Nonzero: Summary Review

This is a summary review of Nonzero containing key details about the book.

What is Nonzero About?

"Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny" by Robert Wright is a book that explores the evolution of human societies and the role that non-zero sum games play in shaping our world.

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Nonzero is a 1999 book, in which the author argues that biological evolution and cultural evolution are shaped and directed first and foremost by "non-zero-sumness" i.e., the prospect of creating new interactions that are not zero-sum. Evidence for natural selection driving improvements in information processing is given throughout, including the case of the bombardier beetle, an insect that developed the ability to spray its attackers with harsh chemicals.

Summary Points & Takeaways from Nonzero

Some key summary points and takeaways from the book include:

* The concept of non-zero sum games, in which both parties can benefit, has been a driving force in the evolution of human society, as it has encouraged cooperation and the development of larger and more complex societies.

* The growth of non-zero sum relationships has been facilitated by advances in communication and transportation technologies, which have allowed for greater cooperation and trade between individuals and societies.

* The increasing interconnectedness of the world has led to the rise of global institutions and organizations, such as the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, which aim to promote cooperation and reduce the likelihood of conflict.

* Wright argues that while non-zero sum games can lead to greater prosperity and cooperation, they can also bring new challenges and conflicts, as different groups compete for resources and influence.

* The book argues that as the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the importance of non-zero sum thinking will continue to grow, and that the ability to cooperate and work together will be essential for human survival and success in the future.

* Overall, "Nonzero" presents a compelling and optimistic view of human history and the future, emphasizing the role that cooperation and non-zero sum games have played in shaping our world and suggesting that these trends will continue to shape our future.

Who is the author of Nonzero?

Robert Wright is an American journalist and author who writes about science, history, politics, and religion. He has written five books: Three Scientists and Their Gods: Looking for Meaning in an Age of Information, etc.

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Book details

  • Print length: 450 pages
  • Genre: History, Nonfiction, Science

What is a good quote from Nonzero?

Top Quote: “Your brain may give birth to any technology, but other brains will decide whether the technology thrives. The number of possible technologies is infinite, and only a few pass this test of affinity with human nature.” (Meaning) - Nonzero Quotes, Robert Wright

What do critics say?

Here's what one of the prominent reviewers had to say about the book: "Exciting and intellectually stimulating...well-written, witty, and quite timely as we consider the challenges of our global, interconnected future." — The Philadelphia Inquirer

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