Impact Makers

This page spotlights some of the most inspiring and mission-driven people I know today - transformational creators, authors and thought leaders who initiate things that matter, who make a positive impact, and who are conscious about the world they create.  Read More
Recent Interviews
Mitch Abblett -  Dr. Mitch Abblett is a clinical psychologist, author, consultant and national / international speaker who is on a quest to help people authentically, compassionately and courageously connect with the [...]
--> Mitch Abblett: Letting Go Into Who You Truly Are

Inspiring Stories

This page features zero-to-hero stories of some of the most inspiring figures I know. Reading these transformational stories is a great way, not only to get inspired, but also to learn from other's mistakes and victories. Read More
Recent Stories
Elon Musk -  Elon Musk is an important figure in our times, impacting a variety of industries from online banking to space exploration. At times controversial, Musk is no stranger to taking seemingly [...]
--> The Visionary Disruptor: Elon Musk Story

1000+ Bucket Ideas

For years, I've searched for ideas for my own life goals List. I decided to gather everything I found into one area so others can get ideas for their own bucket list. Read More

100 Life Goals

One eve, just after I turned 30, I started a long life goals list which later became the basis of this site. My intention is to accomplish each and every goal on this list in a matter of 10 years. Read More

More Inspiration

Recent Blog Post
As men, we hardly ever express vulnerability. We learned to hide feelings of insecurities and keep up the pretense that things are always fine. But they aren't. 80% of all ... Continued
Recent Book Takeaway
This is a summary review of Insight containing key details about the book. What is Insight About? In Insight, the author reveals that self-awareness is a surprisingly ... Continued
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