569 Cool Bucket List Ideas

This page features a list of cool bucket list ideas. The list includes cool places to visit, cool things to do, and some other cool bucket list items. I created it while pursuing my 100 life goals around the world, in hopes that it will inspire others to write their own list and live their dream life.

An important note before scrolling down:

The list below includes 569 cool bucket list ideas, but if you're looking for a bigger list then download my book, The SMART Bucket List.

It includes a list of 1000+ SMART goal ideas from various categories, such as fitness, travel, personal growth, and more. Each goal is crafted to meet the SMART criteria, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to create a truly actionable goal list.

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One more thing, if you decide to take part in any of the activities listed below, you do so entirely at your own risk. Some of the cool bucket list ideas listed here can be risky, so seek out guidance if you decide to try them, especially if you're doing them with friends, family memebers or loved ones.

With this in mind, let's rock and roll!!

Cool Bucket List Ideas

Here is a detailed list of some of my favorite cool bucket ideas:

Idea 1. Arrive at an Airport and Take a Flight Randomly - (* Note that going to the airport without a ticket can be a risky move, as you may end up paying a high price for a standby ticket and you may also need to have important documents like a visa in order to enter the country.)

Idea 2. Attend a Beach Bonfire - (* A beach bonfire is a fire that is built and burned on the beach for recreational or romantic purposes, usually in designated fire pits or areas, and requires firewood, kindling, and a way to start the fire.)

Idea 3. Attend a Beach Party - (* A beach party is a fun, outdoor gathering on the beach that can be casual or formal and involves activities like swimming, sunbathing, dancing, music, games, and barbecues, typically held during the warm months and for various occasions like birthdays, holidays, or just for fun.)

Idea 4. Attend a Beard and Mustache Competition - (* Basically, a beard and mustache competition is where people compete to have the best facial hair and get judged on things like thickness, length, style, and overall look.)

Idea 5. Attend a Mind Reading Show - (* A mind reading show is just a fun entertainment where a performer makes it seem like they can read people's thoughts using different tricks, and it's usually presented as magic or illusion, and can be seen live, on TV, or online.)

Idea 6. Attend a Nudist Event - (* A nudist event is when people get together, usually organized by nudist clubs or resorts, to hang out and do activities naked, sometimes with a theme or entertainment involved.)

Idea 7. Attend an Event at Buckingham Palace - (* Buckingham Palace is where the monarch of the UK lives and works, and during the summer, you can tour the fancy rooms and see the Changing of the Guard ceremony, which is a popular tourist thing to do.)

8. Attend an Overseas Cooking School

9. Attend Wimbledon

10. Attend Winter Olympics

11. Bathe In Milk

12. Bathe In Chocolate

13. Bathe In Oil

14. Be a Cartoon Voice

15. Be a Contestant on a Game Show

16. Be a Couchsurfing Host

17. Be a Flashmobber

18. Be a Groupie

19. Be a Matchmaker

20. Be a Member in the TV Audience

21. Be a Sex Symbol

22. Be a Street Performer For a Day

23. Be a Vintage Model For a Day

24. Be a Voice in a Cartoon Movie

25. Be a YouTube Star

26. Be an Artist an Live from my Art

27. Be an Extra in a Television Show

28. Be Awake For 24 Hours

29. Be Gothic For a Day

30. Be Handcuffed

31. Be in 5 Magazines

32. Be in a Blizzard

33. Be in a Disney Parade

34. Be in Two States at Once

35. Be Inside an Igloo

36. Be Interviewed By Jay Leno

37. Be Interviewed On Oprah

38. Be Invited to the Playboy Mansion

39. Be Listed As One of People Magazine's Most Beautiful People

40. Be Listed As One of People Magazine's Top 25 Sexiest Men Alive

41. Be Naked in a Rainforest

42. Be Nude on a Nude Beach

43. Be on a Plane For 24 Hours

44. Be on a Radio Show

45. Be on the Cover of a Magazine

46. Be on the Cover of Rolling Stone Magazine

47. Be on the Front Page of a Major Newspaper

48. Be on Webcam With Someone For Twenty Four Hours

49. Be Photographed Beside the Pyramids of Giza

50. Be Smiling in a Random Persons Photo in the Back


The Great Bucket List

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Click here to get 'The SMART Bucket List' for FREE — It includes a list of 1000+ SMART goal ideas from various categories, such as fitness, travel, personal growth, and more. Additionally, you’ll get my Design Your Dream Year workbook, containing a proven step-by-step action plan to check off those big goals on your list.


51. Become Ambidextrous

52. Belong to a Secret Society

53. Bend a Spoon With my Mind

54. Black Taxi Ride in London

55. Blow Bubbles in the Rain

56. Book a Commercial Flight to Space

57. Book a Dive to the Titanic

58. Box a Kangaroo

59. Bum Around America in a Van

60. Buy Someone's Groceries Just Because

61. Call Someone, Tell Them to Look Out Their Window, and Be Standing on Their Front Lawn

62. Camel Race in the Desert

63. Cartwheel Along the Golden Gate Bridge

64. Celebrate my Birthday in Another Country

65. Change Clothing in a Phone box

66. Change my Name

67. Chew Khat

68. Climb a Coconut Tree Barefoot

69. Climb a Light House

70. Collect 50 Shotglasses

71. Collect a Coin from Every Country I Visit

72. Collect a Jar of Dirt from Every State

73. Collect a Penny For Every Year I've Lived

74. Collect Autographs from all my Favorite People

75. Collect Sand from 5 Countries

76. Color my Hair Blue

77. Complete the IMDB Top 250 Movies

78. Cover a Car in Post-It's

79. Crash a Party

80. Create a World Map With Pins of Where I've Been
81. Cross Abbey Road Crosswalk in London

82. Dance all Around the World

83. Dine at Sanyou Cave Hanging Cliff Restaurant, China

84. Dine in the Eiffel Tower

85. Discover the Lost City of Atlantis

86. Do a New Year Dip

87. Do a Strip Tease on a Pole

88. Do Everything With my Left Hand For a Whole Day

89. Do Something Absolutely Spontaneous

90. Do Something Unexpected

91. Don't Talk a Whole Day

92. Don't Use the Phone For a Day

93. Draw Funny Faces on all the Eggs in my Fridge

94. Dress a Man

95. Drink 10 Different Cocktails

96. Drink a $200 Bottle of Wine

97. Drive More Than 100,000 Km in One Year

98. Due my Hair Purple

99. Dye my Clothes

100. Eat a Crocodile Meat

101. Eat a Deep Fried Oreo

102. Eat a Deep-Fried Mars Bar

103. Eat a Fish I Caught Myself

104. Eat an Ostrich Egg

105. Eat Anything from the Street Food Stalls

106. Eat at a 5 Star Restaurant

107. Eat at a Restaurant By Myself

108. Eat at a Revolving Restaurant

109. Eat at an Undersea Restaurant

110. Eat at the Real Soup Nazi

111. Eat Breakfast at a Dinner

112. Eat Every Edible Fruit in the World

113. Eat Everything Off of the 100 Foods to Eat Before You Die List

114. Eat Everything on BBC's 50 Things to Eat Before You Die List

115. Experience 25 Different Modes of Transportation

116. Explore an Abandoned Amusement Park

117. Explore an Underground Cave

118. Fast For 40 Days - No TV

119. Fast For 48 Hours

120. Fast For a Day

121. Fast For Three Days

122. Feed a Homeless

123. Feed a Kangaroo

124. Feed a Wallaby

125. Feed Dolphins

126. Feel Comfortable Skinny Dipping in Hot Springs

127. Fill all the Pages in my Passport

128. Find a Unicorn

129. Find a Word That Rhymes With Orange

130. Find Nemo

131. Fire a Paintball Gun

132. Fit Into One of my Moms' Outfits As an Adult

133. Fly a Biplane

134. Fly a Helicopter

135. Fly a Plane Over the Ocean

136. Fly As a Passenger in a Fast Jet

137. Fly in a Glider

138. Fly in a Helicopter

139. Fly to Mars

140. Fly Virgin Galactic

141. Fold 1000 Paper Cranes

142. Follow a Random all Day

143. Forge a Tool in a Smithy

144. Get a Belly Button Piercing

145. Get a Body Piercing

146. Get a Cat and Name It Dog

147. Get a Driver's License For Motorcycle

148. Get a Half-Sleeve Tattoo

149. Get a Henna Tattoo

150. Get a Hot Shave at a Barber

151. Get a Hug from a Monkey

152. Get a Nose Piercing

153. Get a Pedicure

154. Get a Photo With Someone Famous

155. Get a Range Rover

156. Get a Secret Tattoo

157. Get a Star Named After Me

158. Get a Thai Massage

159. Get an Autograph from my Favorite Singer

160. Get in the Guinness Book of World Records

161. Get my Chakras Aligned

162. Get Picked Up at the Airport By Someone With a Sign With my Name on It

163. Get Retweeted By a Celebrity

164. Get Slapped in the Face

165. Give a Stranger a Valentine Card

166. Give Fifty Euros to a Bum

167. Give Flowers to a Stranger

168. Give 'Free Hugs' in a Public Place

169. Give Up Smoking

170. Go a Week Without Candy

171. Go a Whole Day Without Talking

172. Go Bar Hoping

173. Go Barhopping Dressed As Nuns

174. Go Bear Hunting

175. Go Behind the Scenes to the Making of Any Movie

176. Go Black Friday Shopping!

177. Go Cheese Tasting

178. Go Cloud Watching

179. Go Couch-Surfing

180. Go Fly-fishing

181. Go For a Hot Air Balloon Ride

182. Go For a Medical Mission

183. Go For a Segway Ride

184. Go For Picnic

185. Go Ghost Hunting

186. Go Glamping

187. Go Grape Stomping

188. Go Guerilla Gardening

189. Go Horse Back Riding

190. Go Hunting

191. Go Ice Fishing

192. Go Ice Skating on a Frozen Lake

193. Go in a Hot Tub Outside During Winter

194. Go in a Sauna

195. Go in a Submarine Ride

196. Go in Pajamas to the Movies

197. Go on a Huge Shopping Spree

198. Go Out in Public Dressed Like a Boy

199. Go People-Watching

200. Go See a All-Blacks Rugby Match Live

201. Go Skinny Dipping at Midnight

202. Go Swimming in a Pool, Fully Clothed

203. Go to a 24-Hour Shop at 3 Am

204. Go to a Nudist Beach

205. Go to a Restaurant Without Underwear

206. Go to a Strip Club

207. Go to a Swingers Club

208. Go to all 50 US States

209. Go to all of the U.S. National Parks

210. Go to all the Monopoly Properties

211. Go to an Indian Wedding

212. Go to at Least 1 Country in all 7 Continents

213. Go to CSI Experience

214. Go to the Top of the World's Tallest Building in Dubai

215. Go Up the Escalators the Wrong Way

216. Go Wwoofing

217. Grow a Beard

218. Grow a Field of Sunflowers

219. Grow a Massive Big Old Beard

220. Grow my Hair Long

221. Grow my Hair Out to my Waist

222. Grow my Own Coffee Beans

223. Hail a Taxi in NYC

224. Hand Write and Send Anonymous Letters

225. Hang Out With a Chimpanzee

226. Have a Casual Conversation With Someone Famous

227. Have a Drink in Every County in Ireland

228. Have a Food Fight

229. Have a Glow Stick Fight

230. Have a Headbanging Competition

231. Have a Lucid Dream

232. Have a Race on a Segway

233. Have a Two Finger Ring

234. Have a Walk-In Closet

235. Have a Well-Stocked Pantry

236. Have Afternoon Tea in an Expensive Hotel

237. Have an Upside Down Christmas Tree

238. High Five a Stranger

239. Hit on a Stranger

240. Hit Someone in the Face With a Pie

241. Hold a Baby Chicken

242. Hold a Baby Leopard

243. Hold a Baby Monkey

244. Hold a Catfish

245. Hold a Pit Bull Puppy

246. Hold a Pot Luck

247. Hold a Sign Saying 'Talk to Me About Anything' on a Busy Sidewalk

248. Hold Up a Free Hugs Sign

249. Host a Couchsurfer

250. Host a Lolita Tea Party

251. Hug a Baby Elephant

252. Hug Everyone at a Party

253. Join a Mastermind

254. Join a Secret Society

255. Join a Singing Team

256. Join a Toastmasters Club

257. Join the Mile High Club

258. Join the Polar Bear Club

259. Join the Sioux Indian Tribe

260. Jump Out of a Cake

261. Kick in a Door

262. Kiss a Frog

263. Kiss a Stranger

264. Kiss the Blarney Stone

265. Laugh all the Way to the Bank

266. Laugh Daily

267. Laugh Till I Cry

268. Laugh Till my Face Hurts

269. Lay in a Street in the Middle of the Night

270. Leave $100 Tip

271. Leave a Note in a Library Book

272. Leave a Note on Somebody's Car Window

273. Leave a Shoe at a Ball

274. Leave Cookies on a Stranger's Doorstep

275. Leave Flowers on Someone's Doorstep

276. Leave my Mark on the World

277. Let a Snowflake Land on my Tongue

278. Let Go of a Floating Lantern

279. Let my Hair Get Really Long

280. Let Someone Cut my Hair However They Want

281. Let Someone Order a Meal For Me

282. Light a Cigar With a $100 Bill

283. Live By the Ocean

284. Live Communally

285. Live Forever

286. Live in a House Inspired By Japanese Architecture

287. Live in a House With a Fireplace

288. Live in a House With an Inner Courtyard

289. Live in a House With Secret Doors

290. Live in a Mansion

291. Live in a Very Small Town For a Year

292. Live in a Zero-Energy House

293. Live on a Beach For a Month

294. Live on a Boat

295. Live One Year Without Electricity

296. Live Right By the Beach

297. Mail a Banana

298. Mail a Secret to Postsecret

299. Make $5 all in a Day, Just from Recycling Cans and Bottles

300. Make a Complete and Utter Fool of Myself

301. Make an Igloo and Live in It For a Week

302. Make an Important Decision With a Coin Toss

303. Meet a Geisha in Kyoto

304. Milk a Cow

305. Milk a Goat

306. Mush a Dog Sled

307. Name a Star

308. Name my Furniture

309. Name Something After a Disney Character

310. Not Waste a Single Grocery Item For at Least 3 Months

311. Nude Night Surfing

312. Nutella Battle

313. Order Dinner in Reverse Order

314. Order Pizza and Send It to a Random House

315. Own 100 Pairs of Shoes

316. Own a 1St Edition Comic Book

317. Own a Bentley

318. Own a Blueberry Farm

319. Own a BMW

320. Own a Cat Like Garfield

321. Own a Condo in New York City

322. Own a Convertible

323. Own a Dance Studio in New York

324. Own a Harley-Davidson

325. Own a House in a Foreign Country

326. Own a Jellyfish Aquarium

327. Own a Large Book Collection

328. Own a Mini

329. Own a Pair of Designer Heels

330. Own a Professional Football Team

331. Own a Range Rover

332. Own a Vacation Home

333. Own a Victoria Secret Bikini

334. Own a Vintage Automobile

335. Own a Walk-In-Closet

336. Own a Whirlpool Bathtub

337. Own a White Kitten

338. Own a Yacht

339. Own an Antique Typewriter

340. Own an Armani Suit

341. Own an English Bulldog

342. Own Designer Heels

343. Own Leather Boots

344. Own my Own Comic Shop

345. Own my Own Company Within 5 Years

346. Own my Very Own Vespa

347. Own Recording Studio

348. Own Season Tickets

349. Pan For Gold in a Mountain Stream

350. Participate in a Fight

351. Participate in a Regatta

352. Participate in a Riot

353. Participate in a Tomato Battle

354. Participate in a Water Fight

355. Participate in a Zombie Walk

356. Participate in Burning Man

357. Participate in Nanowrimo

358. Participate in the Bull Run in Spain

359. Party all Night Without Stopping For Sleep

360. Party on a Yacht

361. Perform a Dance in Disney World

362. Pet a Baby Cougar

363. Plant a Gnome in my Neighbors Garden

364. Plant a Tree and Paint It Pink

365. Play a Didgeridoo

366. Play a Game of Monopoly With Real Money

367. Play a Game of Strip Chess

368. Play a New Sport For an Entire Season

369. Play Golf in 50 Different Countries

370. Play in a Human Hamster Ball

371. Play in a Poker Tournament

372. Play on the World Highest Tennis Court in Dubai

373. Pledge a Fraternity

374. Pretend to Be a Window Mannequin

375. Pretend to Be Rich in Monaco

376. Pretend to Not Speak English in Public

377. Prove a Theory

378. Pull a Fire Alarm

379. Pull an all Nighter

380. Put a Pair of my Shoes on a Shoe Tree

381. Put a Random Item in Someone's Shopping Cart

382. Put Mentos in Coke

383. Put my Hand Print Into Wet Concrete

384. Put my Mouth Under an Ice Cream Machine

385. Put on an Accent and Convince a Stranger I'M from That Place

386. Put Soap in a Public Fountain

387. Randomly Select a Book from the Library and Read It

388. Rate Every Single Beatles Song

389. Reach all Six Provinces of the Bicol Region

390. Receive a Knighthood

391. Receive a Postcard from all 247 'Countries' from Postcrossing

392. Receive a Standing Ovation

393. Release a Chinese Lantern

394. Rent a Flashy Car For a Day

395. Request a Song on the Radio

396. Ride a Camel

397. Ride a Dirt Bike

398. Ride a Double Decker Bus

399. Ride a Ducati

400. Ride a Harley Davidson

401. Ride a Horse on the Beach at Sunrise

402. Ride a Hot Air Balloon

403. Ride a Jet Ski

404. Ride a Limo

405. Ride a Mattress Down the Stairs

406. Ride a Mechanical Bull

407. Ride a Segway

408. Ride a Subway

409. Ride a Tandem Bike

410. Ride a Unicycle

411. Ride an Elephant

412. Ride an Ostrich

413. Ride an Upside Down Roller Coaster

414. Ride Every Single Ride at a Theme Park

415. Ride in a Fire Truck

416. Ride Kingda-Ka

417. Ride on a Bob

418. Ride on a Ferry

419. Ride on a Velodrome Track

420. Ride on the Back of a Motorcycle

421. Ride the Fastest Roller Coaster

422. Ride the Scooters in Walmart

423. Ride the Ten Largest Roller Coasters in the World

424. Ring a Church Bell

425. Rock the Drums in Front of a Big Audience

426. Roll Around in Mud in my Wedding Dress

427. Run Around NYC in a Rat Costume

428. Run Naked in the Snow

429. Scare a Huge Group of Pigeons

430. Scare my Husband

431. See a Baseball Game at Every Pro Baseball Field

432. See a Cheetah Run

433. See a Dead Body

434. See a Drag Show

435. See a Live Red Panda

436. See a UFO

437. See all "100 Places to See Before You Die"

438. Send a Letter to a Random Address

439. Send a Message in a Bottle

440. Send a Postcard Through Postcrossing

441. Share a Pet

442. Shave all the Hair Off my Body

443. Shoot a Gun

444. Shoot an Arrow

445. Shop at Harrods

446. Shop With a Personal Assistant

447. Shower in a Waterfall

448. Shroom in the Forest

449. Sing a Bohemians Prague Song For 34 Minutes Straight

450. Sit in an Outdoor Hot Tub During Winter

451. Sit on a Bench and Rate the People Who Pass By

452. Skinny Dip at Midnight

453. Sleep all Night in a Hammock

454. Sleep on a Beach

455. Sleep on a Boat

456. Sleep on an Air Mattress Floating in Water

457. Sleep Under the Stars

458. Slow Dance in the Rain

459. Smash a Guitar

460. Smash a Watermelon

461. Smoke a Cuban Cigar

462. Snow Fight

463. Spend 24 Hours Naked

464. Spend a Day at a Health Center

465. Spend a Day at the Movies

466. Spend a Night at the World's Most Expensive Hotel

467. Spend the Night in an Underwater Hotel

468. Spend the Night on a Football Field

469. Spend the Night on a Pirate Ship

470. Spin Around on an Escalator

471. Stand at the Equator

472. Stand in the Middle of Stonehenge

473. Stand in the Sistine Chapel

474. Stand on an Alaskan Glacier

475. Stay Awake all Night

476. Stay in a Lighthouse

477. Stay on a Private Island

478. Stay on an Indian Reservation

479. Stick my Toes in Every Great Lake

480. Sunbath in the Rain

481. Swap Houses For a Vacation

482. Swap Places With Someone For a Day

483. Swim from Asia to Europe Across the Bosporus Strait

484. Swing from a Rope Into a Lake

485. Take a Bath in Skittles

486. Take a Bath in Syrup

487. Take a Crying Photo

488. Take a Mud Bath

489. Take a Nap in a Furniture Store

490. Take a Ride on a Fighter Jet

491. Take an Outdoor Shower

492. Take Care of an Animal

493. Talk in a British Accent For a Day

494. Talk in a Different Voice When I Meet Someone New

495. Talk in a Southern Accent For a Straight Hour With a Friend

496. Testify Before the Un

497. Text a Random Mobile Number and Wish Them a Good Day

498. Think of Phrases to Say Before I Die

499. Throw a Drink in Someone's Face

500. Throw Water Into the Air and Watch It Freeze

501. Touch all the 1,000 Buddhas in Hong Kong

502. Try 50 Cocktails

503. Try 50 Different Kinds of Beer

504. Try a Food You Can't Pronounce

505. Try a Fried Snickers
506. Try all of Omnivore's Top 100

507. Try all Types of Chocolate

508. Try Bubble Tea

509. Try Every Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor

510. Try Every Kind of Beer in Germany

511. Try Food Eaten By Astronauts

512. Try Foods I Normally Wouldn't

513. Try Fried Oreos

514. Try Fried Twinkies

515. Try Frog's Legs

516. Try Haggis in Scotland

517. Try Helium

518. Try One Exotic Food a Day For a Month

519. Try White Hot Chocolate

520. Use a Fake Name at Starbucks

521. Visit 10 Capital Cities

522. Visit 100 Wineries

523. Visit 12 South American Countries

524. Visit 15 Attractions of the Unesco World Heritage List

525. Wake Up on a Beach

526. Walk Around a Give Away $1 Bills

527. Walk Barefoot in the Rain

528. Walk Down a Red Carpet

529. Walk on a Beach By Moonlight

530. Walk on a Glacier

531. Walk on Hot Coals

532. Walk on Stilts

533. Walk Through Central Park in the Snow

534. Walk Through Japans Tunnel of Lights

535. Walk Up to a Random Guy on the Street and Kiss Him

536. Wash the Car With Water Balloons

537. Watch 1000 Movies

538. Watch 26 Movies I've Never Seen Starting With Each Letter of the Alphabet

539. Watch 365 Movies in a Year

540. Watch a Blue Man Group Show

541. Watch a Desperate Housewives Marathon

542. Watch a Movie in 3D

543. Watch a Movie in Fresh Air

544. Watch a Super-Nova Explosion

545. Watch all of the James Bond Movies

546. Watch all of the Star Wars Movies

547. Watch all the Harry Potter Movies

548. Watch Casablanca in Casablanca

549. Watch Every Episode of Seinfeld

550. Watch Every Movie That Has Been Directed By Steven Spielberg

551. Watch Every Oscar Winning Best Picture

552. Watch Fireworks from a Boat on a Lake

553. Watch Rocky Horror at a Midnight Showing

554. Watch the Nobel Prize Ceremonies

555. Watch the Sun Set at the Top of a Mountain

556. Wear a Blindfold For a Day

557. Wear a Classy Dress & Heels in Public

558. Wear a Complete Suit of Armor

559. Wear a Fuzzy Hat in Russia

560. Wear a Shirt That Says "Life" and Hand Out Lemons to People

561. Wear a Wig For a Day

562. Wear an Authentic Kimono in Japan

563. Wear an Outrageous Halloween Costume and Own the Night

564. Wear Colored Contacts

565. Wear Fake Eyelashes

566. Wear Guy Clothes to the Mall

567. Wear my Hair in Dreadlocks

568. Win a Drinking Game

569. Write 365 Letters to Someone

* photo by Woody Hibbard

Looking for more ideas?

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What is a Bucket List? A bucket list is a list of things that one wants to do before they die. The term was first used in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when it became popularized by the movie "The Bucket List". It typically includes personal goals, such as traveling or learning to play a musical instrument.

Quick Tips for Creating your own Cool Bucket List:

1. Write is down - Write down your bucket list and keep it in a safe place. Writing your list will increase your ability to achieve them and bring you to some level of commitment.

2. Mix it up - Include a mix of items on your list from different areas of life and make sure to include achievable ones too. Setting smaller goals prevents you from losing motivation.

3. Make it engaging with action words - Start the items on your list with an action verb that truly defines what YOU will be doing - it denotes an action on your part. Words like “Create”, "Go, “Travel”, and “Become” are good examples.

4. Track your progress - Make sure you regularly review your goals and make a plan for tackling them. Tracking your progress will help you stay motivated and remember the bigger picture

5. Share and inspire - Share your bucket list with family and friends to inspire them. This is a great way to help yourself stay on track and carry out your own words.

6. Most importantly, enjoy the journey!


The SMART Bucket List

More Goal Ideas?

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