Crazy is a Compliment: Summary Review

This is a summary review of Crazy is a Compliment containing key details about the book.

What is Crazy is a Compliment About?

"Crazy is a Compliment: The Power of Zigging When Everyone Else Zags" is a book written by Linda Rottenberg, in which she shares her experiences and insights as the co-founder and CEO of Endeavor, a global nonprofit that helps high-impact entrepreneurs scale their businesses and create jobs.

Crazy Is a Compliment combines inspiring stories, original research, and practical advice to create a road map for getting started and going bigger. The author draws on her unrivaled experience to show you the proven techniques to achieve your dreams.

The book is aimed at entrepreneurs, business leaders, and anyone looking to turn their "crazy" ideas into reality, it provides practical advice and inspiration for pursuing big goals and making a positive impact in the world.

Who is the author of Crazy is a Compliment?

Linda Rottenberg is an American businesswoman and author. She is the author of Crazy Is a Compliment: The Power of Zigging When Everyone Else Zags. She is the CEO and Co-founder of Endeavor, a non-profit organization that encourages the power of entrepreneurship.

What are some key summary points from Crazy is a Compliment?

Here are some key points and takeaways from the book:

  • The importance of embracing your "crazy" ideas and not being afraid to think differently and challenge the status quo.
  • The need to be persistent and resilient in the face of failure and setbacks, and to view them as opportunities to learn and grow.
  • The importance of building a supportive community of mentors, advisors, and peers who can provide guidance and encouragement as you pursue your goals.
  • The importance of embracing risk and being willing to take calculated risks in order to achieve your goals.
  • The importance of having a sense of purpose and passion for what you do, and of being able to articulate that purpose in a way that resonates with others.
  • The importance of being creative, flexible and adaptable to change, this is the only way to survive and succeed in the fast-changing world.
  • The need to find the balance between taking risks and being smart, you have to take risks but do it with a calculated approach.
  • The need to be able to think long-term and to have the patience and perseverance required to build a business or achieve a long-term goal.
  • What are good quotes from Crazy is a Compliment?

    “Even if your company continues to thrive, your ability to survive in it depends on your capacity and willingness to innovate. Job security these days depends on the same qualities that make good entrepreneurs: agility, imagination, persistence, execution. To put it another way, adapt from within or you may be forced to adapt from without. ”

    ― Linda Rottenberg, Crazy is a Compliment

    Book details

    • Print length: 263 pages
    • Genre: Business, Nonfiction, Entrepreneurship

    What are the chapters in Crazy is a Compliment?

    Chapter 1: Getting to day One
    Chapter 2: Derisking Risk
    Chapter 3: Chaos Is Your Friend
    Chapter 4: Your Entrepreneur Personality
    Chapter 5: The Whiteboard
    Chapter 6: Leadership 3.0
    Chapter 7: A Circle of Mentors
    Chapter 8: The Purpose-Driven Workplace
    Chapter 9: Go Big AND Go Home

    What do critics say?

    Here's what one of the prominent reviewers had to say about the book: "Crazy is what they call people who don't fit in. And we need a lot more crazy like Linda is crazy. She is generous, curious, connected and driven to make a difference in the world. And this book captures all of that and more. Buy it, read it, live it." — Seth Godin, author of Linchpin

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