90 Quotes by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton, a legendary country music singer-songwriter, has enchanted audiences for decades with her angelic voice, heartfelt storytelling, and magnetic stage presence. Beyond her musical talents, Parton's impact extends to her philanthropic efforts and advocacy work. Her generosity and dedication to improving literacy through initiatives like the Imagination Library have had a profound influence on countless children's lives.

Parton's ability to authentically connect with people from all walks of life, regardless of age or background, is a testament to her universal appeal and genuine spirit. Through her music and philanthropy, she has become an enduring symbol of compassion, empowerment, and the enduring power of art to bring about positive change.

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Dolly Parton Quotes

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.

Storms make trees take deeper roots.

I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I'm not dumb and I also know that I'm not blonde.

It's a good thing I was born a girl, otherwise I'd be a drag queen.

If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one.

A peacock that rests on his feathers is just another turkey.

I'm on a seafood diet - I see food, I eat it.

We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.

Find out who you are and do it on purpose.

I'm not going to limit myself just because people won't accept the fact that I can do something else.

I hated school. Even to this day, when I see a school bus it's just depressing to me. The poor little kids.

the magic is inside you. there ain't no crystal ball

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When I meet someone, I look at their eyes and their smile and seek out the good first - it's easy to find when you're looking for it.

If you're feeling low, don't despair. The sun has a sinking spell every night, but it comes back up every morning.

You'll never do a whole lot unless you're brave enough to try.

Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

A positive attitude and a sense of humor go together like biscuits and gravy.

Mine is only one of the millions of hearts broken over the death of Whitney Houston. I will always be grateful and in awe of the wonderful performance she did on my song and I can truly say from the bottom of my heart, 'Whitney, I will always love you. You will be missed.'

I always just thought if you see somebody without a smile, give'em yours!

When someone shows you their true colors, believe them.

I always ask God to work through me and let me be a light of some kind and help in this world, so I always pray for that, and I always want to do good.

I'm old enough and cranky enough now that if someone tried to tell me what to do, I'd tell them where to put it.

If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.

"You're not going to see your dreams come true if you don't put wings, legs, arms, hands, and feet on 'em."

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My weaknesses have always been food and men - in that order.

I was the first woman to burn my bra - it took the fire department four days to put it out.

Its hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world.

If you talk bad about country music, it's like saying bad things about my momma. Them's fightin' words.

I love bald men. Just because you've lost your fuzz don't mean you ain't a peach.

A great smile is a wonderful asset, but a good heart is pure gold.

I'm no angel if that's what you thought you found. I was just the victim of a man that let me down.

I have a strict policy that nobody cries alone in my presence.

I still believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and true love. Don't even try to tell me different.

I'm the kind of person who would rather rock in my rocking chair when I'm old and regret a few things that I did than to sit there and regret that I never tried.

You can't really make people be any different than what they are.

What people do behind closed doors is certainly not my concern unless I'm there with them.

God made me the way that I am and it’s my business to be true to that.

There's nothing like white trash at the White House.

If people think I'm a dumb blonde, because of the way I look, then they're dumber than they think I am. If people think I'm not very deep because of my wigs and outfits, then they're not very deep.

I think that all creative people are a little bit nuts.

If you like good ol' fashion Southern soul food then, yes, I am a good cook! My specialty is chicken dumplings and poke salad.

When I have sex with my husband, I fantasize I am with a petite, hot young woman.

God is in everything I do and all my work glorifies Him.

The guitar is my favorite and the one, I guess, I'm best at. But I play enough of the different instruments to be able to write with them and to, hopefully, to make myself look impressive on stage.

I count my blessings far more than I count my money.

You'd be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap!

Don't judge me by the cover, 'cause I'm a real good book.

I always love working with children. I never had children of my own. God has his purposes. God didn't let me have children so everybody's children could be mine. That's kind of how I'm looking at it.

Dream more, learn more, care more, and be more.

I don't know what the big deal is about old age. Old people who shine from the inside look 10 to 20 years younger.

Sometimes my mouth is a little too big and a little too open and sounds too much like a sailor.

You can do anything you want to do as long as you keep a good attitude and keep working at it. But the second you give up, you’re screwed.

I love to make things happen, I love to see things happen, I love to be a part of things that are happening.

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. When I'm inspired, I get excited because I can't wait to see what I'll come up with next. Find out who you are and do it on purpose.

I think god gave us talent because he screwed up our hair

I think everyone should be with who they love. I don't want to be controversial or stir up a bunch of trouble but people are going to love who they are going to love. I think gay couples should be allowed to marry. They should suffer just like us heterosexuals. Ha ha ha!

Every seven years, I sit down and make a whole new plan.

Goodbye- please don't cry/we both know that I'm not what you need. But I will always love you.

Paradise is a state of mind.

God and I have a great relationship but we both see other people.

The worst thing about poverty is not the actual living of it, but the shame of it.

You can be rich in spirit, kindness, love and all those things that you can't put a dollar sign on.

It's not easy being young. It's hard to know what to do.

I'm like a cartoon! I'll look this way when I'm eighty. I can see it now, people will be rolling me around in a wheelchair and I'll still have my big hair, nails, my high heels and my boobs stuck out!

I had nothing growing up, but I always wanted to be 'sexy,' even before I knew what the word was.

I was blessed to have family members who encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Whether it is your parents, or your uncles or your aunts or even the neighbor down the road, it's important that kids have someone who encourages them to chase their rainbow.

I'm no natural beauty. If I'm gonna have any looks at all, I'm gonna have to create them.

You have to work hard, in order to get anything done.

Adjusting to the passage of time is a key to success and to life: just being able to roll with the punches.

I tried every diet in the book. I tried some that weren't in the book. I tried eating the book. It tasted better than most of the diets.

My fat never made me less money.

My aunt in Knoxville would bring newspapers up, which we used for toilet paper. Before we used it, we'd look at the pictures.

Stop this attitude that older people ain't any good anymore! We're as good as we ever were - if we ever were any good.

I remain totally convinced that if we can do one more simple thing to help kids and adults to learn more, it is to inspire them to read more.

When I'm feeling a little low, I put on my favorite high heels to stand a little taller.

I bought all those [fitness] videos -- Richard Simmons, Jane Fonda. I love to sit and eat cookies and watch 'em.

My husband said 'show me your boobs' and I had to pull up my skirt... so it was time to get them done!

I was born with a happy heart, and I try to keep a good attitude. It's not true that I'm happy all the time because nobody is, and we all go through our things.

I'm short and I have a big appetite. I can't do nothing just a little. It's the same with anything I do. It's very hard for me to love a little, have sex a little, to eat a little. I like to do everything, and I like to do it all the way that I want to do it.

I think my life actually changed at 40. That's when you realize you can't ride the fence anymore. You either have to get on one side or the other. I think some of my best years were between 40 and 50: I got my priorities straight and life is good to me now. It's only other people who say, "God, she's 50 years old!" as if I'm over the hill. I feel like I just started.

Love is something sent from Heaven to worry the Hell out of you.

A lot of people have said I'd have probably done better in my career if I hadn't looked so cheap and gaudy. But I dress to be comfortable for me, and you shouldn't be blamed because you want to look pretty.

It seems like the more I give the more I get, and that is the way it is supposed to go in life.

Kitty Wells was the first and only Queen of Country Music, no matter what they call the rest of us. She was a great inspiration to me as well as every other female singer in the country music business. In addition to being a wonderful asset to country music, she was a wonderful woman. We will always remember her fondly.

I always thought that if I made it big or got successful at what I had started out to do, that I wanted to come back to my part of the country and do something great, something that would bring a lot of jobs into this area.

I hope people realise that there is a brain underneath the hair and a heart underneath the boobs.

My boobs are fake, my hair's fake but what is real is my voice and my heart.

Time marches on and sooner or later you realize it is marching across your face.

I never tried quitting, and I never quit trying.

They think I’m simpleminded because I seem to be happy. Why shouldn’t I be happy? I have everything I ever wanted and more. Maybe I am simpleminded. Maybe that’s the key: simple.

Jump out of bed and I stumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition and yawn and stretch and try to come alive.

I often get myself in love trouble because I'm so passionate; I love so much and so deep.

I often joke that 100 years from now I hope people are saying, 'Dang, she looks good for her age!'

If I see something sagging, dragging and bagging, I’ll get it nip, tucked, sucked or plucked.

Those people who wake up and they're just beautiful, they're just born that way. Well that ain't me. I gotta work for everything I've got.

If I have one more facelift I'll have a beard!

Sometimes I like to run naked in the moonlight and the wind, on a little trail behind our house, when the honeysuckle blooms. It's a feeling of freedom, so close to God and nature.

Yeah I flirt, I'm not blind and I'm not dead!.

Smile, it enhances your face value.

Understanding isn't learned from punishment and anger. An iron has no gentle touch, and love ain't learned from hate.

I think so many people live their whole life in fear and doubt and shame.

I'm one of those people that if its something to eat I'm going to eat the whole thing, If I'm going to be in love I'm going to love you all the way and if my heart's broken, it's just shattered all to pieces.

We're phonies if we're not exactly who we are.

My philosophy is simple: It's a down-home, common, horse-sense approach to things.

I hope to die right in the middle of a song and right on the stage doing what I love to do. I hope to be about 120 when that happens.

I would never stoop so low as to be fashionable.

I'll never harden my heart but I've toughened the muscles around it.

No one is ever successful at everything that they do.

There's no such thing as free love. Have you seen the price of Viagra?

We could afford the price of peace. Love is all it costs.

When its family, you tolerate what you'd kill others for.

I try to see the good in everybody, and I don't care who people are as long as they're themselves, whatever that is.

I have little feet because nothing grows in the shade.

I'm just a simple country girl.

We're all God's children.

The hardest exercise for most of us fat people is that one where we push our chairback from the dinner table.

God knows when the end of time will come, not some fanatic... The world will end someday, but the end of the world and the end of time are two different things.

You can't just will your dreams to come true. You have to work hard. You have to give 'em wings, arms, legs...whatever it takes to make your dreams come true.

It's when you treat people like freaks that you become one yourself.

Daddy's working boots have taken many steps for us.

My songs are like my children - I expect them to support me when I'm old.

Smile, it increases you face value.

A real important thing is that, though I rely on my husband for love, I rely on myself for strength.

I'm just a singer/songwriter and entertainer and I miss people and the energy of the crowd. When I play live it's a lovefest with me and my audience. It's how I get my rocks off.

Living in America and, of course, just being women in general, we've got more strength than we think we do.

I've been guilty of most of the stuff that's been said about me to some degree. And if I ain't done it, I probably will.

I don't think you ever really know what all you're doing, so you have to act on faith.

We're supposed to be less judgmental and accept and be kind and love one another.

God has his plans and his reasons. Sometimes we are supposed to go through things so that we learn lessons.

All the fame and fortune, glory and prestige, can't make me happy if it goes against what I believe.

― Dolly Parton Quotes

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