Can You Learn to be Lucky?: Summary Review

This is a summary review of Can You Learn to be Lucky? containing key details about the book.

What is Can You Learn to be Lucky? About?

Can You Learn to be Lucky? is a rollicking journey through the land of luck—an entertaining tour of stories and science that explores the origins of luck, why some people are luckier than others, and how we can all raise our chances of becoming luckier by design.

Who is the author of Can You Learn to be Lucky?

Karla Starr has written for O The Oprah Magazine, The Atlantic, Slate, Popular Science, the Guardian and the LA Times. She has appeared on CBS Sunday Morning.

How long is Can You Learn to be Lucky?

  • Print length: 288 pages

What genre is Can You Learn to be Lucky?

Nonfiction, Self Help, Personal Development

What are the chapters in Can You Learn to be Lucky?

Chapter 1: Best in Show
Chapter 2: The Charlie Brewer Principle
Chapter 3: Bitches in Glasses
Chapter 4: How Sara Palin Happened
Chapter 5: I Got This
Chapter 6: Find Your Thing
Chapter 7: Check Yourself Prior to Wreacking Yourself
Chapter 8: You Had Me at Hello
Chapter 9: My Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades
Chapter 10: Yes, and

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