30 Top Quotes From The Presence Process

What is The Presence Process About?

The Presence Process is a journey that guides readers into taking responsibility for our emotional integration. It is a way to consciously grow up and become responsible for determining the quality of our personal experience.

The book teaches readers how to exercise authentic personal responsibility in a practical manner and reveals the mechanics that shape the way they feel about their lives. It offers a simple approach to accomplishing and maintaining personal peace in the midst of globally accelerating change, discomfort, conflict, and chaos. (The Presence Process Summary)

The Presence Process Quotes

1. [Favorite Quote]: "This journey isn’t about getting something done “as quickly as possible.” It’s about process, not instant gratification"

2. "We are seldom gratified because, although we are making everything possible now, we are seldom present to enjoy it now. "

3. “A reliable indicator we have entered present moment awareness is if our experience, no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable it may feel at any given moment, is infused with gratefulness.”

4. “Our inability to be still is evidence we are seeking to cover something up.”

5. "Realizing what “process” involves isn’t just a mental realization, but requires an integrated emotional, mental, and physical experience."

6. "We are forever running away from something and toward something – and because everyone is behaving in this manner, we accept it as normal."

7. “This level of emotional integration is only possible when we decrease our pain and discomfort to a point where we view all emotion as “energy in motion,” instead of deeming some emotions as threatening and to be avoided"

8. “we mistakenly spend our experience trying to get something instead of simply receiving that which is already and eternally given.”

9. “When we lack gratitude for simply being alive, it’s because we have strayed from the present into an illusory mental state called “time.”

10. “Presence knows no order of difficulty.”

11. “An allergy is the polar opposite of an addiction. When we are addicted, we pull a specific experience toward us. When we are allergic, we repel a specific experience. The causes of both are an unintegrated charge.”

12. “The word “enough” has no relevance for us.”

13. “The more automated our experience becomes, the less involved we are in the art of living.”

14. “When we live in time, we spend our days seeking the meaning of life. In contrast, when we are present, we enjoy a life saturated with meaning.”

15. “Even though the past has gone and can’t be altered, and the future isn’t yet manifest, we choose to mentally occupy these illusory places instead of fully entering and experiencing the one moment we actually occupy – this moment now.”

16. “Presence has the miraculous capacity to manifest in our daily experience the exact circumstances required to integrate the dysfunction that currently prevents us from experiencing present moment awareness.”

17. “Stop. There’s nowhere to go and nothing to do. There’s simply everything to be.”

18. “Behaving as a victim or victor means we either complain about our experiences with others or compete with them.”

19. “Consistency in any endeavor, despite external distraction, is the recipe for gathering personal willpower.”

20. “Our current time-based experience is a perceptual hell guarded by the bars of our unintegrated fear, anger, and grief. It doesn’t take us anywhere. It never did, and it never will.”

21. "The precarious state referred to as “being in recovery” is one of ongoing quiet desperation.”

22. "The quality of our experience right now is a reoccurring effect of unintegrated emotional charges from our childhood.”

23. "Young children want to be teenagers, teenagers want to be adults, and adults want to accomplish a lifetime’s work before turning thirty. We spend each moment running ahead of ourselves, believing there’s a destination we are supposed to arrive at"

24. “Drama is physical, mental, and emotional activity that focuses on and fiddles with effects without impacting causality.”

25. “our intent isn’t to feel better, but to get better at feeling.”

26. “We learn to forgive ourselves and others by recognizing that we all suffer from the double bind of desperately
seeking unconditional love from hopelessly conditional and unstable sources outside ourselves.”

27. “Reactive behavior is based on a belief that the world is happening to us, and it’s therefore our duty either to defend ourselves or to impose our will on what’s happening.”

28. "Our beliefs form an illusory mental passageway we mistakenly walk along as a desperate means of making sense of the apparent chaos and unpredictability of our circumstances. To direct our attention and intent according to them is self-defeating."

29. “It’s about becoming authentic, growing up emotionally, and reclaiming integrity. It’s about grasping life intimately, with both hands, and raising ourselves up from being “the emotionally dead.” The mental body finds a million excuses to quit this process"

30. “Thinking and present moment awareness seldom cohabit.”

― Quotes from the book The Presence Process by Michael Brown

Who is the Author of The Presence Process?

Michael Brown is the author of the three Namaste Publishing Inc. books: The Presence Process, Alchemy of the Heart and Cat Tales for Mariette. They make up a trinity of his exploration into techniques for emotional integration and growth.

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