Family. Biggest Supporters. Biggest Critics.

Family. My biggest supporters. My biggest critics. Why is it that we often judge and criticize those who are closest to us? Is it because it’s “easier”? Or perhaps because the influence on our feelings is greater? I don’t have the answer, but one thing I know: whether I like it or not, my family […]

100 Days of Sharing

“There is a part of YOU that has been discreetly kept within..That is just now ready to come out…” This was sent to me by a dear friend several days ago. And she’s right. I’ve been peeling away a few layers lately. hidden layers that have been collected for years. So, inspired by my friend, […]

A Man After His Own Style: Bruce Lee Story

Fighting his way from the gang-infested streets of Hong Kong to the big screen of Hollywood, Bruce Lee formed his own style with every move. Bruce Lee, born Lee Jun-fan on November 27, 1940 in Chinatown, San Francisco, was a Chinese-American actor, director, and producer of action films and instructor and philosopher of martial arts. […]

Michael Stanier: Doing More Great Work

We live in a world where ‘being busy’ is a a badge of honor, where being productive every minute of the day is a virtue. But when did being busy become a measure of success? A better measurement, perhaps, is doing work that matters. Michael Bungay Stanier, an Aussie with a Rhodes Scholarship, has been […]

Building Strength: Arnold Schwarzenegger Story

Just a glance at Arnold Schwarzenegger in his peak performances, his body chiseled into almost superhuman form, will strike you as strength embodied. But what we learn from Arnold’s journey—from bodybuilding to film acting to political office and beyond—is that muscle is only as strong as mind; in this hero’s own words, strength comes from […]

The Spiritual Roots of Success: Bob Marley Story

“Though the road’s been rocky, it sure feels good to me.” — Bob Marley The soul-stirring music of Jamaican singer-songwriter and guitarist Bob Marley comes from a place of positivity: Marley’s songs convey his deeply-held vision of life as a journey to endure with joy. There is no road to happiness, for it lies in […]

The Heroic Orator: Martin Luther King Story

Martin Luther King Jr., Southern Baptist preacher turned political activist, inspired a nation to stand up to the status quo and make a change. He had a dream, as he proclaimed in his most famous speech, and by sharing that vision with passion and dignity, he led the civil rights movement to transformative action, tearing […]

Operating an Online Business On the Road

Earning online income while travelling is a fantastic way to prolong your adventures, and create a sustainable life of freedom. But before diving in, it’s important to understand what running a business online involves, and what it will require from you. Let’s begin by saying that operating an online business on the road is not […]

How to Build a Remote Team

Building and running a remote workforce might be a relatively new trend but it’s one that’s set to continue. Apple, Cisco, and Dell are just some of the multinational companies who manage a conventional team as well as a remote team whilst Basecamp, Buffer, Invision, Time doctor, and Zapier are just a few of the […]

Jodi Ettenberg: Leaving a Career to Start a Business

What happens when a lawyer takes a one year hiatus to travel the globe? If she finds her true passion, that one year turns into five and the world of lawyering vanishes before her eyes. Jodi Ettenberg had planned to take one year to travel and then return to NY and work in the field […]

Utilizing The Human Element for Online Business Growth

When it comes to growing an online business, focusing on relationships works better than any short-term tactic you can ever learn. Why? Because relationships really, deeply matter. They cut across every part of life. When you strip an online business down to its basic elements, it’s still about people selling to other people. In fact, […]

Mike Hrostoski: The High-Performing Man

There are some things that men can only learn from each other. Whether it’s strategies for financial success or the secrets to better sex, men who are looking for more in their lives turn to men like them. Mike Hrostoski, The Men’s Coach, does exactly that. Mike helps high performing men master their relationships with […]

Sean Ogle: Escaping 9 to 5

Does going to work feel like an obligation or an adventure? By refusing to settle for the first answer, Sean Ogle found the freedom to make a living — not just a paycheck. When he started Location 180 in 2009, the only certainty in Sean’s life was that his desk job would never enable him […]

Embracing Discomfort

There are many factors that constitute a successful journey. But perhaps the biggest secret of success is one’s mental toughness and his or her ability to move beyond pain. You see, eventually, we all reach a threshold, the point at which we just can’t go further. This is where our ability to withstand discomfort becomes […]

5 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Influence Online

Most online businesses are still overly focused on short-term marketing tactics to sell their products. They pitch people over and over again with the belief that if they do do it enough times, they will eventually will make some sales. Now, short-term tactics are not necessarily ineffective. Some are, but tactics are not strategies. Without […]

How to Build an Email List

Every online business needs an email list. An email list can help you establish a long-term relationship with your visitors, validate your future products, keep in contact with your prospects, promote your business, drive traffic, and most importantly, it can raise your bottom line. Unlike advertising where your message is largely ignored, or social media […]

How to Create a Website

Creating a website is easier than most people believe. When I first started my online journey over a decade ago, I built websites from scratch by writing code in a plain text editor. Thankfully the online world has come a long way since then and now there is a wide variety of incredible free software solutions available that […]

Benny Lewis: Becoming Fluent Fast

Benny Lewis, the spunky language hacker behind Fluent in 3 Months, is living proof of the raw potential in all of us. Benny thought that he was not good at languages (not even his own native English), but now, after over a decade of living in different countries, he can speak more than 10 languages […]

Nate Damm: Traveling Across the US Solely on Foot

Why in the world would anyone want to walk from Delaware in the east coast all the way to California clear across the middle of the United States? For Nate Damm the answer was an internal longing that kept nagging until he hit the road. Eight and a half months later Nate reached California with […]

Building a Successful Presence on Quora

If you’re interested in reaching a larger audience online, building a personal or professional brand, or increasing sales and profits without the hassle of conventional advertising, there’s good news: A platform exists that allows you to prove your worth directly to potential readers, followers, and customers without any cost whatsoever. Individuals post their questions and […]

Higher on Google: Doing SEO the Smart Way

As you already know, simply having a website is not enough – it also needs traffic. What good is a website if nobody sees it? One of the best ways to create a continuous streams of new visitors to your website is by utilizing Search Engine Optimization. This simply means getting your site ranked higher […]

Outsourcing Work Online: A 4-Step Process for Successful Delegation

There comes a point when doing everything yourself is actually counterproductive to your business growth. This is where delegation and outsourcing come in. Outsourcing can transform your business and free you from low-value administrative tasks. In this post, I’m going discuss how to use outsourcing to your advantage and build a freelancing team you can […]

Total Immersion

She walked passed me as if I was a Mirage – tall, long wavy brown hair, heels and slinky black dress, confident swagger. Damn! I’d never watched such a figure move across a room… The girls back home dress casually, nothing like the scene I was discovering in Australia. I knew that none of my […]

2016… 2017

Completing my 10-year bucket list, shifting focus, and setting a theme for the next decade   It’s this time of year again… time to reflect on the past year, turn a new page, and make new resolutions for 2017. If you’ve been following my journey for a while you will know that every year, around […]

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