1 or 2?

I arrived to the beautiful Canary Islands after giving a Keynote speech in Portugal at DNX, the world’s largest conference for location independent entrepreneurs. This was my biggest speaking engagement to date, with 500 people attending the event and speakers like Pat Flynn showcasing their work. Needless to say, it was a blast! Now here […]

Bliss is being one with the environment.

One of the surest ways to shift into bliss and contentment is to stop experiencing ourselves as separate from the environment and instead become one with it. Easier said than done. Luckily, however, my current environment consists a great surfing beach outside my door. And Surfing is one hell of a way to become infused […]

Sadness can be a gift

Yesterday, I arrived to the Canary Islands and checked in into one of the most beautiful apartments I’ve ever stayed in. But instead of feeling joy, I felt a bit of sadness. WTF?? “You should be happy” a voice inside of me muttered. ” look at all of this beauty…”. However, I couldn’t help myself […]

Wherever you go, there you are

Yesterday was my last day in Lisbon. It was also my birthday and I could not have been more happy to celebrate it in Lisbon’s magnificent surrounding nature. My newfound external connection with Portugal’s beauty was morphing into an internal one. My heart was buzzing with joy and I was like a kid again—expansive, excited, […]

Celebrating oneself

Today is my birthday. It’s a special one. Because I’ve never felt more alive, more connected, more at peace, more myself. In the past, I did not like drawing attention to my birthday, but now I say, why not? why not celebrating myself with the world? Celebrating ourselves is not something we’re taught to do […]

Creating space for the unknown

In my early travel days, I used to read about my destinations and fill my schedule with as much as I could. But as I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to create space and leave room for the unknown, or, as I see it these days, to trust life and what it has in store for […]

When a setback happens

No one wants a setback in their life. But it’s bound to happen. There is no way around it. Life constantly evolves, changes, and asks us to adapt. Every setback, however, is also an opportunity, raw potential for a powerful growth experience. The secret, I believe, is to refuse to feel like a victim, and […]

Follow your inspiration at all times

Since my near-death experience early July, making decisions has become considerably simpler. The only rule I have: Follow inspiration at all times. This, as well as using my intuition and gut feelings, answers all my dilemmas – big or small: Where should go? how should I spent my time? What will I eat? Following inspiration […]

Letting go of future worries

I let go of worries about my future. About where I’ll be or what my future contribution should be. I focus my attention on what makes me feel light and abundant in the moment. I know the more I feel abundant, and notice it, the more abundance will naturally flow into my life. – Previous […]

The best energy source is not food

Just had one of the most intense weeks of my life. In a good way. Between organizing a 3-day event and attending another 3-day event as a speaker, I have not had much sleep. Yet, I’m not really tired. On the contrary, I feel full of energy and life. We tend to think of food […]

Celebrating life with people we love.

We are social creatures. But this doesn’t just mean going out and socialize. It means cultivating friendships and relationships that truly matter. It means being part of a tribe that encourages, supports, and inspires each other to fully live. Feeling so fortunate today to have all these beautiful people around me. – Previous share: showing […]

Showing up in life

I hear my name. It’s my turn to go on stage. I take one deep breath and start feeling aligned. I step forward and enjoy the feelings and sensations that occur within. I wait for nervousness to kick-in but it’s not there anymore. The fear nervousness left as quick as they came. Then, something I […]

500 people

Tomorrow, I’m going to give a keynote speech in front of 500 people at DNX, one of the biggest conferences for location independent entrepreneurs. It’s easy to see this as another bucket list item to tick. But the truth is that I did not ask for that. And there is a side in me that […]

Running away from my pain

When I got divorced a few years back, I found the world of Tinder. Each time I got a message, my heart tingled with anticipation. Tinder is merely a tool, and it can be quite a wonderful tool, but I used it to run a way from my pain. The pain of simply being with […]

The only thing we can control

There’s only one thing we can control in life. Yesterday, I gave a talk in one of the many coworking spaces here in Lisbon. One of the questions I was asked at the end of my talk, was what hasn’t worked for me. My answer: A LOT! In fact, if I were to make a […]

Less borders. More choice.

The world is currently undergoing a quiet revolution. A revolution I’ve been part of in the last decade or so. A revolution that, I believe, will radically shift the way we live and work. I’m talking about the Location Independent revolution and it challenges the old story most of us have been taught — that […]

Struggling is the result of resisting change.

Whether we like it or not, change is inevitable. It’s going to find us one way or another. For years I had resisted change. I built a fixed identity and held onto the past. I searched for certainty in the uncertain. And I tried to control the uncontrollable. There was only one outcome to this: […]

Somewhere to belong

We all need community, somewhere to belong. When I was young I was conditioned to believe that I should belong to that country or this country. It took me time to realize that I belong not to a country, but to the world. Celebrating my event at one of the most breathtaking spots in Lisbon, […]

A Different Kind of Vision statements

VISION statements are not just for the business world. They can be powerful instruments for shaping our life. Unable to walk after my snakebite recent snake experience, I took the time to peel away layers of extra fluff and look more deeply into my own “souland”. For years, I wrote visions that are mostly future-oriented […]

Learning by doing

Taking this photo an hour before the kick-off event to our 3-day gathering I now belive that inspiration and passion are enough to oragnaize anything we put our mind to. When I was young I was taught to think about learning in terms of schools and books. While book-learning can expand one’s knowledge, i believe […]

The first person you want to inspire is yourself

Inspiring others is great but the first person you want to inspire is yourself. Tomorrow, I’ll be hosting my first ever entrepreneurial event in Lisbon. ~40 entrepreneurs will come from around the world to attend it. This would be a small pre-event to a much larger 500-people event that happens next week and just thinking […]

Loneliness is not the result of being alone.

When we feel lonely our first inclination is to fill our life with people. While it can offer relief from loneliness in the short term, it can actually do the exact opposite. Why? Because by doing so we may be adding a layer to cover up a deep wound. This is something I did when […]

It’s all about the people around us.

There’s a saying in real estate: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. It’s an old yet true cliche. But when it comes to travel, I’d say it’s all about “PEOPLE. PEOPLE. PEOPLE”. Less than 48 hours in Lisbon and I absolutely love the place. Yes, it’s a beautiful historical city but there are many beautiful historical places across […]

Less stuff is more freedom.

You and I were programmed. We were programmed, in some form or fashion, to be consumers in a well-functioning system built for profit. We were all conditioned from an early age to desire more possessions and never be satisfied with what we have. We were told that we need to buy new clothes every season, […]

You never quite know the impact you have on others.

Around a year ago, I got a very short email from a guy named Tomas Laurinavicius, saying: “Thank you for an inspiring work you do. I just published my bucket list”. My response: “Brilliant Tomas. Thanks for letting me know, keep it up!” Little did I know how serious Tomas was and how impactful his […]

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