100 Days of Sharing

“There is a part of YOU that has been discreetly kept within..That is just now ready to come out…” This was sent to me by a dear friend several days ago. And she’s right. I’ve been peeling away a few layers lately. hidden layers that have been collected for years. So, inspired by my friend, […]

Courage – not fearlessness – is the way.

Courage – not fearlessness – is the way. In 2 weeks from now, I’m going to speak in front of 500 people at one of the biggest conferences for location independent entrepreneurs. Sounds cool but speaking on stage in front of a big audience can be intimidating. In fact, they say public speaking is the […]

Noticing Abundance

I let go of worries about my future… About where I’ll be or what my future contribution should be. I focus my attention on what makes me feel light and abundant in the moment. I know the more I feel abundant, and notice it, the more abundance will naturally flow into my life. – Previous […]

Who is on your side?

Over the last decade, I’ve hired coaches and mentors for almost every big journey I’ve taken from the Ironman Triathlon, to surfing, to doing online business. And I myself have acted as a coach for others. A hero’s journey is often seen as an independent quest; in reality, however, it is a shared victory and […]

Always abundant

For years, I fell into a routine of doing, doing, doing. Somehow, I forgot about being part. Since my snake bite incident, I’ve been determined not to fall back into that trap and, instead, to balance the doing with being. I now use reminders throughout the day to stop the doing for a bit and […]

Life’s Defining Moments

There’s always a defining moment: A moment that divides life into “before” and “after.” A moment that fundamentally changes everything. In that moment, there’s no doubt, no ambiguity—nothing but clarity on what lies ahead. One such moment occurred for me on the night of July 4th, when I laid in the ER, fighting for my […]

Designing a life we don’t need to escape from.

Since I can remember myself, I always loved going on vacations; What’s not to like? – Time off. Relaxing. Recharging. Maybe on a sandy beach, maybe at a Ski resort. Maybe at home. But each time I went on a vacation, there was always one problem: The getting back part. My vacations served as an […]

Enslaved to Success

At age 29 I had achieved a conventional dream. I had risen to the position of leading project manager at my software company, and I was reaping the rewards. My salary afforded me a lovely apartment, a new car, and a comfortable lifestyle. Logically, I should have been happy. But I was not. I felt […]

The entire world is our home.

Barcelona is our home. Charlottesville is our home. This whole planet is our home. We like to think we belong to one country but countries are just lines drawn on a map – mind constructs. Perhaps when we stop seeing ourselves as separate – separate countries, separate races, separate classes, separate from nature – and […]

Saying NO to people we love

In the last week or so, I had to say quite a few NOs. The World Nomadic event I’m organizing in Portugal in a couple of weeks got filled up. I did not think it will, as the event was designed for the DC entrepreneurial group I’m part of, but I guess life has its […]

A life of regret is a life of waiting

Not being able to run can truly suck, but it can also truly rock. In my case, since I got out of the hospital, I’ve rediscovered my love for swimming. Most importantly, I stopped waiting. I used to wait a lot. for the weekend. for someone to love. for accepting my greatness. for someplace better […]

Better master than a boss

What if our ‘boss’ wasn’t a fellow human being but our passion to contribute? The origin of the word ‘boss’ comes from the dutch ‘baas’ meaning Master. What kind of master do we really want to have – An internal or an external one? We are all here to serve, in one way or another, […]

What is needed right NOW?

Often, I get lost in thoughts about the future. This morning was no different. I woke up at 5am here in Cyprus, and my mind would not shut up. Whenever this happens, I have a little mindset shift I’ve adopted. I bring myself to the present and ask: What is needed right NOW? What wants […]

The power of mental imagery

Onto my next adventure. A month ago, I was lying in hospital visualizing being on my feet again. Now that my leg is 95% better I’m visualizing running again. I can see my body moving smoothly. My feet glide over the ground, touching the surface without effort. There is a cool sensation on my skin […]

Replacing identity

Hitting a wall. Often, when I try to make big changes in my life, I find myself constantly “hitting the wall”- that point in the journey when you feel you can’t go on any longer. And each time it’s usually for the same reason: I’m not willing to give up on my identity. Here’s the […]

Always a Student

Being a student never ends. Just when I thought I figured life out, life knocked me down on my knees and taught me to be humble. It taught me to empty my mind, to be open like a beginner, and to make room for the new. At first, my ego protested heavily. “you’re not a […]

Asking is a gift

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. We all have dreams, aspirations, wishes… but we’re afraid to take the first step: Simply ASKING. Every child knows this instinctively but we, as adults, seem to have grown to be asking averse – The fear of hearing a No. The fear or rejection. While being in the […]

Happiness can be simple

Happiness can be simple. Epicurus, a famous 4th century Greek philosopher, believed that the key to human happiness lay in satisfying our natural desires for food and friendship. Tonight, I’m practicing his philosophy to the fullest extent. Few things are as brilliant as a good wine, a good friend and that warm Mediterranean summer breeze. […]

The small things in life are not so small

It is often said that life is about appreciating the little things. But what we perceive as little is often a lot bigger. Just a month ago, I could not move my feet for 5 days. The ICU, where i was hospitalized, called an expert to check them out. They suspected I have something called […]

Doubt is not the opposite of faith

Day 7 of my 100 Days Of Sharing and doubt starts to creep in. Should not I invest my time – my precious time – in more important things than posting my sharings here? Self Doubt. I was wondering when it would show up. In my experience, whenever a big opportunity arises, self-doubt shows up […]

Going All In

It’s time. If there’s one thing I learned in my journey, it’s that big dreams may require big sacrifices. They often require us to put all the chips on the table, so to speak. After my snakebite experience, I had a day of reflection where I got to think about some of my future dreams. […]

The most important thing we can do in our lifetime

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are” When I first heard that simple quote by Joseph Campbell, it made so much sense to me. In fact, I’d go and say it’s THE most important thing we can do in our lifetime. But what does it exactly mean to “BE WHO YOU ARE”? […]

Alignment First. Action Second.

Often, what seems like our worst experience is what puts us in alignment with our heart’s path. We all have a built-in guidance system. Our gut feelings indicate whether something is in alignment with our true being or not. Such was the case when, despite my inner gut guidance, I moved to a small town […]

The only map you ever need

The only map you ever need is a MAP OF YOU. Close to a decade ago, I quit a well-paying corporate job in Australia, sold almost everything I owned, and left on a one-way ticket to Nepal. What would make someone leave his known, comfortable life and set out on a new and uncertain journey? […]

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