Busting Excuses For Pursuing Freedom

When it comes to committing to a freedom journey, it’s easy to come up with excuses. In fact, there are so many that if I listed them all, I’d never get to the point. I do, however, want to touch on the major ones. You see, from my experience, making excuses is normally the main […]

Vipassana Experience

All I knew about Vipassana was this: A 10-day meditation course at an isolated retreat. You are expected to avoid any contact – verbal or otherwise, and remain within a small area of the course site. You are not allowed to speak, read, listen to music, or write, and have to spend at least 10 […]

10 Key Strategies to Sell your Website or Online Business

Selling domain names has been a very profitable business since the rise of the Internet era. First, when the Internet was still in its early stages and you could still find good domain names available, people started buying short, generic ones, hoping to flip them for a fortune. And boy, did they have success: in […]

AJ Leon: Living the Life Your Are Destined to Live

AJ Leon used to be an unremarkably average financial executive in Manhattan until December, 2007, the day he decided to stop living the life he was supposed to live, and start living the life he was destined to live. Now, he spend most of his time changing the world. AJ nomads around the world and […]

Seth Godin: The Father of Permission Marketing

Versatility is a characteristic that is seldom found in people, and fewer still have gone down the hall of legends for being role models who lead by example in more than one field. Seth Godin is a rare gem who is renowned for his achievements as an entrepreneur and for his horde of informative, motivating […]

Tim Ferris: The Human Guinea Pig

A recent commercial by an electronic brand says doers are a rare species. Though the line initially comes across as an appreciable attempt at a dramatic production, on closer examination you realize that the statement is true. This is not because few have the potential to achieve greatness, but because few have the will and […]

Corbett Barr: Rewriting The Rules

Every child is encouraged to pick out a role model so they he / she has some person to look up to when motivation is required to keep pushing ahead in life. There is, however, a misconception associated with the purpose of having a role model in the first place – you translate “guidance” here […]

Pat Flynn: Income The Smart Way

When you find yourself taking a hard blow from life, you have the power to choose from two options – to get up and make the most of what you have, or to wallow in self-pity and slip down a few paces. It is the choice that you make, and you always have the power […]

Tammy Camp: Lara Croft of the Web

Reading the biographies of various prominent personalities, dead or alive, you might have written off their successes as mere serendipities. “He just got lucky that his soon-to-be mentor happened to catch his performance,” or “she was simply at the right place at the right time.” However, what you fail to notice is that he / […]

The Art of Non Conformity – Chris Guillebeau Story

The unconventional is the new conventional. No one wants to produce the run of the mill anymore, but doubts are second-guesses that stop you from going all out. Chris Guillebeau stands out because of his firm stance against allowing the pre-conceived notions of the world from stopping him from doing what he desires. Choosing the […]

Steve Pavlina: Personal Development For Smart People

When you hit a low, you are faced with two options: you can either choose to be depressed or rebellious and waste yourself, or you can choose to pull up your socks and work on yourself, climbing out of the pits and emerging victorious. What makes all the difference is how you respond to a […]

Visualizing your Dreams

At some point in your life, you’ve probably heard about the power of visualization and imagination to enhance performance. Basically, by taking your big dream and making it more vivid and realistic in your mind, you harness the power of mental imagery on your side. And when I say mental imagery, I’m not only referring […]

5 Simple Ideas for Making Extra Income Online. This Week.

As I progressed as an online business coach, I realized that, most often that not, a small capital of a few hundred dollars is what keeps so many people from building and growing their internet business.. In this post, therefore, I’d like to explore five simple strategies for making an extra $500-$1000 online in a […]

6 Life Lessons Learned Doing Improv

The crowd was clapping as I walked onto the stage following a few other improv theater performers. A whirlwind of emotions swirled within me. I was nervous, excited, fearful, and grateful all at once. It was quite impossible to pin down any one emotion. This was my first ever appearance on stage. I had practiced […]

Matt Langdon: Constructing Heroes

Matt Langdon has found his life’s passion being a hero who helps to contrstruct heros. From a young man living in Australia taking a computer science program and detesting every minute of it to a hero inspiring kids in the USA, Langdon makes a big difference in the world each and every day. Langdon is […]

Who Are YOU? – Uncovering Your Unique Authentic Core

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are… C.G. Jung Who are you? A rather simple question…but would you be able to truly answer it? When asked this question, most people state their name or describe their profession. This is not who they are, of course. A name is just that: […]

Drew Jacob: Heroic Life in a Modern World

I want to do extraordinary things, and help others do them. I want to feel what the epic heroes felt Even when they were scared. With a title of “Rogue Priest”, Drew Jacob is definitely not the clerical collar and crucifix kind of priest. He is a philosopher and adventurer whose spiritual practice is travel […]

Dave Ursillo: Awakening Through Writing

Published author and freelance writer Dave Ursillo dreams of changing the world through writing. Once an aspiring political shaker and mover, Dave realized he didn’t like many of the political world’s ways such as lying, cutting corners, and undercutting competition. He returned to his love of words and wrote his way into the life he […]

Amy Clover: Strong from the Inside Out

There are a million ways to say it and, deep down, we all know it: We are what we DO, not what we say we do. Amy Clover learned this invaluable lesson the hard way — by hitting rock bottom — and now it’s her mission, as the woman behind Strong Inside/Out, to share this […]

My 7-Day Detox Fasting Experience in Koh Phangan

I LOOOOOVE food. I’m sure you do, too. It’s not only one of the greatest pleasures in life but also a powerful way to connect with others. At the same time, food is also frequently used as a way to escape certain emotions, such as loneliness, boredom, and stress. We’ve all been there before, right? […]

Giving First

If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get everything you want. ~ Zig Zigler   A few years back, while exploring the planet on one-way tickets and experiencing so many random acts of kindness, I had a shower-thought: What if, for a continuous period of time, I helped at least one friend […]

Nikki Wynn: Letting Go of the American Dream

Nikki and Jason Wynn have been traveling around the US with two cats…in an RV, no less. They worked hard for a living for ten years and saved up their money for a grand journey around the country. When the time was right, they left their successful businesses, sold all their belongings and began their […]

List of Alkaline Foods

Food Name Alkalanity Alkaline Level Food Type Brussels Sprouts +0.5 Low Alkaline Vegetables Peas, Ripe +0.5 Low Alkaline Vegetables Spelt +0.5 Low Alkaline Grains Sesame Seeds +0.5 Low Alkaline Seeds Coconut, Fresh +0.5 Low Alkaline Fruits Buckwheat Groats +0.5 Low Alkaline Grains Lentils +0.6 Low Alkaline Grains Olive Oil +1.0 Low Alkaline Fats Cumin Seeds […]

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