The Depth of Our Want

Sometimes it feels like life is testing us. Do we want what we want badly enough?

A quick story from last week: Cars were never my thing, but one car has always caught my attention - The BMW Mini.

So when my trip to Spain was finalized, I took the opportunity and reserved a Mini from one of the car rental companies. I've never driven one before so I was quite excited.

But you know what they say about plans... When I arrived to the car rental counter the receptionist informed me that they ran out of Minis. They, however, decided to upgrade me to an Audi.

I did not want an Audi, I wanted a Mini! Nothing helped. Reluctantly, I accepted their offer, took the keys and went to the parking area to get my rental.

Life has a funny way of screwing around with you. When I arrived, a Mini has JUST been returned. What are the chances?

So I rushed to the car rental office and demanded that car.
The manager refused unless I pay double the price. Reason: That Mini was a convertible.

I argued but again, nothing helped. So I stand there, about to make a choice: An Audi - a better car some would argue but not what I dreamed about - or, a BMW Mini - with a double price tag.

I literally stood there for a while, can't make my mind. I felt like a sucker, like the car rental is playing with me.

Then, I took a deep breath, chose my Mini dream, and to hell with the price tag.

What can I say? if you've never driven a convertible, put it on your life - preferably on a warm sunny day! I've never before had such fun driving.

Perhaps more importantly, the lesson for me is clear - Go after your dream, even if life throws unexpected obstacles your way. It may just be a test of your faith and will.


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