When MORE gives LESS.

These days, it seems that almost everyone is searching for something MORE. More peace, more love, more abundance, more happiness, more freedom, more enlightenment… But here’s something I’ve recently realized: Chasing for MORE already assumes scarcity. Even worse, it reinforces scarcity. Not only that, paradoxically, the chase for MORE only takes us further away from […]

Don’t take creativity too seriously

I often get asked how I stay creative. The answer is, I don’t “stay creative”. Creativity is not something I can force. What I do is quite simple, I prioritize time with myself and then I get out of my own way. That’s it. Even though what I do sounds quite simple, it’s not always […]

Embracing our uniqueness equals inner peace

I fly a lot. In the past, I flew for travel sake. Now, I fly to ‘where growth is’, which is not always the most conventional or comfortable place to be. Sometimes I wonder how come I’m doing this. How come I’m so committed to my growth that I choose uncomfortableness. Deep down, however, I […]

Joy First. Goals Second.

how much time do you allocate for fun and celebration? In the past, I may have prioritized things differently but nowadays I put my joy and feeling good first. Goals and everything else come second. Putting goals second might sound strange coming from a guy who made it his life’s mission to pursue every big […]

Heart Above Head

I first heard the phrase “heart above head” in a random yoga class. The young teacher highlighted that some Yoga postures are designed not only to stretch and relax muscles but also to place our hearts above our heads. Examples include: The famous Downward-Facing Dog, Child’s Pose, and my favorite posture these days: inversions. The […]

Creating your future from the future—not from your past

When you look into your future, are you carrying the past with you? The most limiting thing in life is the story we’ve been telling ourselves—that narrative we’ve been holding onto over and over. What if it’s all an illusion in our head? In my years serving as a mentor and through my own personal […]

Facebook or Fairyland?

If I had to define Facebook, I’d call it a platform of Fairyland Reality. My FB profile tells me that I have 3000+ Friends. Hmm… My photos show a rosy life with very little stress of any kind. My About section communicates a discriminatory story of a successful entrepreneur. Yes, it’s true, I achieved a […]

Bringing the exploration inside

I was always a curious kid, asking questions about everything. That curious nature is still there nowadays and it led me to explore many cultures and exotic countries: India, Indonesia, Peru, Nepal, Brazil, Costa Rica, and the list goes on and on. The more I explore outside, the more I am convinced that none of […]

Natalie Sisson: Living Life Without Boundaries

Suitcase entrepreneur, Natalie Sisson, has made it her passion to help adventurous people run their life from anywhere. Having traveled to 63 countries and owning banking accounts in 4 countries with which to manage her six-figure income, Natalie Sisson intends to continue traveling and living life according to her own terms. Having been a model, […]

Redefining Success

Recently, friend asked me how I’d define success in relation to my book launch. He wanted to hear numbers, results, targets. But I didn’t have the answer he was looking for. I simply stopped measuring success in terms of outcomes. That does not mean I don’t have goals and aspirations. I do. I’d love it […]

Choose Your Teachers Wisely

I met Zoe Taylor almost 2 weeks ago. I arrived to Lisbon and looked for a Yoga stuido to feel grounded. The minute I entered Zoe’s yoga studio I knew I had found my space. Zoe was so welcoming that I literally signed up to all of her weekday classes. Monday to Friday, each and […]

Farnoosh Brock: Redefining What is Possible

What does success mean? Farnoosh Brock was a picture of American success. She emigrated from Iran at a young age with her family and pursued an education in electrical engineering. She climbed the corporate ladder in a fortune 500 company bringing home a six figure income for 11 years but somehow the success did not […]

Ari Meisel: More with Less

When Ari Meisel was diagnosed with a severe case of the incurable digestive ailment known as Crohn’s disease, he quickly found himself in the hospital and soon thereafter on a host of medications. After hitting a truly low point, he decided it was time to take matters into his own hands. Putting himself on a […]

Peace is Already Here

I took off my shoes and started following my intuition. I could feel my feet on the earth as if I was a child again. I took another step and another, going down into a cave opening. The utter peace was disturbed only by my own breath and Being. I could feel the energy of […]

The Depth of Our Want

Sometimes it feels like life is testing us. Do we want what we want badly enough? A quick story from last week: Cars were never my thing, but one car has always caught my attention – The BMW Mini. So when my trip to Spain was finalized, I took the opportunity and reserved a Mini […]

Marcus Meurer: The Digital Nomad Revolution

What does success have to do with 6 pieces of T-shirts and strict morning routine? Who has this big vision of empowering people to live on their own terms? It’s Marcus Meurer, a Digital Nomad, online entrepreneur and one of the founders of the global Digital Nomad movement, DNX. The mission of DNX is to […]

Thomas Frank: Living to the Fullest

If anyone were to pick up Thomas Frank’s “resume”, they could easily think that he has lived a full life and is heading toward retirement. With a list of accomplishments that includes being published in USA Today, interviewed by the Wall Street Journal for wining over $15,000 in merit-based scholarships, hired by Adobe to cover […]

Audrey Scott: 7 years, 75 countries

Have you ever asked yourself “what if?” After reading Audrey Scott’s story, you will reassess the hesitations in your life and start considering your true calling—that thing that has been eagerly waving at you from the back seat all along. When Audrey submitted her resignation in 2006 to embark on a creative sabbatical to travel […]

The art of waiting

We often get the advice that in life we need to say more ‘yeses’ than ‘no’s’. But, sometimes a No is a better YES. Because every No is, in effect, a Yes to something else. So how do we decide? My rule: If it’s not HELL YES, it’s NOT YET. That is, I practice the […]

Stepping into our destiny

After my near-death snakebite experience, I promised myself I’ll follow my highest inspiration at all times. Which is how I found myself at Nomad Cruise journeying across Spain, Malta, Greece and the Mediterranean .Thanks Johannes Voelkner for inviting me to speak at your event. It was a blast and I highly recommend it to anyone […]

Love IS Life

I was always cynical about Valentine’s Day. It’s just a marketing ploy, right? But here’s the problem with being cynical: It’s a lose-lose situation. Cynicism always renders us passive. Today I say… Who cares? Valentine’s day may be a marketing ploy but it’s still a reminder to appreciate the loves in your life. So last […]

It’s about the person you become

This past month was like pushing a big reset button on my life’s journey. I questioned anything and everything — my lifestyle, my work, my contribution – all of it. What I know for sure is that in order to become the man I’m called to be, I have to leave who I am now. […]

Carrying “Home” With Us

Yesterday, I bumped into turtles on 3 different occasions. I haven’t seen any turtles in years, then suddenly 3 times in one day… Coincidence or Synchronicity? At first glance, a series of occurrences in our lives may seem unrelated yet, more often than not, a deeper look can reveal a common theme. A message if […]

Adam Shepard: One Year Lived

Have you ever left a movie or read a book that left you with the feeling that you could take on the world? Adam Shepard exudes that kind of energy. Adam dedicated a year to accomplishing as many of the things on his “List O’ Good Times” he created during a snow storm in college. […]

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