The Ego Trick: Summary Review

This is a summary review of The Ego Trick containing key details about The Ego Trick.

What is The Ego Trick About?

"The Ego Trick" is a philosophical book by Julian Baggini that explores the nature of the self and the idea of the ego.

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In The Ego Trick, the author's quest takes us into the history of philosophy, and the two clashing schools of thought on personal identity: the believers in the 'pearl' view of lthe self, who see it as an unchanging core, and those who believe that the self is essentially a 'bundle' of sensations and thoughts. He talks to theologians, priests and lamas to see whether understanding the concept of the soul can help him understand the self. He talks to neurologists and psychologists, and examines cases of lost memory and personality disorders to find out whether we can gain insights from what happens to the self when the brain changes. He talks to those who have undergone personal transformation, including changes of gender, to find out whether their sense of self has changed through the experience. And he looks at the future to see how our selves might be changed by new technology.

Summary Points & Takeaways from The Ego Trick

Some key summary points and takeaways from the book include:

* The Concept of the Ego: The book questions the existence of the ego, and suggests that the idea of a stable, autonomous self is a trick played by the mind.

* The Role of the Brain: The book explores the role of the brain in shaping our sense of self, and argues that our thoughts, emotions, and behavior are not the result of a single, unified ego, but rather the result of the interactions of different parts of the brain.

* The Importance of Context: Baggini argues that our sense of self is heavily influenced by context, and that the same person can behave differently in different situations.

* The Relationship between the Self and the World: The book explores the relationship between the self and the world, and argues that our sense of self is not independent from the world around us, but is instead deeply interconnected with it.

* The Nature of Personal Identity: "The Ego Trick" also delves into the nature of personal identity, and suggests that our sense of self is not a fixed entity, but is instead constantly evolving over time.

* The book is a good read for anyone interested in philosophy, the nature of the self, and the concept of the ego.

Who is the author of The Ego Trick?

Julian Baggini is a philosopher, journalist and the author of over 20 books about philosophy written for a general audience. He is co-founder of The Philosophers' Magazine and has written for numerous international newspapers and magazines.

Book details

  • Print length: 304 pages
  • Genre: Philosophy, Psychology, Nonfiction

What are the chapters in The Ego Trick?

Chapter 1 Bodies of thought
Chapter 2 Identity on the brain
Chapter 3 Memory makers
Chapter 4 Soul searching
Chapter 5 Multiplication
Chapter 6 The social self
Chapter 7 The Ego Trick
Chapter 8 Just an illusion?
Chapter 9 Reconstructing character
Chapter 10 Life after death
Chapter 11 The future of the self
Chapter 12 Living without a soul

What is a good quote from The Ego Trick?

Top Quote: “You cannot fully describe what it is to be a person in the language of biology; but that does not mean a person has non-biological parts.” (Meaning) - The Ego Trick Quotes, Julian Baggini

What do critics say?

Here's what one of the prominent reviewers had to say about the book: "Baggini works on a broad canvas, citing Hume and Locke alongside the reflections of sex-change patients and victims of dementia. While leaving the ego in pieces, he gives your mind a thorough workout." — Intelligent Life

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