The Big Leap: Summary Review & Takeaways

This is a summary review of The Big Leap containing key details about the book.

What is The Big Leap About?

The book, Big Leap, demonstrates how to go beyond your internal limits, release outdated fears and learn a whole new set of powerful skills and habits to liberate your authentic greatness. It helps us to discover a way to break down the walls to a better life.

Who is the Author of The Big Leap?

Dr. Gay Hendricks is a bestselling author. He received his Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Stanford University. After a twenty-one-year career as a professor at the University of Colorado, he founded the Hendricks Institute, which offers seminars in North America, Asia, and Europe.

How long is The Big Leap?

  • Print length: 224 pages
  • Audiobook: 5 hrs and 27 mins

What genre is The Big Leap?

Self Help, Nonfiction, Personal Development

What are key takeaways from The Big Leap?

Takeaway #1 Are You Prepared To Live a Happy Life?

Seems like a silly question doesn't it, who wouldn't want a happy life? But every one of us has a resistance to happiness.

Despite spending a lot of time trying to make ourselves happy, we're not very skilled at it and struggle with feeling good or at peace for long periods of time. Even the most successful people are rarely happy, always striving for more. Of course, life is never going to be plain sailing, the darkest moments cannot be avoided but most of our unhappiness comes unnecessarily from within us.

The reason for resisting happiness? Fear. Fear of reaching our full potential to be more exact for when you become the best you can, you cannot hide behind excuses for not making your dreams come true, for not being happy.

Takeaway #2 Finding Your Passion & Following It

What are the activities you do that you love so much that you get into 'the zone of genius' and lose track of time? It's likely that your job doesn't have this effect on you but it should – Stop playing small, stop using your job as an excuse to not be happy, and do something that fills you with joy. If you have no idea what that might be at this time note those moments of clarity, peace and happiness and keep doing them, the path will become clearer.

A success mantra will help you keep on the path of success and happiness. Memorize and say “I expand in abundance, success, and love every day, as I inspire those around me to do the same” several times a day. You should also practice saying enlightened no's – These are said after asking yourself 'does this opportunity align with my zone of genius?' to ensure you don't get distracted away from your goal and ultimate happiness.

Takeaway #3 There's No Limit To Your Happiness

You must stop self-sabotaging and realize that there is no limit to your happiness.

Think about those hopes and dreams you don't tell anyone about because you think they're out of reach and impractical. Think about those times of happiness that then take a downward spiral, were you thinking thoughts like 'This can't last' 'This is too good to be true' or 'When will my good luck end?' You might self-sabotage a relationship when your finances are going great or vice versa, making a risky investment to ruin your finances because you're so happily in love.

Most often we can recognize this upper-limit mindset and subsequently nip it in the bud when we see worry popping into our mind. Find the source of the worry and ask yourself if you can control the issue at hand. If you can't control it, stop worrying about it! If you can control it, take action. If you don't take action on a problem that you can control it will grow bigger and bigger causing more unhappiness down the line so deal with it now.

What are the chapters in The Big Leap?

Chapter One - Preparing for Your Big Leap
Chapter Two - Making the Leap
Chapter Three - Getting Specific
Chapter Four - Building a New Home in Your Zone of Genius
Chapter Five - Living in Your Zone of Genius
Chapter Six - Living in Einstein Time
Chapter Seven - Solving the Relationship Problem

What are good quotes from The Big Leap?

“Each of us has an inner thermostat setting that determines how much love, success, and creativity we allow ourselves to enjoy. When we exceed our inner thermostat setting, we will often do something to sabotage ourselves, causing us to drop back into the old, familiar zone where we feel secure. Unfortunately,”

“In my life, I’ve discovered that if I cling to the notion that something’s not possible, I’m arguing in favor of limitation. And if I argue for my limitations, I get to keep them.”

“Fear is excitement without the breath.” Here’s what this intriguing statement means: the very same mechanisms that produce excitement also produce fear, and any fear can be transformed into excitement by breathing fully with it.”

“The goal in life is not to attain some imaginary ideal; it is to find and fully use our own gifts.”

“I expand in abundance, success, and love every day, as I inspire those around me to do the same.”

“Criticism and blame are addictions. They are costly addictions, because they are the number-one destroyer of intimacy in close relationships.”

“Letting yourself savor natural good feelings is a direct way to transcend your Upper Limit Problem. By extending your ability to feel positive feelings, you expand your tolerance for things going well in your life.

“To prevent humiliating collisions with the universe, I suggest we all adopt an attitude of being open to learning in every moment of our relationships. Every interaction contains within it the possibility of deep connection with our beloved, with ourselves, and with the cosmos. Relationship is the ultimate spiritual path because it constantly presents us with the challenge to love and embrace in the very situations in which we're most prone to shun and reject. For that reason above all, relationship is the place where our spirituality most visibly comes to light. You can tell more about a person's true spirituality from the way he or she treats his or her partner than you ever could from tallying that person's church attendance.”

“We humans have a long and wonderful history of transcending our beliefs about what’s possible.”

“What do I most love to do? (I love it so much I can do it for long stretches of time without getting tired or bored.)”

“If you focus for a moment, you can always find someplace in you that feels good right now. Your task is to give the expanding positive feeling your full attention. When you do, you will find that it expands with your attention. Let yourself enjoy it as long as you possibly can. As”

“The temptation is strong to remain in the Zone of Excellence; it’s where your own addiction to comfort wants you to stay. It’s also where your family, friends, and organization want you to stay. You’re reliable there, and you provide a steady supply of all the things that family, friends, and organizations thrive on. The problem is that a deep, sacred part of you will wither and die if you stay inside your Zone of Excellence.”

― Gay Hendricks - The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level

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