30 Quotes by Alan Moore

Alan Moore is an English writer known for his contributions to the comic book industry. He has written many popular graphic novels, including "Watchmen," "V for Vendetta," and "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen." Moore is known for his complex and mature storytelling, as well as his criticism of mainstream comics and their portrayal of superheroes. He has been a major influence on the genre, inspiring a new wave of writers and artists to explore more sophisticated themes and techniques. (Bio)

Alan Moore Quotes

My experience of life is that it is not divided up into genres; it’s a horrifying, romantic, tragic, comical, science-fiction cowboy detective novel. You know, with a bit of pornography if you're lucky.

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Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea... and ideas are bulletproof.

It is not the job of artists to give the audience what the audience want. If the audience knew what they needed, then they wouldn’t be the audience. They would be the artist. It is the job of artists to give the audience what they need

Art is, like magic, the science of manipulating symbols, words or images to achieve changes in consciousness

Once you realize what a joke everything is, being the Comedian is the only thing that makes sense.

You wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were beneath it.

People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.

If light is outlawed, then only outlaws will be able to see where they're going.

The past can't hurt you anymore, not unless you let it.

In order to be able to make it, you have to put aside the fear of failing and the desire of succeeding. You have to do these things completely and purely without fear, without desire. Because things that we do without lust of result are the purest actions we shall ever take.

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Roses are red Violets are blue Everything's possible Nothing is true.

Nothing is insoluble. Nothing is hopeless. Not while there's life.

Love your rage, not your cage.

Happiness is the most insidious prison of all.

Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it.

Our environments shape the way we see ourselves. If you have been condemned to live in an area that is pretty evidently a rat-run, then sooner or later you're gonna come to the conclusion that you're a rat.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for the opportunities the library gave me.

I enjoy putting my mind into different situations rather than my body.

One of the advantages of travelling the world is that you get to know the world broadly. And one of the advantages of staying in one place is that you get to know the world deeply.

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There are people. There are stories. The people think they shape the stories, but the reverse if often closer to the truth. Stories shape the world. They exist independently of people, and in places quite devoid of man, there may yet be mythologies.

There is no future. There is no past. Do you see? Time is simultaneous, an intricately structured jewel that humans insist on viewing one edge at a time, when the whole design is visible in every facet.

All we ever see of stars are their old photographs.

There are two worlds we live in: a material world, bound by the laws of physics, and the world inside our mind, which is just as important.

Don't leave home without your sword - your intellect. (Meaning)

Love doesn't have a point. Love is the point.

Consciousness, unprovable by scientific standards, is forever, then, the impossible phantom in the predictable biologic machine, and your every thought a genuine supernatural event. Your every thought is a ghost, dancing.

My dear, beautiful and imaginative things can be destroyed. Beauty and imagination cannot.

There is no coincidence. Only the illusion of coincidence.

The things we do without the fear of failure and the desire for success are the purest acts we'll ever do

It's not important that we have free will, just as long as we have the illusion of free will to stop us going mad (Meaning)

― Alan Moore Quotes

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