the Top of Orton Hall

22. Walk on Hot Coals

23. Climb Up to the Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio

24. Cross a Country by Bicycle

25. Cross a Country on Foot

26. Cross a Glacier on Foot

27. Deliver a Baby

28. Crowd Surf at a Rock Concert

29. Go on a Submarine

30. Cage Dive with Great Whites

31. Dive a Shipwreck

32. Dive Under Ice

33. Dive to the Titanic

34. Do a Bungee Race

35. Dive or Snorkel with Whale Sharks

36. Do a Firewalking

37. Do a Polar Bear Plunge

38. Do a Human Suspension Free Fall

39. Go Skydiving

40. Do a Polar Bear Swim

41. Do a Tandem Parachute Jump

42. Do a Reverse Bungee Jump

43. Go Human Bowling

44. Do the World's Highest Bungee Jump

45. Do Something Insanely Brave

46. Don't Sleep For 48 Hours

47. Drive a Race Car on a Race Track

48. Drive 200+ Kph on the German Autobahn

49. Eat Bugs

50. Drive a Rally Car

51. Eat Bull Testicles

52. Eat Iguana

53. Eat Frog Legs

54. Eat Something Foreign That Looks Disgusting

55. Eat Snake

56. Experience a Tandem Paragliding

57. Experience Four Different Extreme Environments

58. Experience a Very Mild Earthquake

59. Feed Sharks

60. Experience Weightlessness

61. Fly a Wingsuit

62. Go at the Top of the Highest Building of the World

63. Go Alligator Hunting

64. Go Bobsledding

65. Go Base Jumping

66. Go Bull Riding

67. Go Cliff Diving

68. Go Cave Jumping

69. Go Go-Karting

70. Go Dog Sledding

71. Go Heliboarding

72. Go Indoor Skydiving

73. Go Helmet Diving

74. Go Into Space

75. Go Into a Zero Gravity Room

76. Go on a Zipline Tour

77. Go Paragliding

78. Go Parachute Jumping

79. Go Para-Skiing

80. Go Parasailing

81. Go Pearl Diving

82. Go Rappelling

83. Go Quad biking

84. Snorkel around a Shipwreck

85. Go Red Back Spider Hunting

86. Go Storm Chasing

87. Go Volcano Boarding

88. Dive the Great Barrier Reef

89. Go Wind Surfing

90. Go White Water Rafting

91. Go Zip-Lining

92. Hang Glide

93. Go Zorbing

94. Hold a Dangerous Snake Around my Neck

95. Have a Nascar Experience

96. Hold a Tarantula

97. Jump from a High Place

98. Hold a Venomous Snake

99. Jump in a Fountain

100. Jump from an Airplane

-->   More crazy ideas? Here's a list of 131 Crazy Bucket List Ideas


Cool Bucket Ideas

1. Arrive at an Airport and Take a Flight Randomly

2. Go to a Beach Party

3. Go to a Bonfire at the Beach

4. Attend a Mind Reading Show

5. Go to a Beard and Mustache Competition

6. Attend a Nudist Event

7. Go to an Overseas Cooking School

8. Attend an Event at Buckingham Palace

9. Go to the Winter Olympics

10. Go to Wimbledon

11. Bathe In Chocolate

12. Bathe in Oil

13. Bathe in Milk

14. Be a Contestant on a Game Show

15. Voice a Cartoon Character

16. Be a Couchsurfing Host

17. Be a Groupie

18. Join a Flashmob

19. Be a Member of a TV Audience

20. Be a Matchmaker

21. Be a Sex Symbol

22. Be a Vintage Model for a Day

23. Be a Street Performer for a Day

24. Be a YouTube Star

25. Voice a Cartoon Character in a Movie

26. Be an Artist an Live from my Art

27. Be Awake for 24 Hours

28. Be an Extra in a TV Show or Movie

29. Be Handcuffed

30. Be Goth for a Day

31. Be in 5 Magazines

32. Be in a Disney Parade

33. Be in a Blizzard

34. Go Inside an Igloo

35. Be in Two States at Once

36. Be Interviewed By Jay Leno

37. Be Invited to the Playboy Mansion

38. Be Interviewed by Oprah

39. Be Listed as One of People Magazine's Top 25 Sexiest Men Alive

40. Be Listed as One of People Magazine's Most Beautiful People

41. Be Naked in a Rainforest

42. Take a 24-hr Flight

43. Go to a Nude Beach

44. Be on a Radio Show

45. Be on the Cover of a Magazine

46. Be on the Cover of Rolling Stone Magazine

47. Be on a Webcam with Someone for 24 Hours

48. Be on the Front Page of a Major Newspaper

49. Be Smiling in the Background of a Random Person's Photo

50. Be Photographed Beside the Pyramids of Giza

51. Become Ambidextrous

52. Bend a Spoon with my Mind

53. Join a Secret Society

54. Blow Bubbles in the Rain

55. Take a Black Taxi Ride in London

56. Book a Commercial Flight to Space

57. Visit the Danakil Depression

58. Book a Titanic Dive Tour

59. Buy Someone's Groceries Just Because

60. Bum Around the USA in a Van

61. Call Someone, Tell Them to Look Out Their Window, and Be Standing on Their Front Lawn

62. Cartwheel Along the Golden Gate Bridge

63. Race Camels in the Desert

64. Change Clothing in a Phone Booth

65. Celebrate my Birthday in Another Country

66. Change my Name

67. Climb a Coconut Tree Barefoot

68. Chew Khat

69. Collect 50 Shotglasses

70. Climb a Light House

71. Collect a Coin from Every Country I Visit

72. Collect a Penny For Every Year I've Lived

73. Collect a Jar of Dirt from Every State

74. Collect Sand from 5 Countries

75. Collect Autographs from all my Favorite People

76. Color my Hair Blue

77. Cover a Car in Post-it Notes

78. Complete the IMDB Top 250 Movies

79. Create a World Map with Pins of Where I've Been

80. Crash a Party

81. Cross Abbey Road Crosswalk in London

82. Dine at Sanyou Cave Hanging Cliff Restaurant, China

83. Dance all Around the World

84. Discover the Lost City of Atlantis

85. Dine in the Eiffel Tower

86. Do a New Year Dip

87. Do Everything with my Non-Dominant Hand for a Whole Day

88. Do a Pole Dance Strip Tease

89. Do Something Unexpected

90. Do Something Absolutely Spontaneous

91. Don't Talk for a Whole Day

92. Draw Funny Faces on all the Eggs in my Fridge

93. Don't Use Your Phone for a Day

94. Drink 10 Different Cocktails

95. Say 'Yes' to Everything for a Day

96. Drink a $200 Bottle of Wine

97. Dye my Hair Purple

98. Drive More Than 100,000 km in One Year

99. Eat Exotic Game Meat

100. Dye my Clothes

-->   More cool ideas? Here's a list of 569 Cool Bucket List Ideas


What is a Bucket List?

A bucket list is a list of things that one wants to do before they die. It is a personal wishlist of sorts. The term "bucket list" is believed to have been coined by the 2007 movie "The Bucket List" starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, who played characters who were terminally ill and decided to complete all the things they wanted to do before they died.

Quick Tips for Creating your own Bucket List

1. Write it down - Write down your bucket list, either on a piece of paper or an electronic device and, keep it in a safe place. Writing your goals will increase your ability to achieve them and bring you to some level of commitment.

2. Mix it up - Include a mix of items on your list from different areas of life and make sure to add in some items that can be easily achieved. Setting small goals can keep you motivated to keep going.

3. Make it personal - Don't just copy and paste Bucket List items. Lists are best used as a source of inspiration which may resonate with you, or not, so write your list in a personal way that fits your unique desires.

4. Make it engaging with action words - Start the items on your list with an action verb that truly defines what YOU will be doing - it denotes an action on your part. Words like “Create”, “Travel”, and “Become” are good examples.

5. Stay motivated - Refer to your bucket list on regular basis, preferably at least once a month. it will help you to stay motivated on your path that you have chosen and lead you to your goal.

6. Keep it up-to-date - Be on the constant lookout for new ideas and make changes along the way. Add something new when you get inspired, or remove an item that no longer appeals to you. A good bucket list is always a work in progress - both you and your desires evolve.

7. Track your progress - Keep track of your goals and set up a solid action plan. Tracking your progress will help you stay on track and see the big picture on regular basis.

8. Share and inspire - Share your bucket list with family and friends, and inspire them to create their own lists as well. Sharing is a great way to make yourself more accountable and follow through your own words.

9. Most importantly, enjoy the journey!

~ Tal Gur


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