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Alan Sugar is a British businessman and television personality, best known for his role as the founder of the electronics company Amstrad and his appearances on the BBC show The Apprentice. Sugar began his career selling electronics out of the back of a van before founding Amstrad in 1968. The company became a major player in the consumer electronics market, producing popular products like the Amstrad CPC computer and the GX4000 gaming console. In recent years, Sugar has become a household name in the UK thanks to his appearances on The Apprentice, where he serves as a no-nonsense business mentor to a group of aspiring entrepreneurs. With his sharp wit and tough love approach, Sugar has become an iconic figure in British popular culture. (Bio)

Alan Sugar Quotes

The entrepreneurial instinct is in you. You can't learn it, you can't buy it, you can't put it in a bottle. It's just there and it comes out. (Meaning)

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Once you decide to work for yourself, you never go back to work for somebody else.

I have no patience at all.

If you enjoy what you do, don't be afraid of expressing your enthusiasm. Enjoyment is infectious.

A good leader is not necessarily the most popular person in their business, but the best ones are liked because they are respected for their clarity and vision.

I know you're Belgian, that's where those waffles come from.

An entrepreneur is not what you call yourself, it's what someone calls you in recognition of what you've achieved. I call Richard Branson an entrepreneur. Rupert Murdoch called me one. Anybody who stands up and says: 'I'm an entrepreneur' needs shooting. You'll drive people crazy.

Don't try to blame the rest of the world. The blame only lies with you. Recognize that immediately.

Effective leadership is about earning respect, and it's also about personality and charisma

There are two fools in every marketplace; one asks too little, one asks too much.

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Start small and with your own money.

Among some of the youngsters, I think reality TV has installed that culture into them and inspired a few of them into wanting to be 'TV celebrities.

I've written books on advertising-cheque books.

I don't make enemies, it's just I'm not afraid to speak my mind, which can sometimes mean people don't like what I am saying

I have principles and I am not going to be forced to compromise them.

It is torment to be segregated out because of some bit of clothing that you're wearing.

Look, I'm a member of the House of Lords and I'm the first to admit that I don't understand how one gets new laws through.

Success comes more quickly to the entrepreneur that follows his instincts rather than following the progress of his competitors.

I got on a high believing everything I would produce was going to sell at the rate I wanted.

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I don't believe in God and all that. But I am Jewish, and very proud to be so, very proud of the culture.

I don't like this young crudeness now which is supposed to be comedy on Friday nights.

You can't stop people printing what they want to print.

In America, everybody thinks they're an entrepreneur. That's the problem. It's not a title that anybody should call oneself.

I like things in their proper places.

I am tired of hustling.

I'm a commercial person, not an academic.

I am not looking for a friend; if I want a friend I'd buy a dog.

I don't like paying 50 per cent of tax.

I never experienced any feelings of closeness and caring from my parents.

Not everybody needs to go to university; they can get out and start working straight away.

I've just got an exceptional memory, if I say so myself.

The boring side of business is what makes it work.

My mother was a housewife. My father was a garment worker.

I've got a gut feeling in my stomach. . .

I get angry when people bring derisory actions against me.

Nobody can honestly say that they never lie.

Market leaders inevitably slip into decline when they tell the people what they want instead of giving the people what they want.

It will take a brave person to cull the benefits system and analyse who deserves and who doesn't.

During negotiations nothing is gained by attacking people's comfort zones.

There was a desire to see me being nasty and horrible, and of course that's not really me

I like to be a very fair person.

― Alan Sugar Quotes

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