33 Top Quotes From The Seat of the Soul

What is The Seat of the Soul About?

The Seat of the Soul encourages us to become the authority in our own life. The book offers a new way for us to see the world, interact with other people, and understand our own actions and motivations. It shows us how to participate in enlivening their everyday activities and our relationships with meaning and purpose. (The Seat of the Soul Summary).

The Seat of the Soul Quotes

1. “Every experience that you have and will have upon the Earth encourages the alignment of your personality with your soul."

2. “When the personality comes fully to serve the energy of its soul, that is authentic empowerment.”

3. “What is in one is in the whole, and therefore, ultimately, each soul is responsible for the world.”

4. “Your only choice is whether you wish to have the quest consciously or unconsciously. You can choose through your responses to life’s difficulties to engage the full power of your soul."

5. "If there is not compassion in your heart also for those who abuse and oppress—for those who have no compassion—do you not become like them? Compassion is being moved to and by acts of the heart, to and by the energy of love.”

6. “The decisions that you make and the actions that you take upon the Earth are the means by which you evolve. At each moment you choose the intentions that will shape your experiences and those things upon which you will focus your attention."

7. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You receive from the world what you give to the world.”

8. “Truth is that which does not contaminate you, but empowers you. Therefore, there are degrees of truth, but, generically, truth is that which can do no harm. "

9. “Non-judgmental justice is a perception that allows you to see everything in life, but does not engage your negative emotions.”

10. “If you cannot love yourself, you cannot love others and you cannot stand to see others loved.”

11. “The remedy for an absence is a presence. Evil is an absence and, therefore, it cannot be healed with an absence. "

12. "Hatred of evil does not diminish evil, it increases it.”

13. “We can be kind, generous, just, courteous, and merciful sporadically, but to display those virtues, consistently, calls for an enormous display of courage.”

14. "A person that is engaging in violence is hurting deeply, because a healthy and balanced soul is incapable of harming another.”

15. "Every physical form, as well as every nonphysical form, is Light that has been shaped by consciousness. No form exists apart from consciousness. There is not one planet in the Universe that does not have an active level of consciousness."

16. “When perception of the physical world is limited to the five-sensory modality, the basis of life in the physical arena becomes fear. Power to control the environment, and those within the environment appears to be essential.”

17. “Do not lose power over the what-ifs of your life. These are unlimited and endless. Keep your power in the now, in present time. Keep your power just in the day that you are living on the Earth, and not on how to maneuver tomorrow.”

18. “As you acquire a sense of reverence, you develop a capacity to think more deeply about the value of Life before you commit your energy to action.”

19. “If you wish the world to become loving and compassionate, become loving and compassionate yourself. If you wish to diminish fear in the world, diminish your own. These are the gifts that you can give. "

20. “Rather than a soul in a body, become a body in a soul.”

21. “When we judge, we create negative karma. Judgment is a function of the personality.”

22. “Karma is not a moral dynamic. Morality is a human creation. The Universe does not judge."

23. “If we are to engage the viewpoint of the soul, we must cease from judging."

24. “Allow yourself an orientation of openness toward your life and the Universe, to approach the questions in your life with a sense of faith and trust that there is a reason for all that is happening, and that that reason, at its heart, is always compassionate and good. "

25. "When we strive for safety at the expense of another person’s safety, we deprive ourselves of the protection of reverence"

26. “Ask and you shall receive is the rule, but you must learn how to ask and how to receive.”

27. "If you choose to focus your attention on the weaknesses of others, on their faults and shortcomings, you draw yourself the lower frequency energy."

28. “Spiritual partners bond with an understanding that they are together because it is appropriate for their souls to grow together. They recognize that their growth may take them to the end of their days in this incarnation and beyond, or it may take them to six months. "

29. "All of the vows that a human being can take cannot prevent the spiritual path from exploding through and breaking those vows if the spirit must move on. It is appropriate for spiritual partners to remain together only as long as they grow together."

30. "Spiritual partnership is a much freer and more spiritually accurate dynamic than marriage because spiritual partners come together from a position of spirit and consciousness. "

31. "You will not find God in your intellect. Divine Intelligence is in the heart.”

32. "When we align our thoughts, emotions, and actions with the highest part of ourselves, we are filled with enthusiasm, purpose, and meaning."

33. “Our deeper understanding leads us to another kind of power, a power that loves life in every form that it appears, a power that does not judge what it encounters, a power that perceives meaningfulness and purpose in the smallest details upon the Earth. This is authentic power. "

― Quotes from the book The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

Who is the author of The Seat of the Soul

Gary Zukav is a bestselling author. He is a graduate of Harvard University and a former U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret) officer with Vietnam service. His books have sold millions of copies and are published in twenty-four languages.

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