100 Life Goals List

One evening, just after I had turned 30, I was sitting around with friends contemplating the future and what I wanted to accomplish before I left this earth. That contemplation inspired me to write down all the things I wanted to do, which eventually turned into a long list of 100 life goals.

Before you scroll down to my list, a few important things:

Don't just read my list. Write down your own life goals list. Doing so will provide you with clarity and direction.

Furthermore, I suggest creating an action plan while motivation is high. For that reason I created two FREE guides containing a big list of potential goals to have, plus my goal-setting process for attaining big goals. (The exact process that allowed me to check off all my goals on my list).

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With this in mind, here's my 100 life goals list:

Fitness Goals

Biggest goal: Ironman Triathlon.

My goal journey in a nutshell: I embarked on my Ironman journey after a drunken declaration and after 6 months of intense training, overcame challenging weather conditions and physical pain with the support of loved ones to realize that the journey is just as important as the destination, Read more about this goal..

My complete fitness goal list:

1. Participate in an Olympic distance triathlon
Achieved (2007, Melbourne, Australia)
2. Finish a half Ironman triathlon
Achieved (2007, Geelong Half Ironman | 2008, Shepparton)
3. Finish a full Ironman triathlon
Achieved (2008, Ironman New Zealand)
4. Finish in the top 5% in a half marathon
Achieved (2010, Montreal - Top 3% | 2011, Newport - Top 3%)
5. Learn Muay Thai boxing
Achieved (2011, 4-Week Muay Thai training camp in Thailand)
6. Get down to single digit body fat %
Achieved (2011, ~9% body fat)
7. Get six-pack abs
Achieved (2011)
8. Do 100 days of consecutive running
Achieved (2012)
9. Train for a marathon in 4 Weeks
Achieved (Melbourne Marathon, 2012)
10. Do yoga for 40 days in a row
Achieved (2015, Bali)

Financial Goals

Biggest goal: Become financially independent

My goal journey in a nutshell: I achieved financial independence within a year, learning that true wealth is about having the freedom to enjoy life experiences and do what I love. Read more about this goal..

My financial goal list:

11. Generate $1000 from online
Achieved (2008)
12. Generate monthly recurring passive income
Achieved (2008)
13. Have zero personal debt
Achieved (2009)
14. Become location independent
Achieved (2009)
15. Become financially independent
Achieved (2009, financially free - * enough passive income to cover my lifestyle expenses)
16. Have $10,000+ in savings
Achieved (2010)
17. Make a long-term gold investment (10K)
Achieved (2011)
18. Invest in the stock market (10K)
Achieved (2012, ASX)
19. Build a six-figure business (100K)
Achieved (2013, $100,000+ a year in profit)
20. Diversify income from at least five sources
Achieved (2013, books, coaching, ads, software, courses, online services and consultancy)


The Great Bucket List

Elevate Your Goals

Click here to get 'The SMART Bucket List' for FREE — It includes a list of 1000+ SMART goal ideas from various categories, such as fitness, travel, personal growth, and more. Additionally, you’ll get my Design Your Dream Year workbook, containing a proven step-by-step action plan to check off those big goals on your list.


Knowledge / Writing Goals

Biggest goal: Write a full-length book

My goal journey in a nutshell: I took a leap of faith and challenged myself to write a book despite my doubts, and through the support of other writers and my commitment to the topic, I was able to create something I'm proud of and learned to never wait to pursue something you want. Read my story..

My knowledge goal list:

21. Graduate from an international university
Achieved (2006, Masters degree, Monash University, Australia)
22. Speak English fluently
Achieved (2007)
23. Become an international public speakeer
Achieved (2007, Singapore; 2008, Las Vegas; 2009, Prague; 2010, Vancouver)
24. Publish monthly blog posts for a year
Achieved (2008)
25. Speak conversational Spanish
Achieved (2009, Argentina)
26. Publish a short eBook guide
Achieved (2011, Design Your Dream Year)
27. Write and launch an email series
Achieved (2012, Elevate Emails)
28. Interview 100 inspirational people
Achieved (2013, 100+ interviews)
29. Create an online course
Achieved (2013, Jumpstart Your Dream Year)
30. Write a full-length book
Achieved (2016, One Year to Freedom, 500 Pages)

Contribution / Spiritual Goals

Biggest goal: Complete a 10-Day Vipassana

My goal journey in a nutshell: After years of casual meditations, I decided to challenge myself with a 10-day Vipassana meditation. It was not an easy journey, yet I was able to get through it. Read more about this goal..

My contribution / spiritual goal list:

31. Volunteer at a hospital
Achieved (Hospital's ER department, 2008)
32. Learn and perform Reiki
Achieved (2009, Reiki Master in India)
33. Participate in a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat
Achieved (2009, Vipassana in India, 2016, 10 days in Israel)
34. Help a business in a developing country
Achieved (2010 - Helping Helped building a Spanish school in Bolivia)
35. Help a family in need in a developing country
Achieved (Built a house in Peru - 2010)
36. Offer pro-bono life and business coaching
Achieved (2010)
37. Make 20+ donations in a year
Achieved (2011, 25 Kiva Donations)
38. Help building a school in a developing country
Achieved (2012, Helped building a School in the Dominican Republic)
39. 60 days of meditation
Achieved (2015, 60+ days in a row)
40. 30 days of helping others
Achieved (2015, Giving Challenge)


Business / Career Goals

Biggest goal: Become a Business Coach

My goal journey in a nutshell: Having seen my successes in the fitness and social areas, I was regularly asked for guidance and advice from my friends. This motivated me to put my passion and desire to help into action, and I created a year-long mentorship program. Read more..

My career goal list:

41. Become an IT manager
Achieved (GCS 2006)
42. Become a Business Development Manager
Achieved (GCS, 2008)
43. Become a General Manager
Achieved (GWS Sofware, 2009)
44. Become a Corporate Director
Achieved (GWS, 2009)
45. Become an Internet Marketing consultant
Achieved (2009)
46. Become a business owner
Achieved (2009)
47. Become a Web Developer
Achieved (2010, Dream To Business)
48. Become a business coach
Achieved (2011, Coaching)
49. Become a software entrepreneur
Achieved (2013, Goals Software)
40. Become a Startup Advisor
Achieved (2015)

Social / Family Goals

Biggest goal: 52 weeks of socializing

My goal journey in a nutshell: I was inspired to overcome my language barrier and assimilate into the culture of Melbourne after feeling frustrated with my inability to speak fluent English. This led me to set a goal to go out every weekend.. Read more about this goal..

My social goal list:

51. 52 weeks of socializing
Achieved (2007, Australia)
52. Have a long-term loving relationship
Achieved (2007-2008, 2011-2014)
53. Share a house with great friends
Achieved (2007-2008, Melbourne, Australia)
54. 60 nights out in 60 days
Achieved (2009, 60 nights out in a row, Melbourne, Australia)
55. Yearly family visits
Achieved (Israel, 2009 - 2016)
56. World travel with friends
Achieved (2010, Michael, Dan)
57. World travel with my parents
Achieved (2010, Denmark, Norway)
58. World travel with a partner
Achieved (2011-2012, RTW trip)
59. World travel with my sisters
Achieved (2015, Greece)
60. 30-days of expressing gratitude to friends and family
Achieved (2016)

Travel Goals

Biggest goal: Road tripping around Australia

My goal journey in a nutshell: I drove 12,000 km starting from Melbourne up the East Coast to the golden beaches of North Queensland and then back to Melbourne through the middle of the outback. Read more about this goal..

My travel goal list:

61. Travel through Southeast Asia
Achieved (2009, 2011, 2015 - Thailand, Singapore, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia)
62. Travel in the South Pacific
Achieved (2008, New Zealand)
63. Travel across North America
Achieved (2008, 2010, 2011, 2013 - U.S., Canada)
64. Travel across Europe
Achieved (2009, 2010, 2011 Italy, Switzerland, England, France, Spain, Hungary, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia Germany, Spain)
65. Travel throughout Australia
Achieved (2012, Circling Australia)
66. Travel in Central America
Achieved (2010, Costa Rica)
67. Travel in South America
Achieved (2009, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia)
68. Travel in North Africa
Achieved (2011, Egypt)
69. Travel to the Caribbean
Achieved (2012, Dominican Republic)
70. Travel in Eastern Europe
Achieved (2015, Estonia, Russia, Bulgaria)

How Abundant Are You?


Adventure Goals

Biggest goal: Surf around the world

My goal journey in a nutshell: It took me five different countries to finally achieve my dream of becoming a surfer. Although I faced difficulties with each try and made very little progress, I never gave up. Read more about this goal..

My adventure goal list:

71. Take a motorcycle trip
Achieved (2011, Switzerland's Alps)
72. Go on a kayaking trip
Achieved (20008, New Zealand)
73. Go trekking in the highest mountains
Achieved (2009, Trekking to Everest Base Camp, Nepal)
74. Sail a small boat
Achieved (2010, New England, USA)
75. Travel by a 4WD
Achieved (2011, Traveling around Australia)
76. Surf around the world
Achieved (2010, 2011 - Australia, Peru, Sri Lanka)
77. Go on a sailing trip
Achieved (2011, Australia, Great Barrier Reef)
78. Go diving
Achieved (2011, Egypt, Australia)
79. Learn to rock climb
Achieved (2012, Thailand)
80. Go cross country skiing
Achieved (2014, Vermont, U.S)

Health / Other Goals

Biggest goal: Do a 7-day detox fasting

My goal journey in a nutshell: Fasting for 7 days was a great experience for me, allowing me to have an emotional and physical cleanse, and to become aware of my emotional relationship with food. Read more about this goal..

My health goal list:

81. Become a resident of Australia
Achieved (2006)
82. Become an Australian citizen
Achieved (2008, Australian citizenship)
83. Live in the U.S.
Achieved (2013, Newport, RI & Boulder, CO)
84. Drink water first thing in the morning for a year
Achieved (2008)
85. Be an early riser for a year
Achieved (2008, Waking up at sunrise)
86. Give up coffee for a year
Achieved (2010)
87. Give up Alcoholic spirits for a year
Achieved (2010)
88. Be a vegetarian for a year
Achieved (2010)
89. Do a 7-day detox fasting
Achieved (2015, Detox in Koh Phangan)
90. Juice for 20 days
Achieved (2016, Juicing Challenge)

Creative Goals

Biggest goal: Appear on stage

My goal journey in a nutshell: I was finally able to show off the hard work I had put in for the past three months as I stepped onto the stage and experienced the bright yellow light of the lamps and the silence of the crowd. Read more about this goal..

My Creative goal list:

91. Paint a picture
Achieved (2008, Melbourne)
92. Create a Youtube clip
Achieved (2012, RTW trip videos)
93. Be featured on a Podcast
Achieved (2013 - Launch Yourself Podcast)
94. Write 365 days of motivational thoughts
Achieved (2013, 365 days of daily motivational thoughts posted online)
95. Dance Salsa for 30 days
Achieved (2015, 30 days of Salsa in Medellin)
96. 100 days of photography
Achieved (2015, Instagram)
97. 21 days of wholefood recipes
Achieved (2016)
98. Learn to play and preform with a tribal drum
Achieved (2016, Drumming at the Israeli Burning Man)
99. Appear on stage
Achieved (2016, Learned and Improv)
100. Compose an electronic song
Achieved (2016, "Relentless Pursuit")

Writing Your Own 100 Life Goals List

What do you want to accomplish in your lifetime? What are the things you want to experience? Do you want to achieve 100 goals, 200 goals, or even 300 goals in your lifetime?

Writing Your life goals list should be your own personal journey, a list where you can connect with your potential and the the person you want to become. You can start with small goals and work your way up to the big ones.

Having a life goals list is important but without the structure of what you need to do, your chances of turning the dream into reality are significantly lower.

This is where my FREE book, Design Your Dream Year, comes in. It’ll help you have to set and achieve your own life goals list. And, if you feel like you could use some extra support, check out the Elevaye Year Program. If you qualify, I could be with you every step of the way.


The SMART Bucket List

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