36 Top Quotes From The Big Leap

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks is a groundbreaking self-help book that investigates the barriers that hinder personal success and happiness. Hendricks introduces the concept of the "upper limit problem," which is the subconscious belief that we are unworthy of achieving our true potential and experiencing lasting joy.

Drawing on extensive psychological research and personal anecdotes, the author guides readers through the process of identifying and overcoming these self-imposed limitations. The book encourages individuals to step out of their comfort zones and embrace their zone of genius, a place where passion and excellence intersect.

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Hendricks argues that by recognizing and challenging our self-sabotaging behaviors and thoughts, we can break through our limitations and experience a life of abundance and fulfillment. Engaging, insightful, and practical, The Big Leap motivates readers to let go of their fears and embark on a transformative journey toward realizing their highest potential. It is a powerful reminder that we all possess the capacity to soar beyond our perceived limitations and create lives filled with purpose and joy. (The Big Leap Summary).

The Big Leap Quotes

1. "The goal in life is not to attain some imaginary ideal; it is to find and fully use our own gifts." (Meaning)

2. "Each of us has an inner thermostat setting that determines how much love, success, and creativity we allow ourselves to enjoy. When we exceed our inner thermostat setting, we will often do something to sabotage ourselves."

3. "When you find yourself worrying, know that there is something positive trying to break through."

4. "If I cling to the notion that something’s not possible, I’m arguing in favor of limitation. And if I argue for my limitations, I get to keep them."

5. "When you say, "I don’t have time to do that right now," you’re telling a polite lie to avoid saying, "I don’t want to do that right now."

6. "Criticism and blame are addictions. They are costly addictions, because they are the number-one destroyer of intimacy in close relationships."

7. "Liberating and expressing your natural genius is your ultimate path to success and life satisfaction. Your Zone of Genius is the set of activities you are uniquely suited to do."

8. "The very same mechanisms that produce excitement also produce fear, and any fear can be transformed into excitement by breathing fully with it."

9. "One moment the thoughts have a grip on you; then you suddenly realize it’s you who have the grip on them. You release the grip, and the thoughts disappear. They come back again, and you release them again. With practice, they disappear and don’t come back"

10. "Letting yourself savor natural good feelings is a direct way to transcend your Upper Limit Problem. By extending your ability to feel positive feelings, you expand your tolerance for things going well in your life."

11. "We need to savor our success, first for seconds at a time, then for minutes that grow into months."

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12. "Every interaction contains within it the possibility of deep connection with our beloved, with ourselves, and with the cosmos."

13. "Relationship is the ultimate spiritual path, because it constantly presents us with the challenge to love and embrace in the very situations in which we"re most prone to shun and reject."

14. "Relationship is the place where our spirituality most visibly comes to light. You can tell more about a person"s true spirituality from the way he or she treats his or her partner."

15. "If you focus for a moment, you can always find some place in you that feels good right now. Your task is to give the expanding positive feeling your full attention. When you do, you will find that it expands with your attention. "

16. "Your capacity expands in small increments each time you consciously let yourself enjoy the money you have, the love you feel, and the creativity you are expressing in the world."

17. "As that capacity for enjoyment expands, so does your financial abundance, the love you feel, and the creativity you express."

18. "Self-criticism and criticizing others are one and the same. In other words, self-blame is part of the same Upper Limit pattern as blaming someone else."

19. "Many of our fears are based on the workings of the ego, the part of us that’s focused on getting recognition and protecting us from social ostracism."

20. "In the Zone of Genius, your ego is unnecessary; living there is its own reward. In the Zone of Genius, you cease to care about recognition or ostracism."

21. "Once you make a commitment to inhabiting your full potential, your ego is suddenly faced with extinction."

22. "Each entity in a conflict has 100 percent of the responsibility for resolving the conflict."

23. "The Upper Limit Problem must be dis-solved, not solved. You dissolve it by shining a laserlike beam of awareness on its underpinnings—the false foundations that hold the Upper Limit Problem in place."

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24. "When you stop complaining about time, you cease perpetuating the destructive myth that time is the persecutor and you are its victim."

25. "The universe will teach us our lessons with the tickle of a feather or the whomp of a sledgehammer, depending on how open we are to learning the particular lesson. Getting stubborn and defensive invites the sledgehammer; getting open and curious invites the feather."

26. "Money arguments never have anything to do with money. Money arguments are always about something deeper."

27. "When we’re feeling good, we may come up against the hidden barrier of an old belief such as "I must not feel good, because fundamentally flawed people like me don’t deserve it."

28. "It is essential to keep the heart-and-soul elements of life—such as love and creativity—growing in balance as you go to higher levels of material success."

29. "There is no quicker way to bring forth our inner Neanderthal than to get into a loving relationship."

30. "The seductive comforts of success, though, can lull us into accepting the status quo."

31. "Life is at its best when love, money, and creativity are growing in harmony."

32. "The fear and uncertainty last only as long as it takes us to hear the underlying positive message and begin to act on it."

33. "Behind every communication problem is a sweaty ten-minute conversation you don’t want to have. However, the moment you work up the courage to have it, you collect an instant reward in relief as well as open up a flow of communication."

34. "You can learn a lot more with a spirit of wonder and enjoyment than you can with an attitude of criticism. "

35. "There is only one way to transform an entanglement into a relationship: both people must drop projection and see that they are 100 percent the creators of their reality."

36. "When you attain higher levels of success, you often create personal dramas in your life that cloud your world with unhappiness and prevent you from enjoying your enhanced success. This is the Upper Limit Problem at work."

― Quotes from the book The Big Leap by Dr. Gay Hendricks

Who is the author of The Big Leap

Dr. Gay Hendricks is a bestselling author. He received his Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Stanford University. After a twenty-one-year career as a professor at the University of Colorado, he founded the Hendricks Institute, which offers seminars in North America, Asia, and Europe.

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