10 Quotes by Emiliano Zapata

Emiliano Zapata was a Mexican revolutionary leader and agrarian advocate who played a crucial role in the Mexican Revolution. He emerged as a prominent figure in the struggle against oppressive landowners and government corruption, leading the Zapatistas in their fight for agrarian reform and social justice. Zapata's rallying cry, "Tierra y Libertad" (Land and Liberty), reflected his commitment to redistributing land to the peasants who worked it.

His leadership and principles inspired indigenous communities and rural populations to rise against the inequalities of the time. Zapata's legacy as a symbol of resistance and the struggle for the rights of the marginalized continues to resonate with those fighting for social and economic justice.

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Emiliano Zapata Quotes

I'd rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.

If there is not justice for the people, let there be no peace for the government.

I want to die a slave to principles. Not to men.

The enemies of the country and of freedom of the people have always denounced as bandits those who sacrifice themselves for the noble causes of the people.

The land belongs to those who work it with their hands.

Seek justice from tyrannical governments not with your hat in your hands but with a rifle in your fist.

I forgive those who murder and steal because they did it out of necessity, but a traitor never.

The land free, the land free for all, land without overseers and without masters.

One of the happiest days of my life is when I made five or six hundred pesos from a crop of watermelons I raise all on my own.

We do not want the peace of slaves nor the peace of the grave.

The land belongs to the people who work it.

― Emiliano Zapata Quotes

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