182 Food & Cooking Bucket List Ideas

This page features a big list of food goals and bucket ideas. Some are exotic, some are decadent, some are worldly, and some are just plain fun to try. I created it while pursuing my 100 life goals around the world, in hopes that it will inspire others to write their own list and live their dream life.

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One more thing, if you decide to take part in any of the activities listed below, you do so entirely at your own risk. Some of the bucket list ideas listed here can be risky, so seek out guidance if you decide to try them.

With this in mind, let's rock and roll!!

Food & Cooking Bucket List Ideas

1. Bake a Banana Cake

2. Bake a Cake For Someone For No Reason

3. Bake a Cake For Someone Special

4. Bake a Cheesecake

5. Bake a Giant Cookie

6. Bake a Layered Cake

7. Bake a Lemon Cake

8. Bake a New-York Cheesecake

9. Bake a Pie

10. Bake a Pizza from Scratch

11. Bake a Rainbow Cake

12. Bake Cinnamon Rolls

13. Bake Cupcakes

14. Bake Halloween Cookies

15. Bake my Own Bread

16. Cook 30 Recipes from 30 Different Countries in 30 Days

17. Cook a Chicken Curry

18. Cook a Full English Breakfast on a BBQ in the Sun

19. Cook a Good Dinner 4 Times a Week

20. Cook a Holiday Meal

21. Cook a Meal

22. Cook a Meal from Every Culture

23. Cook a Three Course Meal For a Group of Friends

24. Cook a Turkey That You Shot For Thanksgiving

25. Cook all the Recipes in a Cookbook

26. Cook an Entire Meal from Another Culture

27. Cook Christmas Dinner

28. Cook Dinner For Someone

29. Cook Dinner For the Whole Family

30. Cook With a Celebrity Chef

31. Cook With a my Partner

32. Create a Secret Family Recipe

33. Create my Own Recipe

34. Eat a Bagel in NY

35. Eat a Belgium Waffle in Belgium

36. Eat a Crepe in France

37. Eat a Croissant at a Cafe in Paris

38. Eat a Gourmet Menu

39. Eat a Gyro in Greece

40. Eat a Hot Dog in New York City

41. Eat a Lobster in Main

42. Eat a Macaron in Paris

43. Eat a Pastry Under the Eiffel Tower

44. Eat a Six-Course Meal That I Prepared

45. Eat a Soft Pretzel from a Cart in NYC

46. Eat a Traditional Food from Every Country

47. Eat Antipasto in Italy

48. Eat Apple Strudel in Vienna, Austria

49. Eat at a German Bakery

50. Eat at One of Chef Gordon Ramsay's Restaurants


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Click here to get 'The SMART Bucket List' for FREE — It includes a list of 1000+ SMART goal ideas from various categories, such as fitness, travel, personal growth, and more. Additionally, you’ll get my Design Your Dream Year workbook, containing a proven step-by-step action plan to check off those big goals on your list.


51. Eat at One of the World's Best Restaurants

52. Eat at the Best Sushi Restaurant in the World

53. Eat at the Dans Le Noir in New York

54. Eat at the Fat Duck

55. Eat at the French Laundry

56. Eat at the Hard Rock Cafe

57. Eat at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas

58. Eat at the Space Needle Tower in Seattle

59. Eat at Titanic Restaurant and Bar in Cork

60. Eat Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at D2

61. Eat Brownies in Amsterdam

62. Eat Cajun Food in New Orleans

63. Eat Chinese Food in China

64. Eat Chocolate in Belgium

65. Eat Couscous in Morocco

66. Eat Cream Puffs at the Wisconsin State Fair

67. Eat Crepes in France

68. Eat Curry in India

69. Eat Escargot in France

70. Eat Fajitas in Mexico

71. Eat Fish and Chips in London

72. Eat Fondue in Switzerland

73. Eat French Cheese in France

74. Eat French Macaroons

75. Eat Gelato Ice-cream in Italy

76. Eat Grasshoppers in Thailand

77. Eat Greek Salad in Greece

78. Eat Healthy and Home Made Food

79. Eat in a Michelin Starred Restaurant

80. Eat in a White Castle Restaurant

81. Eat Jellied Eels from a Stall in London

82. Eat Jocote

83. Eat Kangaroo in Australia

84. Eat KFC in Kentucky

85. Eat Madeleines

86. Eat Maple Syrup Pancakes in Canada

87. Eat Mexican Food in Mexico

88. Eat New York Cheesecake in New York

89. Eat Noodles in Hong Kong

90. Eat Olives in Greece

91. Eat Pasta in Italy

92. Eat Pizza in Italy

93. Eat Poi in Hawaii

94. Eat Ramen in Japan

95. Eat Ribs at an American BBQ

96. Eat Roasted Chestnuts on the Champs-Elysees

97. Eat Snails in Paris

98. Eat Sushi in Japan

99. Eat Using Chopsticks in Asia

100. Enter a Cooking Contest

101. Enter Cake International

102. Go For a Cooking Class

103. Go For a Cooking Class With my Partner

104. Go Vegan

105. Grow a Culinary Herb Garden

106. Have a Signature Dish

107. Improve my Cooking Abilities

108. Make (Then Quickly Eat) a Rainbow Cake

109. Make a 7Lb Cheese Burger

110. Make a Bread from 50 Different Countries

111. Make a Cook Book

112. Make a Muffin Cake

113. Make a Recipe Book

114. Make a Tiered Cake

115. Make a Wedding Cake

116. Make an Ice Cream Cake

117. Make Carmel Apples

118. Make Cheese

119. Make Homemade Bagels

120. Make Homemade Ice-cream

121. Make Homemade Marshmallows

122. Make Homemade Miso

123. Make Homemade Natto

124. Make Homemade Pasta

125. Make Homemade Sake

126. Make Homemade Tofu

127. Make Jello Shots

128. Make More Meals For Myself Instead of Eating Out

129. Make my Own BBQ Sauce

130. Make my Own Pizza

131. Make Pancakes in the Shape of Hearts

132. Make Pumpkin Pie

133. Make S'mores Around a Fire

134. Make Souffle

135. Make Vodka Gummy Bear

136. Make Whoopie Pies

137. Order Food in a Foreign Language

138. Prepare a Whole Meal For my Family

139. Start a Family Cookbook

140. Take a Baking Class in France

141. Take a Basic Cooking Class

142. Take a Cake Decorating Class

143. Take a French Cooking Class

144. Take a Gourmet Cooking Class

145. Taste a Fried Oreo

146. Taste a Raw Sugar Cane

147. Taste an Ethiopian Cuisine

148. Taste an Exotic Fruit

149. Taste Baklava

150. Taste Caviar

151. Taste Escargot

151. Taste Escargot

152. Taste Every Flavor at Starbucks

153. Taste Fried Ice Cream

154. Taste Goulash

155. Taste Marzipan

156. Taste Mojito

157. Taste New England Clam Chowder

158. Taste Octopus

159. Taste Oysters

160. Taste Paella

161. Taste Pierogi

162. Taste Pistachio Ice Cream

163. Taste Red Velvet Cake

164. Taste S'mores

165. Taste Stuffed Grape Leaves

166. Taste Sushi

167. Taste Truffles

168. Taste Turtle Soup

169. Taste 1,000 Different Beers

170. Taste 1,000 Different Deserts

171. Taste 1,000 Different Wines

172. Taste All of the Fruits of the World

173. Taste Dinosaur Meat

174. Taste Every Flavor

175. Taste Everything at Least Once

176. Try 50 New Recipes

177. Try Goulash in Budapest

178. Try New Food Every Month

179. Try Nutella

180. Win a Cooking Contest

181. Work As a Chef

182. Create Community Around Cooking


* What is a Bucket List? A bucket list is a list of life goals, aspirations, and adventures that one wants to accomplish before they die. The term "bucket list" was first popularized in the 2007 movie "The Bucket List" starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.

* Cooking is the process of preparing food by using heat, typically with ingredients and recipes, to transform raw or fresh ingredients into a finished dish or meal. Food can be derived from plants, animals, or other sources, and can be cooked or prepared in a variety of ways. In addition to providing nutrition, food also plays an important role in many social and cultural activities.

* Quick Tip for Creating Your Food & Cooking Bucket List: Start with a broad idea of what you want to do. It could be something like "travel the world" or "go skydiving." Identify what you want to do, where, and when. For instance, if your goal is to travel the world, then you need to identify where and when you want to go. Do you want to visit Asia in the winter or Europe in the summer? Create a timeline and set deadlines for yourself.

What is the "Big Food Bucket List"? The Big Food Bucket List is a TV show where, comedian John Catucci takes viewers on food adventures across the U.S. and Canada; Some of the Big Food Bucket List Restaurants can be found here.


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