Want Everything. Need Nothing.

My to-do list for my upcoming book launch is never ending. There’s so much I can and want to do. But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my recent snakebite experience, it’s this: Want Everything. Need Nothing. Well almost nothing. In my time of crisis, when I was laying in the ER, breathing sporadically […]

You are the Ocean

When you become one with the ocean… you are the ocean. There’s nothing like the desert to experience a renewal of soul and spirit. I just spent three very nourishing days there. The endless sea of desert is like a giant mirror, reflecting dimensions of ourselves that are often hard to see in a busy […]

Sustained Happiness

The secret to sustained happiness is knowing you’re on your path. This brilliant photo was taken a few weeks ago in Bali. I was happy but my happiness was short-lived. I felt ungrounded and off my path. I lost confidence in my sense of direction and felt like I was going in circles. Once again, […]

The fear of asking for help

Publishing a book involves a lot of asking – “Will you buy my art?”, “Will you share?”, “Will you love me…??” I’ve never been good at asking for help. In my mind, it meant I’m dependent, intrusive, needy, weak… However, there comes a point in everyone’s life where the old story no longer rings true. […]

If you have not struggled, you have not really lived

Somehow, in our society, we’ve decided that struggling is the enemy. But if you’ve ever or embarked on a big and meaningful journey, you know that discomfort and pain are simply part of our growth. Struggling is not the enemy. Hopelessness is; When we feel hopeful about our journey ahead, when we move in a […]

Nothing external is good or bad

Nothing external to us is either good or bad – but just a tool that amplifies who we are. Fame, money, charisma – often get a bad rap but they are just tools. Will we use them for our own egotistical self self interest and pleasure…will we take advantage of others? OR, will we use […]

Simple Influencer Marketing Strategies

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Content is king,” but not all content is created equal – different content will get you different results. Your content needs to be written with specific qualities in mind; it needs to spark interest and be compelling enough to be shared. (This is particularly true in the early stages of […]

Advancing backwards

Seems that wherever you go these days, everyone is glued to their phone. I admit it, I’ve become dependent on my phone myself. Often, I’m so fixated on my device that I forget there is a whole world around me. And this is perhaps the greatest paradox of all: The more we advance technologically, the […]

We Hate What We Fear

Not long ago, I celebrated Yom Kippur, the holiest date on the Jewish calendar. Well, not really “celebrated” – I fasted for 24 hours, I refrained from work, I reflected. In the past, I hated the fact that one cannot drive, use public transportation, or dine out during the holiday. I saw it as religious […]

Facing Challenges Together

Call it coincidence or call it fate, but precisely one year apart, both my mom and my sister were diagnosed with the exact same cancer. Yesterday, a year after my mom was operated for breast cancer, my sister was in the operating room for the same surgery, in the same hospital, operated by the same […]

Jenny Blake: Becoming a Solopreneur

It’s no secret that the mind-body connection is vital to personal well-being — but how is it good for the health of a business? Whether it’s a start-up company or a corporate enterprise, a business thrives on the energy that it creates and directs, putting thought into action. With a knack for creating “ninja-level” systems, […]

Colin Wright: A New Country Every 4 Months

If you could live anywhere in the world… would you let the internet decide? Colin Wright is living this crazy dream and it goes by the name of Exile Lifestyle. On his site, readers can vote on the globetrotter’s next home base, sending him to live anywhere in the world. By combining his varied interests […]

From Crisis to Calling

Have you ever experienced a crisis in your life that left you feeling derailed? Maybe you lost a job that you thought was secure, or had to part ways from a significant other, or or faced a severe illness. Most of us know the feeling – The whole world feels like it’s upside down. Dealing […]

Life is fleeting. All we really have is now

There’s this gorgeous beach I like to visit while I’m in Israel. Every sunset it’s filled by senior citizens who park their electric carts on the path leading to the beach. Walking down the path is impossible for them, so they watch the sunset from afar. My heart yearns when I see this. It reminds […]

Sean Aiken: 52 Jobs in 52 weeks

Rather than risk getting stuck in a rut, Sean Aiken took a great leap after graduation, turning the job search into a job quest, a year-long search for the meaning of work in one job a week. After working 52 jobs in 52 weeks of traveling throughout North America, Sean finally “settled” into the One […]

Flight mode on the ground

I love flying. Even the long 10+ hours flights. Even the screaming kids. I know, weird. But that’s me. There are many reasons why I like flying but a big one is that it kind of forces me to be with myself. To switch my mobile into flight mode and unplug. Yesterday, while flying across […]

Joel Runyon: Doing the Impossible

Rather than succumbing to the rigors of unemployment, Joel Runyon chose to turn his new status into a mission. Tired of practical and predictable, he began challenging himself to do the impossible, adding a whole new meaning to the adage, “we only live once.” His framework is dubbed the Impossible List, where anything from running […]

Niall Doherty: Around the World Without Flying

Around a year ago, Niall Doherty quit his cushy 9 to 5 job and set off to travel round the world without flying. He was not exactly sure how he’s going to make enough money to support him on his new journey but, nonetheless, he took the plunge and dove in. Today, his thought-provoking blog […]

Ozioma Egwuonwu: Unlocking the Power of a Dream

Ozioma Egwuonwu has a mission in life – to empower dreamers around the world. She has a deep drive to inspire, empower and ignite individuals to rise up and take a stand for the lives they truly desire. Not only for themselves, but for their families, their communities and our world. In order to fulfill […]


The new year is here, and with it comes the chance to reflect on the past year, turn the page, and, make new resolutions for the next twelve months. 2017: The Unexpected Gift of a Snakebite Getting bitten by a venomous snake was never part of my plan for 2017, but life often has its […]

21-Day Challenges and Experiments

Embarking on a 21-day challenge (or experiment as I personally like to call it) is one of the best ways to shake things up, explore something different, and make positive changes in your life. Why 21 days? Because it’s considered to be the minimum length of time needed to imprint a new habit into your […]

Disconnected to be connected.

Yesterday was my last day in the Canary Islands and I spent most of it in nature, in the mountains and the desert lands. There are many great things about the mountains of Gran Canaria, but for me, one thing stood out: The non-existent internet access. The more I travel, the more i realize the […]

Surrendering the “Plan” and following the flow.

Sometimes you travel to a place for one reason, but find the real reason along the path. When I decided to travel to Gran Canaria, the official reason was a conference. But something bigger pulled me here and only now, one day before I leave the island, I finally know why. My mind could not […]

Being positive about feeling negative

All I wanted yesterday was to get out to nature and explore the island with friends. Then again life had its own plans. My lower back was so sore from surfing that I could barely move around. At night, I could not fall asleep due to the pain I was in. Needless to say I […]

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