204 Professional & Career Bucket List Ideas

This page features a list of career and business bucket list ideas. Some are must-do, some are for success, and some are just for fun. I created it while pursuing my 100 life goals around the world, in hopes that it will encourage others to write their own list and live their best lives.

An important note before scrolling down:

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One more thing, if you decide to take part in any of the activities listed below, you do so entirely at your own risk. Some of the bucket list ideas listed here can be risky, so seek out guidance if you decide to try them.

With this in mind, let's rock and roll!!

Career Bucket List Ideas

Here is a detailed list of some of my favorite business and career bucket ideas:

Idea 1. Apply to Be a Flight Attendant - (* To become a flight attendant, research different airlines' requirements (usually age 18+, high school diploma, background check and drug test) and see which aligns best with your qualifications and career goals, some airlines may have additional requirements such as height or language fluency.)

Idea 2. Ask For a Pay Raise - (* Asking for a pay raise involves making a case for yourself, highlighting your contributions and achievements, and rehearsing what you want to say beforehand.)

Idea 3. Be Elected to Political Office - (* Getting elected to political office requires following a specific process, including meeting qualifications like age, citizenship, and residency, which vary based on the level of office and country.)

Idea 4. Be My Own Boss - (* Starting a business requires you to have a solid business idea, aligning your skills and interests with the needs of your target market and doing thorough planning.)

Idea 5. Be Recognized As an Authority my Field - (* To become an authority in your field, you need to specialize, deepen your knowledge and skills, publish your insights, and create a strong personal brand through consistent professional presentation and online presence.)

Idea 6. Be the Sheriff of a Small Town - (* Becoming the sheriff of a small town requires a mix of education, experience, public service commitment, leadership skills, community relationships, and the ability to handle different challenges and situations.)

Idea 7. Be Time Magazine's Person of the Year - (* Being recognized as Time Magazine's Person of the Year requires significant achievements or impact on the news and events of the year through work, activism, or other efforts.)

Idea 8. Become a Ballet Dancer - (* Becoming a ballet dancer requires formal training, dedication, and talent, starting with beginner ballet classes at a local dance studio or school.)

Idea 9. Become a Bartender - (* To become a bartender, you may need to receive formal training through a bartender school or program, and have a mix of people skills and experience in the role.)

Idea 10. Become a Billionaire - (* Becoming a billionaire may seem impossible but it can be done... It requires a combination of hard work, determination, identifying market needs, taking calculated risks, having a strong work ethic, building a strong network, and staying focused and persistent..)

More Career Bucket List Ideas:

11. Become a Certified Personal Trainer

12. Become a Certified Sky Diver

13. Become a Cheese Connoisseur

14. Become a Corporal in the Marine Corps

15. Become a Councilor at a Summer Camp in America

16. Become a Dancer

17. Become a Dentist

18. Become a Divemaster

19. Become a Doctor

20. Become a Dual Citizen

21. Become a Famous Business Women

22. Become a Famous Chef

23. Become a Farmer

24. Become a Film Maker

25. Become a Freelance Writer

26. Become a Full-Time Firefighter

27. Become a Geologist

28. Become a Good Horse Trainer

29. Become a Good Kick Boxer

30. Become a Journalist

31. Become a Judge

32. Become a Kindergarten Teacher

33. Become a Landlord

34. Become a Lawyer

35. Become a Legend

36. Become a Licensed Pilot

37. Become a Life Coach

38. Become a Lifeguard

39. Become a Martial Arts Instructor

40. Become a Master Marksman

41. Become a Memory Artist

42. Become a Military Police Officer

43. Become a Millionaire

44. Become a Model

45. Become a Nomad

46. Become a Nurse

47. Become a Nurse in the Army

48. Become a Paramedic

49. Become a Personal Trainer

50. Become a Pharmacist

The Great Bucket List

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51. Become a Philanthropist

52. Become a Photographer

53. Become a Politician

54. Become a Priest

55. Become a Professional Athlete

56. Become a Professional Cook

57. Become a Professional Dancer

58. Become a Professor

59. Become a Programmer

60. Become a Psychologist

61. Become a Psychotherapist

62. Become a Published Author

63. Become a Qualified Scuba Diver

64. Become a Recognized Economist

65. Become a Registered Organ Donor

66. Become a Registered Scientist

67. Become a Reiki Master

68. Become a Runway Model

69. Become a Sage

70. Become a Sailboat Captain

71. Become a Scientist

72. Become a Scratch Golfer

73. Become a Senator

74. Become a Sommelier

75. Become a Special Education Teacher

76. Become a Stamp Collector

77. Become a Stand-Up Comedian

78. Become a Supermodel

79. Become a Teacher

80. Become a Translator

81. Become a Travel Writer

82. Become a United Nations Interpreter

83. Become a Very Successful Lawyer

84. Become a Voice Actor

85. Become a Wild Life Photographer

86. Become a Wine Connoisseur

87. Become a World Renowned Artist

88. Become a Yoga Instructor

89. Become a Yoga Master

90. Become a Youth Sports Coach

91. Become a Zen Master

92. Become an Achieved Baker

93. Become an Architect

94. Become an Art Collector

95. Become an Attorney

96. Become an Author a Successful Blog

97. Become an Entrepreneur

98. Become an Expert Scuba-Diver

99. Become an Interior Designer

100. Become an Investigator

101. Become a NLP Master Practitioner

102. Become an Officer in the United States Army

103. Become Mayor of my City

104. Create a Profitable Business

105. Direct a Movie

106. Direct a Play

107. Direct my First Feature Film Before I'M 25

108. Do a Successful Comedy Routine

109. Do Engineering Design Work on Ducati Motorcycles

110. Do Some Time in the Peace Corps

111. Do Something I Love For a Living

112. Dramatically Quit a Job I Hate

113. Earn $1000 in One Week

114. Earn 100K a Year

115. Earn a Million Dollars By Myself

116. Earn Over 100K a Year

117. Earn Over 50K a Year

118. Earn Pocket Money

119. Enjoy my Career

120. Figure Out a Career

121. Find a Dream Job

122. Find a Job Before I Turn 18

123. Find a Job That Doesn't Feel Like Work

124. Get 1St Rank of my Primary Keyword

125. Get a Job As a Teaching Assistant

126. Get a Job As a Tour Guide

127. Get a Job That I Love

128. Get a Photo Published in Magazine

129. Get a Photograph Published in National Geographic

130. Get a Teaching Job in a Foreign Country

131. Get an Internationally-Known Award

132. Get Elected Into Parliament

133. Get Employed at Pixar

134. Get my Own Wikipedia Page

135. Get Nominated For an Award

136. Have a Job That Travels

137. Have a Profitable Online Business

138. Have a Seat in Government

139. Have a Weekend Job

140. Have my Dream Job

141. Have my Name on Wikipedia

142. Have my Own Boutique

143. Have my Own Clothing Line

144. Have my Own Company

145. Have my Paintings Exhibited in a Gallery

146. Incorporate a Business

147. Join a Union

148. Join the Air Force

149. Join the Civil Air Patrol

150. Join the Peace Corps

151. Land a Job in Voice Over

152. Land First Dancing Gig

153. Launch my Own T-Shirt Clothing Line

154. Make a $5,000 Profit in One Day

155. Make a Million Dollars

156. Make at Least $1000 a Month from the Internet

157. Manage a Nightclub

158. Model in a Professional Photo Shoot

159. Obtain a Patent

160. Open a Bakery

161. Open a Coffee Shop

162. Open a Cupcakery

163. Open a Gourmet Café

164. Open a Haunted Attraction

165. Open a Microcinema

166. Open a Restaurant

167. Open a Store on Etsy

168. Open a Swiss Bank Account

169. Open an Antique Shop

170. Open my Own Accounting Office

171. Organize a Conference

172. Register As a Psychologist

173. Start a New Profession

174. Start a Successful Restaurant

175. Turn a Passion Into a Way to Make Money

176. Work As a Computer Animator

177. Work As a Counselor

178. Work As a Disney Princess

179. Work As a Researcher

180. Work As a Ski Instructor

181. Work As a Social Worker

182. Work As a Teacher

183. Work As a Tour Manager

184. Work As a Walt Disney Imagineer

185. Work As an Art Director

186. Work at a Daycare

187. Work at a Football Club

188. Work at a Publishing Company

189. Work at the Playboy Mansion

190. Work For a Culinary Magazine

191. Work For a Feminist Organization

192. Work For a Magazine

193. Work For a Nonprofit

194. Work For a Political Party

195. Work For Disney

196. Work in a Bakery

197. Work in a Bar

198. Work in a Coffee Shop

199. Work in a Zoo

200. Work in Another Country

201. Work in Healthcare

202. Work on a Crew For a Hot Air Balloon

203. Work on a Vineyard

204. Work With Zoo Animals


* What is a Bucket List? A bucket list is a list of things that you want to do before you die. The term "bucket list" was popularized by the 2007 film "The Bucket List." In the movie, two terminally ill men make a list of things they dream to do before it's late.

* A career is a person's journey through learning, work, and other aspects of life. There are many different ways to think about a career, but it is often considered to be a person's occupation or profession, the work that a person does over the course of their life. A career can involve many different things, including education, training, work experience, and personal and professional development. Some people follow a specific career path, while others take a more flexible or diverse approach to their career. Ultimately, a career is a way for a person to use their skills, knowledge, and talents to contribute to their community and to achieve their personal and professional goals.

* Quick Tip For Creating Your Career Bucket List: - Start by making a list of all the things that are important to you. This includes everything from travelling to climbing mountains to volunteering in your community. You should also include smaller goals - like reading a book or going for a run - as well as bigger ones - like starting your own business or writing a novel.

The Great Bucket List

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3000 Bucket List Ideas
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