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Facebook or Fairyland?

If I had to define Facebook, I’d call it a platform of Fairyland Reality. My FB profile tells me that I have 3000+ Friends. Hmm… My photos show a rosy life with very little stress of any kind. My About section communicates a discriminatory story of a successful entrepreneur. Yes, it’s true, I achieved a […]

Bringing the exploration inside

I was always a curious kid, asking questions about everything. That curious nature is still there nowadays and it led me to explore many cultures and exotic countries: India, Indonesia, Peru, Nepal, Brazil, Costa Rica, and the list goes on and on. The more I explore outside, the more I am convinced that none of […]

Redefining Success

Recently, friend asked me how I’d define success in relation to my book launch. He wanted to hear numbers, results, targets. But I didn’t have the answer he was looking for. I simply stopped measuring success in terms of outcomes. That does not mean I don’t have goals and aspirations. I do. I’d love it […]

Choose Your Teachers Wisely

I met Zoe Taylor almost 2 weeks ago. I arrived to Lisbon and looked for a Yoga stuido to feel grounded. The minute I entered Zoe’s yoga studio I knew I had found my space. Zoe was so welcoming that I literally signed up to all of her weekday classes. Monday to Friday, each and […]

Peace is Already Here

I took off my shoes and started following my intuition. I could feel my feet on the earth as if I was a child again. I took another step and another, going down into a cave opening. The utter peace was disturbed only by my own breath and Being. I could feel the energy of […]

The Depth of Our Want

Sometimes it feels like life is testing us. Do we want what we want badly enough? A quick story from last week: Cars were never my thing, but one car has always caught my attention – The BMW Mini. So when my trip to Spain was finalized, I took the opportunity and reserved a Mini […]

The art of waiting

We often get the advice that in life we need to say more ‘yeses’ than ‘no’s’. But, sometimes a No is a better YES. Because every No is, in effect, a Yes to something else. So how do we decide? My rule: If it’s not HELL YES, it’s NOT YET. That is, I practice the […]

Stepping into our destiny

After my near-death snakebite experience, I promised myself I’ll follow my highest inspiration at all times. Which is how I found myself at Nomad Cruise journeying across Spain, Malta, Greece and the Mediterranean .Thanks Johannes Voelkner for inviting me to speak at your event. It was a blast and I highly recommend it to anyone […]

Love IS Life

I was always cynical about Valentine’s Day. It’s just a marketing ploy, right? But here’s the problem with being cynical: It’s a lose-lose situation. Cynicism always renders us passive. Today I say… Who cares? Valentine’s day may be a marketing ploy but it’s still a reminder to appreciate the loves in your life. So last […]

It’s about the person you become

This past month was like pushing a big reset button on my life’s journey. I questioned anything and everything — my lifestyle, my work, my contribution – all of it. What I know for sure is that in order to become the man I’m called to be, I have to leave who I am now. […]

Carrying “Home” With Us

Yesterday, I bumped into turtles on 3 different occasions. I haven’t seen any turtles in years, then suddenly 3 times in one day… Coincidence or Synchronicity? At first glance, a series of occurrences in our lives may seem unrelated yet, more often than not, a deeper look can reveal a common theme. A message if […]

Want Everything. Need Nothing.

My to-do list for my upcoming book launch is never ending. There’s so much I can and want to do. But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my recent snakebite experience, it’s this: Want Everything. Need Nothing. Well almost nothing. In my time of crisis, when I was laying in the ER, breathing sporadically […]

You are the Ocean

When you become one with the ocean… you are the ocean. There’s nothing like the desert to experience a renewal of soul and spirit. I just spent three very nourishing days there. The endless sea of desert is like a giant mirror, reflecting dimensions of ourselves that are often hard to see in a busy […]

Sustained Happiness

The secret to sustained happiness is knowing you’re on your path. This brilliant photo was taken a few weeks ago in Bali. I was happy but my happiness was short-lived. I felt ungrounded and off my path. I lost confidence in my sense of direction and felt like I was going in circles. Once again, […]

The fear of asking for help

Publishing a book involves a lot of asking – “Will you buy my art?”, “Will you share?”, “Will you love me…??” I’ve never been good at asking for help. In my mind, it meant I’m dependent, intrusive, needy, weak… However, there comes a point in everyone’s life where the old story no longer rings true. […]

If you have not struggled, you have not really lived

Somehow, in our society, we’ve decided that struggling is the enemy. But if you’ve ever or embarked on a big and meaningful journey, you know that discomfort and pain are simply part of our growth. Struggling is not the enemy. Hopelessness is; When we feel hopeful about our journey ahead, when we move in a […]

Nothing external is good or bad

Nothing external to us is either good or bad – but just a tool that amplifies who we are. Fame, money, charisma – often get a bad rap but they are just tools. Will we use them for our own egotistical self self interest and pleasure…will we take advantage of others? OR, will we use […]

Simple Influencer Marketing Strategies

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Content is king,” but not all content is created equal – different content will get you different results. Your content needs to be written with specific qualities in mind; it needs to spark interest and be compelling enough to be shared. (This is particularly true in the early stages of […]

Embracing Intuition

When we make large and small decisions, our thinking mind usually takes center stage. It plans and schemes and constructs solutions to maintain a sense of security and control. An ancient Asian proverb helps us understand the trap we fall into when we over-rely on our mind: It’s an excellent servant, but a terrible master. […]

Advancing backwards

Seems that wherever you go these days, everyone is glued to their phone. I admit it, I’ve become dependent on my phone myself. Often, I’m so fixated on my device that I forget there is a whole world around me. And this is perhaps the greatest paradox of all: The more we advance technologically, the […]

We Hate What We Fear

Not long ago, I celebrated Yom Kippur, the holiest date on the Jewish calendar. Well, not really “celebrated” – I fasted for 24 hours, I refrained from work, I reflected. In the past, I hated the fact that one cannot drive, use public transportation, or dine out during the holiday. I saw it as religious […]

Facing Challenges Together

Call it coincidence or call it fate, but precisely one year apart, both my mom and my sister were diagnosed with the exact same cancer. Yesterday, a year after my mom was operated for breast cancer, my sister was in the operating room for the same surgery, in the same hospital, operated by the same […]

From Crisis to Calling

Have you ever experienced a crisis in your life that left you feeling derailed? Maybe you lost a job that you thought was secure, or had to part ways from a significant other, or or faced a severe illness. Most of us know the feeling – The whole world feels like it’s upside down. Dealing […]

Life is fleeting. All we really have is now

There’s this gorgeous beach I like to visit while I’m in Israel. Every sunset it’s filled by senior citizens who park their electric carts on the path leading to the beach. Walking down the path is impossible for them, so they watch the sunset from afar. My heart yearns when I see this. It reminds […]

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