Want Everything. Need Nothing.

My to-do list for my upcoming book launch is never ending. There's so much I can and want to do.

But, if there's one thing I've learned from my recent snakebite experience, it's this: Want Everything. Need Nothing.
Well almost nothing.

In my time of crisis, when I was laying in the ER, breathing sporadically and fighting for my life, there was only one thing I needed.
One, and only one, thing.


A breath of life.

When everything I thought I needed was gone, I suddenly realized I had everything.

In our busy lives, with our never-ending desires and busyness, we tend to forget that there are only a handful of things we absolutely must have. We confuse “wants” with “needs.”

Needs: Air. Water. Basic food.
Wants: the job, the money, the love, the car, the body, the...

Our wants are never-ending and that's OK. But to be truly happy—sustainably happy— we need to remind ourselves that our wants are not our needs.

And the best reminder... is to breathe.

Like it's our last breath.


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