224 Personal Development Bucket List Ideas

This page features a list of personal development bucket ideas. I created it while pursuing my 100 life goals around the world, in hopes that it will inspire others to write their own life-changing, self-growth list and live their dream life.

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One more thing, if you decide to take part in any of the activities listed below, you do so entirely at your own risk. Some of the bucket list ideas listed here can be risky, so seek out guidance if you decide to try them out, especially the challenging ones.

With this in mind, let's rock and roll!!

Personal Development Bucket List Ideas

1. Achieve 1,000 Goals

2. Achieve Happiness

3. Act on my Fears

4. Add a Picture of all my Goals

5. Add a Video to all my Completed Items

6. Attend a 10-Day Vipassana Meditation Course

7. Attend a Poetry Reading

8. Attend a Yoga Class

9. Attend an Inner Awakening Retreat

10. Attend One of Anthony Robbins' Events

11. Be a Mentor to Someone

12. Be a Part of an Important Movement

13. Be a Part of Habitat For Humanity

14. Be a Regular Blood Donor

15. Be a True Inspiration to Someone

16. Be a Volunteer Baby Cuddler

17. Be a Volunteer in an Association

18. Be an Activist

19. Be an Inspiration to Someone

20. Be at Peace With my Body

21. Be Blind For a Day

22. Be Honest About Everything in Life

23. Be Myself

24. Be on Stage in Front of Thousands of People

25. Be Part of a Disaster Relief Team

26. Be Part of a Peaceful Protest

27. Be Passionate About a Cause

28. Be Self-Sufficient

29. Be Someone's Hero

30. Beat Cancer

31. Become a Better Public Speaker

32. Become a Blood Donor

33. Become a Bone Marrow Potential Donor

34. Become an Early Riser

35. Become Courageous

36. Become First Woman President

37. Become Influential on Klout

38. Become Less Materialistic

39. Become More Enthusiastic

40. Become More Organized

41. Become Optimistic

42. Become a Mentor to Someone

43. Break a Bad Habit

44. Break a Guinness World Record

45. Build A Center For Child Development

46. Build A Community of Like-Minded People

47. Build A Healthier America

48. Build Schools For Women and Girls in Developing Countries

49. Buy a Cup of Coffee For a Cold Salvation Army Bell Ringer

50. Buy a Stranger a Meal at a Restaurant

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51. Buy a Strangers Groceries

52. Care Less About What People Think

53. Change "My Story" to What I Want my Life to Be

54. Change As Many Lives As I Can

55. Change at Least One Person's Mind About Gay Rights

56. Change Someone's Life For the Better

57. Change Someone's Point of View

58. Complete 26 Random Acts of Kindness

59. Complete 500 Things on my Bucket List

60. Complete a 30 Days Challenge

61. Complete a 365 Day Photo Challenge

62. Complete Half the Items on my Bucket List

63. Completely "Unplug" For a Week

64. Conquer Fear of Snakes

65. Conquer Insomnia

66. Conquer my Fear of Heights

67. Convince Someone to Change Religions

68. Create a Balanced Life

69. Create a New Standard

70. Create a Place Where People can Come to find Purpose

71. Create a Self-Study Program

72. Create a Travel Journal

73. Cut my Hair and Donate It

74. Cut Off Sugar For a Month

75. Dance Like No Ones Watching

76. Decide on my Biggest Goal This Year

77. Define my Own Utopia

78. Develop my Intuition

79. Discover my Life's Purpose

80. Discover my Natural Talent

81. Discover What Makes Me Happy

82. Do 365 Random Acts of Kindness in a Year

83. Do a Buddha Meditation

84. Do a Favor For a Stranger on the Scale of "Pay It Forward"

85. Do a Twenty-Four Hour Silence

86. Do Charity Work Abroad

87. Do Charity Work With Animals

88. Do Dishes Every Night

89. Do Something Crazy For Charity

90. Do Something New Every Month For a Year

91. Do Something Nice For a Homeless Person

92. Do Something Nice For Someone Who Will Never Find Out

93. Do Something People Say I Can't Do

94. Donate $100 to Charity

95. Donate a Large Sum of Money

96. Donate an Organ

97. Donate Blood

98. Donate Clothes I No Longer Use

99. Donate Every Christmas to a Community Group

100. Donate Items to a Nonprofit Organization

101. Donate my Kidney

102. Donate Over $5,000 to Orphanages

103. Donate Things to the Animal Shelter

104. Don't Complain About Anything For a Week

105. Don't Say Anything Negative at all in One Day

106. Don't Use the Internet For a Week

107. Drop my Nail-Biting Habit

108. Earn Trust Back

109. Engage in a Meditation Retreat

110. Feel Like I've Made a Difference

111. Figure Out Who I Am

112. Find a Cause That Will Be in my Heart Forever

113. Find a Homeless Person a Home

114. Find Deeper Peace Within Myself

115. Find Inner Peace

116. Find Motivation

117. Finish Reading the Bible

118. Follow in the Footsteps of my Favorite Travel Writer

119. Forgive and Let Go of Grudges

120. Forgive Everyone For Everything They Did to Me

121. Forgive Those Who Ask

122. Get a Place on the Colorado 40 Under 40 List

123. Get Closure on all my Hurt of the Past

124. Get Involved in a Protest

125. Give a Toy to Every Child in a Hospital

126. Give Money to Charity Every Week

127. Give Someone a Makeover

128. Give Someone Something They've Always Wanted

129. Give Up Chocolate For a Month

130. Go a Month Without Television

131. Go a Week Without Swearing

132. Go Around the Hospital and Try to Make the Patients Laugh

133. Go For a Mission Trip

134. Go on a Humanitarian Aid Trip

135. Go to a Cafe Alone

136. Go to a Concert By Myself

137. Go to a Fancy Dinner and a Movie Alone

138. Go to a Spiritual Retreat

139. Go to a Wishing Well

140. Go to Africa and Help People in Need

141. Have a Day Without Electronics

142. Have a Well Trained Dog

143. Have a Wish at 11:11 Come True

144. Have More Goals That Are "Completed Things" Than "Things To-Do"

145. Help an Elderly Person With Their Bags

146. Help an Old Man Cross the Street

147. Help in a Soup Kitchen

148. Help in a Third World Country

149. Help Out at a Homeless Shelter

150. Help Someone Achieve Their Goals

151. Help Someone Overcome Their Fears

152. Help the Community

153. Host a Charity Event That Raises $10,000+

154. Host a Foreign Exchange Student

155. Inspire Someone Else to Make a Bucket List

156. Join a Church Family

157. Join a Program Rehabilitating Animals

158. Know How to Express my Feelings Well

159. Lead a Group in Crisis

160. Lead an Extraordinary Life

161. Leave Little Inspirational Notes For Strangers to Find

162. List 20 Things You Like About Someone and Give the List to That Person

163. List the Most Important Things That I Have Learned from Life

164. Listen to Complete Silence

165. Live a Life With No Regrets

166. Live in a Completely Sustainable Way For a Year

167. Live in a Developing Country

168. Live Self Sufficiently Off the Land For 30 Days

169. Live Six Lives: Lover, Activist, Artist, Traveler, Parent, Worker

170. Look Drop Dead Gorgeous

171. Make a Large Anonymous Donation to a Non-Profit

172. Make a List of 100 Things I Love

173. Make a List of the 100 Best Experiences of my Life

174. Make a New Years Resolution and Stick to It

175. Make Peace With God

176. Make Someone Laugh During Their Chemotherapy Treatment

177. Make Someone's Day

178. Make Someone's Wish Come True

179. Make Something of my Live

180. Meditate For a Whole Day

181. Meditate in a Buddhist Temple

182. Never Do Drugs

183. Never Drink

184. Never Smoke Cigarettes

185. No Cussing For 1 Month

186. No Fast Food For 30 Days

187. Open an Animal Shelter

188. Organize my Bookshelf Alphabetically

189. Overcome my Fear of Failure

190. Overcome my Shyness

191. Participate in a Peace March

192. Perform a Kind Deed to at Least 10 People With No Expectations

193. Pray Regularly

194. Put a Message in a Bottle and Toss It Into the Ocean

195. Put a Secret in a Balloon and Let It Fly Away

196. Quit a Bad Habit

197. Quit Caffeine

198. Raise Massive Awareness About Poverty

199. Reach Enlightenment

200. Read 500 Books on Leadership and Personal Development

201. Reduce my Possessions Down to Only 100 Things

202. Save a Human Life

203. Save a Species from Extinction

204. Save Someone's Life

205. Say What I Really Think For a Whole Day

206. Say Yes to Everything For a Day

207. Sell Everything I Have and Start Over

208. Set Up a Non-Profit

209. Sit in Nature and Just Breathe

210. Sponsor a Child

211. Stay Silent For 24 Hours For Animal Cruelty

212. Stick to a New Years Resolution For an Entire Year

213. Take 50 Photos of Things That Make Me Happy

214. Take a Basic Self-Defense Class

215. Tell Someone my Feelings

216. Turn a Failure Into a Success

217. Unplug For at Least 24 Hours

218. Vegan For a Week

219. Volunteer at a Blind Camp

220. Volunteer at a Hospice

221. Volunteer For 200 Hours This Year

222. Volunteer For a Full Day

223. Volunteer in a Developing Country

224. Volunteer With Big Brother Program


What is a Bucket List? A bucket list is a list of things one wants to do before they die. A bucket list typically includes travel destinations, personal goals, and items that are not yet completed. The idea of the bucket list has been around for many years; it is thought to have originated in the early 1900s with an article by Edward J. Smith about “The Wish” in "The American Magazine".

Quick Tip For Creating Your Personal Development Bucket List: The first step to creating your bucket list is to think of all the things you want to do before you die. It can be anything from traveling the world to learning a new skill. Then, write down your best ideas and rank them in order of importance to you.

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