If you're a dreamer, an entrepreneur, or someone who just has a new idea, I want to help you.

I’ve been where you are and I know what is needed to get new dreams off the ground. I am an entrepreneur serving other entrepreneurs.

In the last 10 years I've built numerous of successful businesses from the ground up and helped others leverage their online platforms to get better results.

As an entrepreneur myself, I have experienced what it takes to make a dream reality. I understand your excitement and know what it takes to launch and manage an online business.

Throughout my adult life, starting out as a computer science graduate and later as an Information Technology manager and a serial entrepreneur, I've learned the value of strategic planning, effective marketing and website conversion.

Having been through the whole lifecycle of a company, I am likely to understand the types of challenges that you may face.

What I Offer

Wouldn't you love to be able to get everything done in one place?

With Passively Free I hope to offer more than web development services - I want to be a one-stop-shop for your online business needs.

I believe that building an effective online business is more than what meets the eye. Yes, the look-and-feel of your business is extremely important in making a good first impression but that's only one side of the equation.

From start to finish I help you maximize your web presence, from logo creation and web design to search engine optimization and social media expansion.

And, because I have the tools and extensive know-how, I build online businesses that convert, not just websites.

Please take a moment and dig deeper into my services summary below. Simply click on each box to get an overview of how my experience can help your business prosper online.

Build your business the right way with one-on-one coaching.

Design a site that converts into bottom line results.

Make your site SEO friendly to help it rank higher in Google.

Integrate social sharing to drive more visitors to your site.

Make your site responsive for mobile devices and tablets.


In 2013 I commissioned Tal Gur to investigate and assist me in developing an idea that existed only in my thoughts, into a viable, profitable, and sustainable internet business. The idea was unique and not a lot of material on the subject was around, nor was there similar trials run or direct experience to source. However this did not stop Tal coming up with real world idea’s to run trials for feedback, unique and accurate systems and measurable metrics, whilst continually challenging me to fine tune the process.
I found Tal a pleasure to work with, he is professional, relational, and above all, he is truly a contemporary entrepreneur that operates with humility and wisdom.
I would recommend Tal to take on your unique project that necessitates a mind for that unique edge, an eye for detail and a drive for success. Kris Plumb


Because of Tal's coaching I now have a course published on Udemy with over 300+ students and I've made my first passive income online! This is just the beginning to my journey to financial freedom. Overall, I liked working with Tal. I could feel that he took the time to work it through with me. His heart was involved. Also, I would have never ever reached it as far as I am right now! I probably would have gotten hung up on something and then quit or do some half ass job. Because of our work together I've seen it through the little tougher times and I have done a good job and not something half hearted! Jachym Jerie


Since working with Tal I have started my design company, and I have seen the excitement in the eyes of people that I have worked with, and the energy of their dreams adds fuel to mine. I have since started delving back into other life passions, like teaching Yoga, volunteering for my community, really listening to people selflessly!.. I can never thank Tal enough for helping me to understand the real core of my life ambitions. Matthew Peterson


I had several one-to-one coaching sessions with Tal who had coached me to be me...Since then I've gained the self-confidence to know I can overcome anything. He helped me tremendously when I could not handle what was beyond my comfort zone. Tal is a legend and I'm so glad he was there for me. I would not be the same guy without him.
Michael Mcgrath


Tal is a great mentor who can definitely help you achieve your goals! He coached me when I was trying to achieve some financial goals I was struggling with. Tal gave me the tools and knowledge I needed. We came up with a plan together and Tal advised me on how to get it done. I would highly recommend him as a mentor. He's knowledgeable, helpful, and extremely positive. Teodor Lazar


I have met Tal in Brazil, he was the one that opened my eye's into the world of E-marketing. Without him, and his superior knowledge and motivation, I would have never been able to create a passive income for myself. I highly recommend Tal to anybody that wants to take an idea or dream, and turn it into a real business. Tal can make it work. Sebastian klodda


* Note: I work with every client individually to assure that the job will be done right and in a timely manner. My first and foremost priority is to provide value through my services. I'm here to make a difference, and I see the creative process of turning ideas into businesses as a means of giving back to society. Contact me today for more information on how I can help you build your first online business or take your existing website to the next level.

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