231 Fun Bucket List Ideas

This page features a list of fun goals and bucket ideas. Some can be done during summer, some are for retirement, and some can only be done as a couple. I created it while pursuing my 100 life goals around the world, in hogpes that it will inspire others to write their own bucket list and live their best life.

An important note before scrolling down:

The list below includes 231 fun bucket list ideas, but if you're looking for a bigger list then download my book, The SMART Bucket List.

It includes a list of 1000+ SMART goal ideas from various categories, such as fitness, travel, personal growth, and more. Each goal is crafted to meet the SMART criteria, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to create a truly actionable goal list.

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One more thing, if you decide to take part in any of the activities listed below, you do so entirely at your own risk. Some of the bucket list ideas listed here can be risky, so seek out guidance if you decide to try them, especially if you're in retirement age.

With this in mind, let's rock and roll!!

Fun Bucket List Ideas

Here is a detailed list of some of my favorite fun bucket ideas:

Idea 1. Adopt a Funny Accent For the Day - (* Adopting a funny accent for the day can be a great way to have some fun and change things up; there are lots of different accents to choose from, so just have a good time and don't worry if you don't get everything perfect.)

Idea 2. Apply to Be a Jeopardy Contestant - (* Jeopardy is a quiz show that tests knowledge in a range of categories, and you can sign up to take the test online to become a contestant on the show. )

Idea 3. Apply to Be an Amazing Race Contestant - (* The Amazing Race is a popular reality TV show that follows teams of two as they compete in challenges and travel to different countries around the world. )

Idea 4. Attend a 3-Day Music Festival - (* Attending a music festival can be a great way to immerse yourself in music and culture; make sure to research the location, lineup of artists, and amenities and activities offered to pick the best festival for your interests and budget.)

Idea 5. Attend a Ball - (* Attending a ball can be a fun and elegant way to celebrate a special occasion or simply have a night out. There are many different types of balls to choose from, such as charity balls, dance balls, or proms. )

Idea 6. Attend a Ballet - (* Attending a ballet can be a fun and cultural way to spend an evening. Ballets are formal events, so it is important to plan your attire accordingly. )

Idea 7. Attend a Big Fashion Show - (* Attending a fashion show is a great way to stay up to date on the latest trends and find a show that interests you - do your research to make sure you choose the right one!)

Idea 8. Attend a Big Rock Concert - (* Going to a big rock concert is a fun and exciting way to experience the energy of your favorite band or artist live!)

Idea 9. Attend a Bonfire Party - (* Having a bonfire party is a great way to get together with friends and relax while enjoying the warmth, atmosphere, and activities of the fire.)

Idea 10. Attend a Boxing Match - (* As you probably know, boxing is a competitive sport in which two opponents face off in a ring, aiming to land punches and score points, with judges scoring based on the number of punches and technique. )

More Fun Bucket List Ideas:

11. Attend a Broadway Show

12. Attend a Bull Fight

13. Attend a Charity Ball

14. Attend a Chinese New Year

15. Attend a Circus Show

16. Attend a Cirque Du Soleil Show

17. Attend a Classical Concert

18. Attend a College Football Game

19. Attend a Concert

20. Attend a Concert As V.I.P

21. Attend a Cookery Class

22. Attend a Costume Party

23. Attend a Crocodile Show

24. Attend a Cultural Festival

25. Attend a Dinner Murder Mystery

26. Attend a European Nightclub

27. Attend a Fancy Cocktail Party

28. Attend a Fancy Dinner

29. Attend a Film Premiere

30. Attend a Foam Party

31. Attend a Football League Trophy Final

32. Attend a Full Moon Beach Party

33. Attend a Gay Wedding

34. Attend a Harlem Globetrotters Game

35. Attend a Hindu Wedding

36. Attend a Japanese Tea Ceremony

37. Attend a Lantern Festival

38. Attend a Masquerade

39. Attend a Masquerade Ball

40. Attend a Military Ball

41. Attend a Murder Mystery

42. Attend a Paint Party

43. Attend a Party Under a Fake Name

44. Attend a Rave

45. Attend a Street Party

46. Attend Carnival

47. Attend Over 5 Festivals

48. Attend the Monaco Grand Prix

49. Be in a Front Row at Rock Concert

50. Be in a Full Moon Party in Thailand


The Great Bucket List

Elevate Your Goals

Click here to get 'The SMART Bucket List' for FREE — It includes a list of 1000+ SMART goal ideas from various categories, such as fitness, travel, personal growth, and more. Additionally, you’ll get my Design Your Dream Year workbook, containing a proven step-by-step action plan to check off those big goals on your list.


51. Be in a Jacuzzi in the Snow

52. Be in a Small-Town Parade

53. Be in Time Square on New Years Eve

54. Big Party For all my Friends

55. Blow Smoke Into a Bubble

56. Build a Snowman Taller Than Me

57. Catch a Guitar Pick at a Concert

58. Celebrate Bastille Day in France

59. Celebrate Beltane in Ireland

60. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Dublin, Ireland

61. Celebrate the 4Th of July in Washington Dc

62. Dance an Argentine Tango

63. Dance at a Nightclub in Ibiza

64. Dance at Carnival in Rio De Janeiro

65. Dance in Bali

66. Dance in Central Park

67. Dance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

68. Dance in the Moonlight

69. Dance Salsa in Rio Di Janeiro

70. Dance to Dubstep all Night

71. Dance With an African Tribe

72. Dine in the Dark

73. Do a Boudoir Photoshoot

74. Drink a Beer in a Real Irish Pub

75. Drink a Glass of Red Wine in Chile

76. Drink Champagne in France

77. Drink Guinness in Ireland

78. Drink Rum on a Caribbean Beach

79. Drink Tequila in Mexico

80. Drive a 4 Wheeler

81. Drive a Car Without the Top On

82. Drive a Caterpillar

83. Drive a Ferrari

84. Drive a Formula 1 Car

85. Drive a Harley in America

86. Drive a Hummer

87. Drive a Husky Sled

88. Drive a Luxury Car

89. Drive a Motorcycle

90. Drive an Aston Martin

91. Eat Ice Cream Like a Kid

92. Eat in a Celebrity Restaurant

93. Experience a White Christmas

94. Experience Go Karting

95. Experience Snowfall

96. Fill my Wardrobe

97. Fill Up an Entire Coloring Book

98. Film a Halloween Party

99. Find a Karaoke Song That I Am Comfortable Singing

100. Find a Stick Bug

101. Finish all Lost Seasons

102. Finish my Favorite Game

103. Float on Inner Tubes Down a River

104. Fly a Balloon

105. Fly a Kite

106. Get a Complete Makeover

107. Get Drunk on the Beach

108. Get in a Taxi & Yell "Follow That Car!!"

109. Get Lost in a Corn Maze

110. Get Lost in a Wheat Field

111. Give a Piggyback Ride to Someone

112. Glue a Coin on the Street

113. Go on a Hayride

114. Go on a Huge Water Rollercoaster

115. Go on a Jet Ski

116. Go on a Murder Mystery Weekend

117. Go on a Skidoo Ride

118. Go on a Treasure Hunt

119. Go on an Actual Movie Set

120. Go See Bruce Springsteen

121. Go Shopping in Paris, France

122. Go Skiing in Swiss Alps

123. Go Snorkeling

124. Go Snow Tubing

125. Go Snowmobiling

126. Go Streaking

127. Go Swimming in the Ocean With my Dog

128. Go Swimming With Dolphins

129. Go to 5 Different Festivals

130. Go to a Belgrade Derby

131. Go to a Blacklight Party

132. Go to a Blues Bar in Chicago

133. Go to a Boat Party

134. Go to a Car Show

135. Go to a Comedy Bar

136. Go to a Comedy Show

137. Go to a Drive-In Movie in a Convertible

138. Go to a Fancy Dress Party

139. Go to a Fashion Show

140. Go to a Film Premiere

141. Go to a Football Match

142. Go to a Gay Bar

143. Go to a Greek Wedding

144. Go to a Hockey Game

145. Go to a Horse Race and Wear a Fancy Hat

146. Go to a Jewish Wedding

147. Go to a Paint Party

148. Go to a Pantomime

149. Go to a Party on a Fort in the Sea

150. Go to a Silent Disco

151. Go to an Ugly Sweater Party

152. Go to NBA all Star Weekend

153. Go to See the TED Talks

154. Go to The Havana International Jazz Festival

155. Go Wine Tasting

156. Hang Out of a Sunroof While Someone Is Driving

157. Hang Out on a Tour Bus

158. Have a 24 Hour Movie-Marathon

159. Have a Full Day of Baking

160. Have a Party on a Rooftop

161. Have a Pillow Fight With Feathers

162. Have a Silly String Fight

163. Have a Snowball Fight

164. Have a Steampunk Party

165. Have a Tea Party

166. Have a Trampoline in my Yard

167. Have a Water Gun Fight

168. Have Afternoon Tea at a Posh Restaurant

169. Have Breakfast at Tiffany's

170. Hit a Hole in One

171. Hold Marshmallows Above a Campfire

172. Hold the Stanley Cup

173. Inhale Helium and Talk Funny

174. Join a Choir

175. Join a Fraternity

176. Jump in a Pile of Leaves

177. Jump in a Pool Fully Clothed

178. Jump Off a Bridge Into Water

179. Jump on a Trampoline in the Rain

180. Lay in a Field of Flowers

181. Make People Laugh

182. March in a Parade

183. Meet a Broadway Show Star

184. Participate in a Food Fight

185. Participate in a Polar Bear Dip

186. Participate in a Renaissance Faire

187. Participate in the Color Run

188. Pick Apples at an Apple Orchard

189. Pick Strawberries

190. Pick Wild Berries

191. Pierce my Ears

192. Pierce Nose

193. Plan the Ultimate Party

194. Play Hide and Seek in a Cornfield

195. Play Hide and Seek in a Foam Pit

196. Play Hide and Seek in a Store

197. Play Hide and Seek in IKEA

198. Play Hide and Seek in the Dark

199. Play in a Waterfall

200. Play Laser Tag

201. Play Messy Twister

202. Play Monopoly

203. Play on a Grand Piano

204. Play Paintball

205. Play Quidditch

206. Play Spin the Bottle

207. Play the Bagpipes

208. Play the Harp

209. Play the Saxophone

210. Put Glow Sticks in Pool and Swim at Night

211. Race a Dune Buggy

212. Race a Go-Kart

213. Race an Ostrich

214. Race in a Pro Series

215. Ride a Roller Coaster

216. Ride all of the Roller Coaster Rides in the Front Row

217. Roll Down a Grass Hill

218. Rope Swing Into Water

219. See a Nascar Race

220. Sit on Someone's Shoulders at a Concert

221. Spend an Entire Day Watching Disney Movies

222. Start a Food Fight

223. Stay at the Ritz, London

224. Throw a Block Party

225. Throw a Boomerang and Catch It

226. Throw a Cake in Someone's Face

227. Use a Tire Swing

228. Use Helium to Make my Voice High Pitched

229. Walk Up to a Small Child That Resembles You and Tell Them That You Are Them from the Future

230. Watch Sydney Harbor Fireworks

231. Watch the Super Bowl Live


What is a Bucket List? A bucket list is a list of all the things that you want to accomplish before you die. Some want to climb Mount Everest while others want to see the Northern Lights. The point of this list is for you to remember everything that makes your life worth living before it’s too late.

Quick Tip For Creating Your Fun Bucket List: 1) Make a list of the things you want to do before you die. 2) Rank them in order of importance to you. 3) Start working on the tasks that are the most important to you. 4) Add any other tasks that come up along the way.


The SMART Bucket List

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Click here to get 'The SMART Bucket List' for FREE — It includes a list of 1000+ SMART goal ideas from various categories, such as fitness, travel, personal growth, and more. Additionally, you’ll get my Design Your Dream Year workbook, containing a proven step-by-step action plan to check off those big goals on your list.


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