282 Creative Bucket List Ideas

This page features a list of creative bucket ideas. I created it while pursuing my 100 life goals around the world, in hopes that it will inspire others to write their own list and live their dream life.

An important note before scrolling down:

The list below includes 282 creative bucket list ideas, but if you're looking for a bigger list then download my book, The SMART Bucket List.

It includes a list of 1000+ SMART goal ideas from various categories, such as fitness, travel, personal growth, and more. Each goal is crafted to meet the SMART criteria, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to create a truly actionable goal list.

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One more thing, if you decide to take part in any of the activities listed below, you do so entirely at your own risk. Some of the bucket list ideas listed here can be risky, so seek out guidance if you decide to try them.

With this in mind, let's rock and roll!!

Creative Bucket List Ideas

Here is a detailed list of some of my favorite creative bucket ideas:

Idea 1. Act in a Movie That Hits Theaters Nationwide - (* Acting in a movie is about bringing your character to life in front of a camera, using acting techniques and honing your skills through training and experience.)

Idea 2. Act in a Play - (* Plays are live performances where actors act out a script for an audience, with the goal of entertaining and making the audience feel emotions, and actors can improve their skills by taking acting classes or gaining experience.)

Idea 3. Act in a Short Film - (*Acting in a short film is just like performing in a movie, but shorter, and with a smaller cast and crew.)

Idea 4. Appear As an Extra in a Period Drama - (* Being an extra in a movie or TV show means being part of the background action and not speaking, and the easiest way to do that is to find a local extras casting agency.)

Idea 5. Appear in a Music Video - (* A music video is a short film that promotes a song by featuring the artist performing, visual elements, and is often released on platforms like YouTube.)

Idea 6. Appear in a News Article on TV - (* Getting on TV by appearing in a news article is a great way to get exposure and share your story, as long as it's interesting to the public.)

7. Appear in a YouTube Video That Has Over 1M Views - (* Basically, to get in a popular YouTube video, you need a cool talent or skill and network with other creators in your niche.)

More Creative Bucket List Ideas:

8. Appear on Television

9. Attempt a New Recipe Once a Month For a Year

10. Be a Model in a Photoshoot

11. Be a Part of Fashion Week

12. Be a Probation Officer

13. Be on More Than 4 TV Shows

14. Be on the Radio With my Own Song

15. Be Proficient in Guitar

16. Become Great at Playing Guitar

17. Build a Bamboo House

18. Build a Bed

19. Build a Bedside Table

20. Build a Blanket Fort

21. Build a Book Christmas Tree

22. Build a Classic Car

23. Build a Classical Music Library

24. Build a Collection of Art

25. Build a Computer

26. Build a Darkroom

27. Build a Disc Golf Course

28. Build a Doll House

29. Build a Fountain in the Entrance of my House

30. Build a Full Sized Greenhouse

31. Build a Functioning Solar Still

32. Build a Giant Playground

33. Build a Giant Sand Castle

34. Build a Gingerbread House

35. Build a Greenhouse

36. Build a Herb Garden

37. Build a House in the Bush

38. Build a Huge Lego Model

39. Build a Log Cabin

40. Build a Man-Cave in the Basement

41. Build a New Type of Engine

42. Build a Piece of Furniture

43. Build a Puzzle

44. Build a Record Collection

45. Build a Sauna in my Home

46. Build a Tree House

47. Build a Website

48. Build an Outdoor Kitchen

49. Build Doll House

50. Build Something


The Great Bucket List

Elevate Your Goals

Click here to get 'The SMART Bucket List' for FREE — It includes a list of 1000+ SMART goal ideas from various categories, such as fitness, travel, personal growth, and more. Additionally, you’ll get my Design Your Dream Year workbook, containing a proven step-by-step action plan to check off those big goals on your list.


51. Build A Home-Computer System

52. Build A Major Brand

53. Build A Small Dance Studio

54. Build A Well

55. Build A Youth Ministry

56. Build Affordable Green Communities

57. Choreograph a Contemporary Ballet

58. Choreograph a Dance For Someone Famous

59. Choreograph a Music Video

60. Complete a Painting in One Day

61. Complete a Recipes Book Project

62. Complete a Wine Journal

63. Compose a Song and Write the Lyrics

64. Convert a Double Decker Bus Into a Motor Home

65. Cover a Song on YouTube

66. Cover my Bedroom Walls Completely in Photos

67. Cover my Bedroom Walls With Lyrics

68. Cover my Ceiling in Glow in the Dark Stars

69. Create a Blog

70. Create a Board game

71. Create a Bow and Arrow

72. Create a Children's Book

73. Create a College Photo Album

74. Create a Composting Area

75. Create a Computer Game

76. Create a Documentary

77. Create a New Ice Cream Flavor

78. Create a Polaroid Wall

79. Create a Publication

80. Create a Scrapbook

81. Create a Sports Car that is Environmentally Friendly

82. Create a Unique Art Form

83. Create a Viral YouTube Video

84. Create a Virtual Presence

85. Create an Android Application

86. Create an Art Piece Based on a Song

87. Create an Artistic Masterpiece

88. Create an Entirely New Fashion Style

89. Create an Exhibition

90. Create an Iphone Application

91. Create Health Food

92. Create Melted Crayon Art

93. Create my Own Candy

94. Create my Own Drink

95. Create my Own Fragrance

96. Create my Own Library of Books and Movies

97. Create my Own Line of Socks

98. Create my Own Milk Shake

99. Create my Own Shirt Design

100. Decorate a House

101. Decorate a Room

102. Decorate a Tree For Christmas

103. Decorate my Bedroom Moroccan Style

104. Design a Deck of Playing Cards

105. Design a Garden

106. Design a Maternity Line

107. Design A Dice Game

108. Design an Entire Room from Ceiling to Floor

109. Design An Easily Maintained Hairstyle

110. Design An Effective Learning Environment

111. Design and Build my Dream House

112. Design my Own Jewelry

113. Design my Own Pair of Converse

114. Design my Own Sneakers

115. Design my Own Wedding Cake

116. Design Computer Games

117. Develop an Alternative Energy Solution

118. Dip my Own Candles

119. Do a 3D Puzzle

120. Do a Detailed Pumpkin Carving

121. Do a Melted Crayon Canvas

122. Do a Nude Life Drawing of Someone

123. Do a Photo Shoot in a Field of Sunflowers

124. Do a Sidewalk Chalk Art Mural

125. Do a Water Balloon Painting

126. Do Ceramics

127. Do Graffiti

128. Do Woodworking

129. Dress Like a Hipster

130. Dress Up Like Marilyn Manson For a Day

131. Dress Up Like Princess Jasmine For Halloween

132. Dye my Hair a Bright Color

133. Dye my Hair Red For Charity

134. Finish a 10000 Piece Puzzle

135. Finish a Novel

136. Finish all my DIY Projects I Started

137. Get an Article Published in the New Yorker

138. Grow a Tree from a Seed

139. Hand Forge a Knife

140. Hand Make Pottery Using the Spinning Wheel

141. Hand Write my Bucket List

142. Have a Podcast

143. Have Voice Lessons

144. Homebrew Alcohol

145. Host my Own Travel Documentary

146. Invent a Board Game

147. Invent Something

148. Join an Art Class

149. Keep a Diary For One Year

150. Keep a Diary of Everything I Do on my Bucket List

151. Knit a Blanket

152. Knit a Cushion Cover

153. Knit a Scarf

154. Knit and Donate a Blanket

155. Knit Christmas Stockings For my Kids

156. Make 10 Music Videos

157. Make 10 Short Films

158. Make 1000 Paper Cranes

159. Make 50 Dishes from Middle-Earth

160. Make 50 Photos of Things That Make Me Happy

161. Make a "Wall of Inspiration" in my Room

162. Make a "You Only Live Once" List

163. Make a 1,000 Item Bucket List

164. Make a Cosplay Costume

165. Make a Couple Video

166. Make a Cover

167. Make a Daisy Chain Crown

168. Make a Dreamcatcher

169. Make a Family Photo Album

170. Make a Gingerbread House

171. Make a High Quality Film

172. Make a Legit Snowman

173. Make a Message in the Sand

174. Make a Piece of Pottery

175. Make a Puzzle Cookie Cake

176. Make a Quilt

177. Make a Quotes Board

178. Make a Website For my Blog

179. Make a Wooden Toy

180. Make Homemade Beer

181. Make Homemade Soap

182. Make Models of Cars

183. Make my Own Beer

184. Make my Own Flavored Vodka

185. Make my Own Furniture

186. Make my Own Lip Balm

187. Make my Own Postcards

188. Make Something Ceramic

189. Make Something Origami

190. Melt Crayons Onto a Canvas

191. Paint a Canvas and Hang It on the Wall

192. Paint a Flowerpot

193. Paint a Mural

194. Paint a Person

195. Paint a Wall With my Own Design

196. Paint my Front Door Pink

197. Paint Something Worthy of Framing

198. Perform As a Street Musician

199. Perform at a Poetry Slam

200. Perform at a Stand Up Comedy Club

201. Perform at an Open Mic

202. Perform in a Music Video

203. Perform in Front of a Crowd on Stage

204. Perform Musically in Front of Over 1000 People

205. Perform on Stage

206. Photograph an Endangered Species

207. Photograph Lava

208. Photoshoot Nude

209. Play Electric Guitar in a Rock Band

210. Play Flute

211. Play in a Musical

212. Publish a Book

213. Publish a Photo in National Geographic

214. Publish an Article

215. Record a Song in a Studio

216. Restore a 1964 Ford Mustang

217. Restore a Classic Car

218. Restore a Sailboat and Live on It

219. Revamp my Kitchen With Vintage Feel

220. Revamp my Wardrobe

221. Sculpt Myself

222. Sculpt Something from Modeling Clay

223. Sew a Garment

224. Sew a Quilt

225. Sew my Own Dress

226. Sing a Cappella in the Talent Show

227. Sing a Duet With Adam Levine

228. Sing a Solo in a Concert

229. Sing a Song Live While Playing Piano

230. Sing at a Community Event

231. Sing Every Time Asked a Question

232. Sing in Public

233. Sing on National Television

234. Sing the National Anthem in Front of a Crowd

235. Star in a Movie

236. Start a Band

237. Start a Blog to Track my Work

238. Start a Diary and Write in It Till It's Complete

239. Start a Memory Jar

240. Take a Photo of Me Carrying a Photo of Me Carrying a Photo of Me

241. Take a Picture of Me Every Day For a Year

242. Take a Picture With an Interesting Stranger

243. Take a Reiki Class

244. Take an Underwater Photo

245. Win an Art Award

246. Win an Oscar

247. Win Nanowrimo

248. Write a Book

249. Write a Book Review

250. Write a Book to Each of my Children

251. Write a Children's Book

252. Write a Cookbook

253. Write a Diary

254. Write a Dissertation

255. Write a Fan Letter

256. Write a Full-Length Play

257. Write a Haiku

258. Write a How to Book

259. Write a Letter and Read It 10 Years Later

260. Write a Letter to a Random Address and See If They Write Back

261. Write a Letter to a Soldier

262. Write a Letter to my Future Self

263. Write a Little Summary About Each of my Accomplished Goals

264. Write a Love Letter

265. Write a Memoir

266. Write a Nutrition Book

267. Write a Personal Manifesto

268. Write a Piece on a Typewriter

269. Write a Quote Each Day For a Year

270. Write a Song and Record It

271. Write a Song For Someone

272. Write a Travel Guide to Somewhere

273. Write a Vegan Gluten-Free Cookbook

274. Write For a TV Sitcom

275. Write For an Underground Newspaper

276. Write For Cosmopolitan

277. Write in a Blog Every Day For a Year

278. Write my Autobiography

279. Write my Family History

280. Write on the Before I Die Wall in New Orleans

281. Write Something in Wet Cement

282. Write With a Quill and Ink


* What is a Bucket List? A bucket list is a list of things that one wants to do before he or she dies. The phrase "bucket list" derives from the early 1900s when miners carried their lunches in a bucket with a handle, and if they didn't eat it before the end of their shift, they would throw it out. Today, it is used metaphorically for anything people want to do before they die.

* Creativity is the ability to produce novel and valuable ideas, products, or solutions. It involves the use of imagination and originality to come up with ideas that are useful or interesting. Creativity can be seen in a wide range of activities, such as art, writing, music, problem-solving, or innovation. It is often associated with characteristics such as curiosity, openness, and the ability to think outside the box. Creativity can be developed and nurtured through activities such as brainstorming, learning new things, and practicing creative skills. It is often considered an important skill in many fields, as it allows people to come up with new ideas and approaches to challenges.

* Quick Tip For Creating Your Creative Bucket List: Write out a list of 50-100 things that you would like to accomplish in your lifetime. It could be anything from visiting all the countries in the world, learning how to play the guitar, or climbing Mount Everest. The only rule is that it has to be something that hasn’t been done yet! Next, rank them from one (the most important) to ten (least important). This will help you decide which ones are more urgent than others and allow you prioritize accordingly.


The SMART Bucket List

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Click here to get 'The SMART Bucket List' for FREE — It includes a list of 1000+ SMART goal ideas from various categories, such as fitness, travel, personal growth, and more. Additionally, you’ll get my Design Your Dream Year workbook, containing a proven step-by-step action plan to check off those big goals on your list.


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