Barbara Klein: Raising Gifted Kids

Barbara Klein is an author, researcher, and educational consultant. She is recognized as an international expert on twin development and gifted and highly gifted children.

Can you please share a few words about yourself and your work? What made you choose your current path?

I am an identical twin. As I gained insight into myself through education and psychoanalysis, I began to write about the challenges of being a twin.

What does being successful mean to you?

I have found meaning in helping others who seek out my specialty in twins and gifted children. Spending time writing, travelling, and being with my family and dear friends.

What is one habit or practice that has benefited your life the most? Also, what is one practice you’ve always wanted to add to your life, but didn’t?

Being organized and staying focused on my family and my work and never giving up. I wish I had taken more vacations. I went to Japan once and would like to see more of it. I visited parts of Europe with my children. Also Denali National Park in Alaska and maybe more of Alaska are on my to do lists.

What is one belief or value that you hold as your guiding truth?

Love and respect yourself and hopefully others will do the same for themselves and for you.

What is one of the most worthwhile investments —money or time investment — you’ve ever made?

My education and training, my family, and dear friends.

What is one life-changing book that has greatly influenced and helped you along the way? Also, who has inspired you the most in your journey?

Faces in a Cloud by George Atwood and Robert Stolorow.

What was your biggest fear when you just started and how have you managed to overcome it? Also, did you find an effective way to eradicate fear from its root?

I had fears of being inadequate, unimportant, and not smart enough. Psychotherapy and writing helped me overcome these fears.

What was one of your biggest self-limiting beliefs and how have you managed to change it? Also, did you find a reliable process to embody new beliefs?

I was labelled the bad and stupid twin. Through my research on twins, I realized I was a valuable individual and that I had potential.

What is your message to someone who is about to embark on their next big mission or dream? Also, what advice should they ignore?

It takes time to reach your goal. Don’t listen to people who give you negative feedback or comments.

Finally, what are you primarily working on these days?

I speak with twins who are unhappy with their twin and guide them hopefully to a better twin relationship. I enjoy talking with children and their parents about whatever their interests are. I write a blog for Psychology Today. I have been asked to rewrite one of my twin books and I am considering this prospect. I look forward to working on the promotion of one of my twin books that is being translated into Italian.


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